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The answer is none! I think that Job Security, is important to a Worker as health insurance is to a patient. That is why many workers need a Plan B in today's ballooned economy. For workers of any organization if there is one thing he or she is concerned about that is job security. Job security ranks on top of what every worker desires in their careers.

Unfortunately, job insecurity occurs at any level and with any type of job. I have seen some people who think that government workers are immune from losing their job or position because of some concrete government policies for workers right. Even at that, nothing is guaranteed. Many still lose their job for different reasons. Especially, considering today's political environment. Other professionals with high-level skills, such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, even pilots all have their hidden concerns as far as job security is concerned, considering the fact that there are many factors that lead to people losing their jobs, and top of the list is that there is always a cloud of economic uncertainty, and political uncertainty hanging over every worker.

For instance, today, my son texted me about what is going on with Walmart. He informed me that Sam's Club, one of the American biggest retail outlets is abruptly closing 6 of her Sam's Club stores around the country and that our own branch at Romeoville just 5 minutes away from our house is included. When I heard this my jaw dropped with shock. I could not believe it. Partly, because, Walmart just announced a few days ago that they are going to increase their employee's minimum wage soon. Which was a very exciting New Year good news to all the Walmart employees, just imagine the paradox. Think about it. How can you boost the workers' morale and at the same time demoralize their morale?


This is the time to tell yourself the truth and start to prepare your mind for an inevitable change. Without acknowledging this simple fact that your job has no security guaranteed, you will be into a greater shock when it happens to you when you get that unexpected announcement like Sam's Club workers.

Many people are readjusting their minds believing that the economy is booming again, according to President Trump's boastings, that the stock market is on the high rise. That could be true on the surface, but the question is how sustainable is it.? Why should many workers be doing two jobs just to get by in a robust economy?. Most of these workers return home from work with no more energy left in them for their family needs.

As the news continues to unfold it is obvious how shocked many workers who were unaware of such devastating news as they begin the new year.

The truth is that many people are not listening to the actual economic news, or some people are focused on hearing what they want to hear while they pay less attention to what today's reality is especially with today's economy being quite unpredictable.

Since the Great Depression, American workers still believe or think that they can still find security in their careers. They are being lied to. Just like the drunk man I read about, who lied to his wife, that he came home early after a night drink, and decided not to disturb anybody, instead slept in his hammock outside. The wife knowing that he was lying and was talking under the alcohol influence, the wife reminded him that they sold the hammock, about 2 years ago., the drunk husband felt startled and then responded with his slugged speech and said, "this is my story, and am sticking to it". Like the drunk husband, that is how many people are sticking to old beliefs of how the economy works and how the future will be. They have lied to themselves and allowed the system lie to them, and they believed it and are sticking to it. Instead of making preparation to get the knowledge, skills that will sustain them and their family when the unexpected hits.

While studies upon studies confirm that there is no job security of any sort, even in government work. Nothing is secured any longer. Why should anyone live in denial of such warnings?


In as much as someone losing his source of income at any time is such a big loss, you can also look at it from a different perspective, you can look at it that when one door abruptly close against you that another one will swing wide open for you. You can choose to have an open mind and start looking around for other opportunities, which you never had time to consider due to the 9-5 mentality.

Friends, things are changing so rapidly in today's world, that nothing is predictable anymore. The near future of the economy whether China or America will face the hard reality of robot workers. The effect of such innovation will be very dramatic. Get on the internet and funnel through all the online opportunities. There is no shortage of it.

If your only attraction is just the paycheck you'll realize that you are just trading time for money and that you are not living the life you desire, and it is most likely that you are not maximizing your potentials. My call to action for you is to have a plan B if you are a worker, working to help another person achieve his or dreams. Join a good online program and get the digital skills that will allow you to have extra income while your present job lasts. Do not put all your eggs in a basket. Learn from another People's experience, and you will be safe!

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