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Are We Keeping Pace?

Technology is changing rapidly, every day new devices, gadgetry, platforms to communicate. Can we keep pace with?

I am convinced that we must keep pace with technological advances. But technology changes faster than the educational environment.

When I started my first job in 1992 the Telex-machine was just about to say goodbye to the office world. It was replaced by the fax machine. That was brilliant technology. But in those days we had no computer, all typing had to be done on a typewriter. If we wanted to modify prices or any written text in a quotation or letter, we had to type that particular page all over again....

A couple of years later internet and emails were introduced....that was somewhat different. We saved all the re-dialing time on the fax machine. Documents were just modified and printed again. What a breakthrough - again. Just a few years later.

Looking back in history there were always revolutionary new developments, but the speed of new technology in the last let's say 20 years knocks us out. And the problem is, that it is faster than anything we have seen before. New technologies and Social Media platforms change faster than the educational environment. It is the responsibility of every human being to either learn the skills and keep pace - or not.

Fax, email, DVD, diskette, USB-Stick (who still talks about USB-Sticks?), iPod - iPads - the cloud - the pace of development is what makes our lives so much easier but challenging the same time. The new Social Media Platforms are growing rapidly and vast, worldwide billions of users are changing the way we communicate.

If we want to be able to keep up we have to engage, we have to get involved with it and hold ourselves responsible.

What I want to say is this:
I learned just recently that I have to change my point of view radically. I was not taking part in the social media world at all. I was not on FB, not on Twitter, LinkedIn, nowhere.

I realized that I was wrong. I was separating myself, setting myself behind a rapid growing evolution. Allowing myself to ignore this evolution and its advantages would cut me off from a very lively, active, wonderful stream of people and information that we can engage with in many ways. I had to learn that social media is so much more than the impression I had of it. Social media is giving us the power to explore the world, meet people, join interest groups, get advice, help others and create our own business.

The cycles of new inventions will be shorter and shorter in the future. And I learned that if I do not change my attitude I will not be able to keep up. I was 50 when I got my Facebook account. The basic skills can be learned easily - but to overcome the fear to show up online - that was my challenge.

Do you know this situation, in the office, if there is a new program or ERP or CRM system update coming out, you get some in-house training and the trainer sits next to you showing you in "easy steps" how it works: "just click here, and here and then here"....blabla. It is so confusing you can't follow the mouse on the screen and he actually makes you feel like an idiot when looking compassionately at you. Big relief when this guy is leaving the office. Then it is time to start to help ourselves internally, step by step.

Does this sound familiar to you? -
And do you feel that you have waited too long already to acquire the skills?
That could not be further from the on.

I decided to dive into it. I was looking for online training to improve my digital skills. Early 2017 I became aware of SFM. Frankly speaking, I was shocked how little I knew. And how much I had to learn. But with the SFM I learned that I can improve my knowledge quite fast because I have tools at hand that explain everything to me step by step.

I signed in - and was provided with superior training, a patient support team and am now a happy part of a wonderful community that is second to none. Learning is easy when you have the support you need and a community to ask for help. Learn more what kind of training I am using with gratitude and pleasure. And even better - when I was presented the 7-Day-Video-Series I learned that while improving my digital skills I can start my own online business as an entrepreneur.

It is up to you - if you remain in your comfort zone you will remain where you are. But if you decide to take the same step I took you will receive all information and resource you need to learn how to use self-reliance, self-accountability, and self-determination to create the life you dream of.

Are you ready to keep pace?

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Are We Keeping Pace?


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