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Second- hand clothes business is attractive

Second-hand Clothes ironically may be your second option to make an income. This for you might not be an option, but really what you set out to do to make money. Nigeria is a large populous country. Millions of Nigerians change clothes regularly, and it is quite a necessity for people to socialize and express themselves as they want. Dressing well makes this happen. That is why second-hand cloth Business is a big business. A large part of the population in Nigeria are low-income earners. They really can’t afford to buy new clothes. Although there are other classes of people due to their personality/individuality and social status in the country would choose to only buy new and original clothes. This serves them right. But if selling second-hand clothes is what you choose as an income earner, I assure you will always make good money, if you know the ups and downs of the business.

Men, women, boy and girl clothing are everywhere. Invariably, men and women can go anywhere to go for any cloth they like. This is an opportunity to start a business. There are people looking for you if you know what it takes.

The structure of a business is largely dependent on the vision and the financial target it works towards. It is interesting to know that some factors are largely dependent on how your vision and financial target would be.

Second-hand clothes in Nigeria are popularly called Tokunbo, Okrika, boys corner, fairly used and bend down boutique. It is simply trading in foreign used clothes. This business can be done by both men and women. It is a good income earner. It is popularly done amongst determined men and women who see possibilities.

Thinking to start a second-hand cloth business is really profitable.  There is a chance for you to be independent. The truth of the matter is you can choose to start this business with what you have. The way to an independent life is totally dependent on how, what and where to make this possible. Nigeria is an open market where you can make sales on any good commodities if you know the way to make it possible.

The features of a successful second-hand clothing business in Nigeria are :
  1.    Location of your business
  2.   Starting capital
  3.  Understanding of technicalities, styles and unique prospects of innovations.
  4.   Target market
The location of a business is mainly the greatest key point to consider when centralizing a business.  The second-hand cloth business can survive in most places. You can use the back of your car, you can have a shop to sell them,  you can put your clothes on the ground to sell; if you can satisfy the requirements of market authorities and can creatively put with a business/franchise that have a lot of customers. Example of places you can set up your business with partners are barbing and hairdressing salons, an eatery, and so also you can do with a computer center owner.

 You can start at any level you want. Primarily it depends on your profit target. The number of clothes you have to sell and the number of customers you have is just what determines your income in this business. It is a business that does not require you to be highly educated or to be a graduate before you can start. An effective means of communication is that which you need to attract customers to you.

You can start with 20,000, 40,000, 50,000, 100,000 or even 150,000 naira; some of these starting capitals might need you go into partnership with any person.  The essence is just for you to make a profit.

The technicality of this type of business is simple. It actually depends on your starting capital. The second-hand clothes are sold in bales. You can choose to buy one bale, two bales or more.  A bale usually contains different grades of a cloth. For example, if you choose to buy a bale (one sack of cloth) of shirts. There would be grades in terms of quality (years of usage). Simply there are grade A, grade B, and grade C. The quality of A is better than B, and the quality of B is better than c. For example, if you buy one bale, which contains 90 shirts for 50,000 naira.

 If there are 40 grade A shirts, 25 grade B shirts and 25 grade C shirts in one bale. You can choose to sell:

GRADE A for 2,000 naira x 40 = 80,000
GRADE B for 1,000 naira x 25 = 25,000
GRADE C for 500 naira x 25 = 12,500

You would be making 100% profit even after removing the cost of transportation to your selling center.

The moment you start something is the moment you get noticed by someone or a group of people. The Nigeria market is a big one. There is a great chance to make money from the available market waiting for you.  You can sell clothes for all ages and gender. Men, women, boys, and girls are just everywhere to buy from you.  If you are determined to start this business, It is better to start with a particular sex clothing.  To boost your confidence in sales, you can concentrate on second-hand shirts and trousers.

It would be great if you consider selling fairly used clothes as an income earner.

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Second- hand clothes business is attractive


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