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13 Weight Loss Tips for Women That Are Actually Do-able

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We’ve heard tons of tragic stories from Women who attempted to lose weight, yet failed miserably. The plot is typical. The early part of the journey begins with a passionate woman with a burning desire to shed weight. She does everything: from doing intense work-out, adhering to a strict diet, to embracing a 360 lifestyle turn around. Everything was doing well, until about two months later, when she finds herself eating a few slices of chocolate cake, and becoming a strong supporter of the mojito happy hour in a bar near her office. It was too late when the poor girl realizes she had a relapse – she has gained weight, again.

Failed weight loss ventures happen mostly because any form of restriction is just impossible to adhere to for a long time. There are temptations everywhere, and the number is too high. Thus, the probability of falling off trail is tipping as well, leading to unmet Body goals. Therefore, a compelling take would be swapping our old and wrong ways with the right routines. Gradual shifts to a healthier lifestyle one step at a time can be a lot do-able than trying to incorporate major life changes all at once. The pace of your weight loss journey must be slow but sure, and you’ll be surprised how much improvement you can make.

Below we offer a couple of small tweaks that you can have in your daily routine. These tips are recommended by women who have lost at least 50 pounds in 6 months. Now better get your goal body for good!

#1 Say Yes Less to Dining Out

The thing about eating out is, you don’t have control over the ingredients that the restaurants use for your meals. We also tend to eat more when we’re dining out. So to kickoff, make sure to agree on eating out to just once a week. Order healthy food when you eat out, like salad or grilled chicken instead of burgers and fries.

#2 Pantry Check

First, clean your pantry. Then, replace unhealthy snacks with nutritious goods. Do a pantry check every once in a while, and make sure you only have food resources that benefit the body. Take out all your junk food, and replace it with veggies like broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. Do the same with your office drawers and cupboards. Remove unhealthy snacks and replace them with low-calorie goods like sunflower seeds or natural applesauce. So whenever you get hungry, you’re sure you will be chomping on nutritious food.

13 Weight Loss Tips for Women

#3 Big Breakfast is Key

It’s true; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So if you’re not the type of girl who eats morning meals, you might want to change your daily routine if you’re going to slim down. Having at least a 300-calorie breakfast will help reduce your snacking, which is a massive culprit behind weight gain. Consume a healthy morning meal high in protein and whole grains. If you’re too busy to prepare breakfast, opt for a go-to meal with a whole grain sandwich, organic peanut butter, and a few slices of fruits such as apple or banana.  A hearty breakfast will keep you full until lunch.

#4 Move, Move, Move!

It can be challenging to hit the gym regularly and engage in at least 30 minutes of work out. Don’t worry, the truth is, you don’t need a gym to get fit. Just make sure you insert in exercise whenever you can even if it ’s only in small amounts. The keyword is to move. Quick exercises like jumping jacks or crunches during TV commercials, dancing while washing the dishes, or brisk walking on your way to work can give considerable impacts to weight loss. Moving for at least 5 minutes wouldn’t only burn calories, it will also help you avoid mindless snacking when you’re bored. Besides, quick exercises are easier to adhere to than a 30-Minute run on a treadmill.

#5 Quit Cigs

According to a study from the University of Alberta, women who quit smoking but keep to their old eating habits lost more than 30% of their body weight in 2 months. So if you want a slimmer body, quit smoking at once. Researchers say that women who light up cigs more often tend to mindless drink and eat than those who don’t. Getting rid of cigarettes for good will also help you feel a lot healthier and exercise better.

13 Weight Loss Tips for Women

#6 Active Hour for Happy Hour

A happy hour can be quite tempting especially after a hard day’s work, but there are many things that you can do to have fun without risking a beer belly or gaining extra pounds from drunk-eating. Swap your mojito nights with walking or running with your friends. A 2-hour window shopping in a mall can be equally enjoyable than suffering from a bad hangover after a night out. Plus, you’d even get to save money that you can use for a wardrobe change after two months when you lose 50 pounds.

#7 Make Veggies Your Besties

To your journey in losing weight, vegetables can be the friends you can count on. Befriending your veggies does not mean stocking up the greens in the fridge until they get old and die. What we mean is you should spend time more with vegetables and include them in your meals. For instance, when eating pizza, choose peppers instead of pepperoni. You’d be surprised how equally satisfying to consume greens than meat. Vegetables can also improve your digestion, and fulfill your hunger that you won’t need to reach for unnecessary snacks.

#8 20-Min Run a Day

In a study conducted by the University of Alberta, women who ran for at least 20 minutes a day lost 35% of their body fat in just two months. The women in the survey also said that a daily 20-minute run helped them cover an increased 15% distance, and gave them more energy in the morning that 52% of them stopped drinking coffee. Thus, there are no reasons for you not to start running if you want that get toned. If you’re busy, you can break the 20 minutes in two throughout the day, and run for at least 10 minutes every session.

#9 Two Glasses of Water Pre-meal

Do not underestimate the power of water. It cannot only help improve your skin; it can also aid in weight loss. Drink at least 16 ounces of water before and after eating even during snacks. You will end up eating less, and you will also help your body get rid of toxins that cause cravings.

#10 Cut Back on Sodium

The reason why you should cut back on salty food lay in our science subjects when we were in high school where our teacher talked about osmosis. If you already forgot, sodium attracts water that can cause bloating, and overeating. In fact, based on a study conducted by the University of Alberta, women who gave up salt entirely within two weeks lost around 2 to 4 inches off their waistline

13 Weight Loss Tips for Women

#11 Say Bye-Bye to Sweet Drinks

Sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices are high in calories. Drinking sweet drinks won’t satisfy your hunger, and instead, it will give you added layers to an annoying muffin top. So quit having sugary beverages, and opt for water.

#12 Hype Up Using Your Playlist

Music can do wonders to your mind such as it can excite you during your workouts. Arrange your playlist and choose energizing songs that can make you feel thrilled about hitting the gym. Try listening to upbeat music that might help you pick up speed every time you exercise.

#13 Keep Calm & Live Healthy

The most important note to keep in mind during your weight loss journey is not to be too hard on yourself. Do not obsess or stress too much about losing weight. Keep calm, and remain focused. You don’t need to rush to your goal, instead, just let your journey be smooth and natural. Pressuring yourself can lead to a wrong path, causing food withdrawals and relapsing to your old habits. So, take it easy. Trust yourself that you will get to your goals soon.

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13 Weight Loss Tips for Women That Are Actually Do-able


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