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One is Greater than Zero: 6 Reasons to Create High Quality Web Content


Gary Vaynerchuk has a saying:one is greater than zero

“One is greater than zero.”

What does he mean?

“It’s understanding that one view is better than zero and that humility and patience is the foundation for success.” (source)

Gary V’s quote is a call to action.

It’s a call to create content that adds value.

“But doesn’t everyone already create web content?”

It’s true.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly users (and counting) posting stuff on the internet.

The difference is that they aren’t necessarily creating content that adds value.

Instead, most Social Media Users treat social platforms as a public diary.

What about, “Document, Don’t Create”?

Gary Vaynerchuk has another saying: 

Document. Don’t CreateGary V

“Document. Don’t Create.”

What he means is that he wants you to document your Journey to success by being authentic.

Don’t try to present yourself as an expert when you’re not.

Don’t try to produce the content you think an expert would produce.

Create excellent content that reflects who YOU are.

If you do this, you will attract an audience that follows you for who you are, not for who you’re trying to be.

At first brush, it might seem like the majority of Social Media users does a good job of following this advice.

After all, documenting your journey sounds like how most people treat social media – as a public diary.

But there’s a difference between how most people create web content, and how most successful content makers create web content.

Creating High-Quality Content for the Web

One way quality subject matter on the internet differs from the public diary entries people post on in the web is that it’s educational.

In other words, it’s packaged in a such a way that it helps as many people as possible.

It’s the difference between a random post I make to Facebook saying:

“I’ve made a little extra cash with the app, Rubix” (public diary post)

and this blog post that details how much you can expect to make using the app, how the app works, etc. (high-quality content)

High-quality content uses lots of examples.

It helps people solve problems.

And it generally follows these rules.

You can create high-quality content while maintaining authenticity as you document your journey.

In fact, that’s what I’m trying to do on this blog.

Obviously I don’t have online business, entrepreneurship, and personal finance “figured out.”

But I can still document my journey in understanding them all while packaging what I learn in high-quality blog posts.

Why Document your Journey Online with Quality Content?

“Share your work online. If your work isn’t online, it basically doesn’t exist.” Derek Sivers

There are countless reasons to share your journey on the web through producing quality content.

But before we discuss that, you might be wondering, “What journey do I document?”

This is the fun part.

You can document whatever you want.

You could start a blog about learning languages like Benny the Irish Polyglot.

You could document your fitness journey like Greg O’Ghallger with Kinobody.

Or you could write about your journey to making a full-time income online like I’m doing here on this blog.

You can chronicle whatever journey you want.

The only caveat is that you must be passionate about what you’re documenting.

If you’re not passionate about the content you create, other people won’t be either.

Or as Ryan Holiday says about podcasts:

“Why should you listen to a conversation that the host isn’t even listening to?” Ryan Holiday

“Why should you listen to a conversation that the host isn’t even listening to?”

The following are a handful of the reasons why documenting your journey online is so rewarding.

1. It Gives You a Feedback Loop.

When you publish content on the web, you (eventually) get feedback.

If it’s on Instagram, you might get a comment as soon as you post even if you have a small (or nonexistent) following.

If you write a blog post, you might not get any comments or feedback for months. (It took me months to get my first comment on this blog).

This feedback is gold.

Feedback is your readers telling you how to create content they want.

The more you create content your readers want, the more likely they will turn into customers.

2. It crystallizes your thinking.

Writing is thought crystallized on a piece of paper, which can then be reviewed. Tim Ferriss

As Tim Ferriss says, writing crystallizes thought.

Writing helps you clarify what you’re thinking.

It helps you focus and problem-solve.

It helps you think critically.

It builds your creativity.

It has countless benefits.

3. It makes you prove yourself.

Writing makes you prove you love what you say you love.

For instance, I have been claiming I wanted to be an internet entrepreneur since age 21.

But it took me 5 years to start blogging about it.


I finally decided I had to prove my passion to myself.

So why not prove my passion for online business, entrepreneurship, and making an income online to myself + everyone (on the web)?

Why not prove it by writing articles week in and week out that hardly anyone would read for a year+?

4. It connects you with your tribe all over the world.

Do you ever feel like you’re isolated?

Like most people don’t think like you?

Like you just don’t have much in common with the people in your town?

When you share your thinking online, you will attract people like you.

You will find people that share your opinions,

People who refine your thinking.

Just check out the comments Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s blog.

Hundreds offer their input, say thank you, and otherwise show the value they are receiving from her posts.

These people are what the founder of Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly, calls true fans.

Creativity and education expert, Sir Ken Robinson, calls them “your tribe.”

Many of the people you come in contact with through blogging, podcasting, vlogging, etc. become great friends, mentors, and colleagues.

It’s as James Altucher says about podcasting:

“You get to talk to your heroes,” and then they become your friends.

Documenting your journey online connects you with these people all over the world who can be your friend and sharpen you.

5. It teaches you about your field.

If you want to learn more about your passions, chronicling your journey online is a great way to do it.


As soon as you attempt to create content about anything, it will reveal your lack of knowledge about it.

Then you get to read up on your field.

You can fill in the missing pieces.

Once you fill in those gaps of knowledge and create content about it,

You get to answer the questions that others who are also passionate about your field didn’t know they had because they’ve never tried to create content about it.

When asked how he’s so prolific, Neil Patel explains that he can’t even write articles for all the ideas he has because he reads so much about his field.

Once you create content about your passion, you will start to learn so much more about it.

6. It teaches you about human psychology.

As soon as you create content and share it on the web, you get feedback about how it’s “performing.”

You can see on a granular level how many people click on your posts, share them, comment on them, etc.

All these ways that people interact with your content shows you how valuable they think it is.

You start to see patterns about what people like and dislike.

And you gain insight into how people think.


I hope you start documenting your journey with high-quality web content today.

I hope you start sharing what you’re learning, how you’re changing, how growing today.

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Do you have a blog?

I’d love to check it out!

Leave the URL in the comments.

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One is Greater than Zero: 6 Reasons to Create High Quality Web Content


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