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July 2017 Income Report

Net Worth Tracking

Jasmine’s and my net worth increased about $900 this month.

This wasn’t due to any particular money-making scheme of mine.

July was a standard pay-checking-earning month that contributed to this chipping away at debt and increasing of our net-worth.

However, I did make some interesting money-making discoveries this month.

Rubiix – The App that Gives You a Little Bit of Money Just for Opening It

I originally came across Rubiix via an Instagram ad (who said all targeted ads were bad?)

What’s Rubiix All About?

It’s a company that overturns the typical way ad money is spent and redirects some of that cash to you.

Normally, when a company like say, Coca-Cola, wants to get the attention of their target audience, they buy ad space on television, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and anywhere else relevant and available.

So Coca Cola might pay a TV network X dollars for a 30 second commercial slot in the middle of a program.

Obviously you, the target audience for this advertisement, never see a dime Coca-Cola spends reaching you.

Rubiix, on the other hand, allows companies to advertise to you via push notification on your phone through its app.

For instance, Coca-Cola might pay $10,000 to reach 100,000 people (10 cents per person) through the Rubiix app and 5 of those cents go to you for simply opening the app (the other 5 go to Rubiix).

What Do I Need to Make Money on Rubiix?

Rubiix connects to one of your credit card accounts and analyzes and anonymizes your spending patterns.

Then brands can view your anonymous spending habits and choose to target you with their ads.

Is Rubiix Legitimate?

I understand many may be concerned about the security and I haven’t done more due diligence than taking Rubiix at its word, that it is secure.

Rubiix claims 100% security (which I assume means end-to-end encryption?), they appear to be USA-based, and they can only access your information through your bank account.

Plus, the fact that major brands use the platform to advertise including Coca-Cola and Starbucks increases my comfort with it.

But the risk is up to you.

Is Rubiix Annoying?

While responding to push notifications for ads might sound obtrusive, Rubiix has carefully designed the experience to feel as smooth as possible.

You never have to leave the app (or perform any action) to obtain your earnings.

You simply open the app when you have a notification, and voila your earnings increase.

Also, the push notifications are not excessive.

At least, they haven’t been for my wife and me.

At most I’ve received 3 notifications in one day (and sometimes none).

Lastly, you may even be able to turn off notifications for the app with it still functioning.

I haven’t tested turning off notifications, but there have been times when I’ve checked the notification hours or days later and the offer is still waiting for me when I do open the app.

How Much Can You Make with Rubiix?

Not much, according to my earnings so far.

As I write this, I’ve been on the platform 43 days and have made $4.56.

99 cents of those earnings are a bonus provided by Rubiix just for signing up.

At this rate I’ll make somewhere between $30 and $40 after being on the platform for a year.

The good news is, I got my wife on the platform shortly after me and she’s making the same amount I am so I bet our total annual earnings will be $60 – $80.

While this won’t move any financial needles, it’s about the easiest money you can make.

Launching Wear Primal

Like I mentioned in my last income update, I’m taking a new direction with the blog and documenting my money-making adventures instead of trying to be “the money-making expert.”

To that end, I decided to re-launch an old venture Matt Tsai worked on together – Wear Primal.


I wanted to start selling something!

You gotta sell something to be an entrepreneur and I haven’t sold much lately.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you probably know that Wear Primal is a clothing brand Matt and I launched in early 2016 and made a grand total of 1 sale.

We spent all our time on designing the shirts and no time on marketing.

This time around, I prepared 90 original, high-quality photos for Instagram and launched the first photo on July 14th.

Why We Chose Instagram for the Growth Engine

Instagram’s growth since inception has been nothing short of incredible.

Plus, it’s a simple, visual platform on which apparel companies thrive.

And to top it off, Matt is an Instagram growth expert, having grown @goldenretrievers to over 500,000 followers in less than a year.

Wear Primal Team: From 2 to 1

Matt’s other Instagram projects have been so successful and time-consuming that he recommend I take over Wear Primal despite having come up with the t-shirt design ideas together.

Since I was actively working on the project and he didn’t have much to contribute to the daily operations at the time, I agreed.

Wear Primal Instagram Strategy

My Instagram growth strategy is simple:

Step 1: Post high-quality content with strategic hashtags
Step 2: Mass follow/unfollow

Step 1 isn’t rocket science.

Step 2 might be unfamiliar to some.

Instagram has an incredible follow-back rate (upwards of 10%) meaning for every 100 people you follow you can expect roughly 10 to follow you back (as long as you’re following real people likely to be interested in your brand and you’re posting high-quality content).

It also allows you to take a high number of actions in a day (an action is whenever you like, comment, post, message, etc. on the platform).

At the time of writing this, I’m taking over 1000 actions a day and haven’t gotten flagged for spam.

I use NinjaGram, an Instagram bot, to follow the followers of influencers in the paleo/primal health niche 24/7.

It has built in delays so that you don’t get flagged as a spammer.

If you’re curious, I set my auto-following at a random delay between 30 and 65 seconds with a 15 minute break every 100 actions resulting in following about 76 accounts per hour.

When you account for the delay, Instagram allows me close to 1500 actions (though I don’t usually take that many).

I say Instagram allows me to take that many actions because every account will have slightly different limitations based on age, if you’ve been flagged by Instagram before, your hashtag use, etc.

Compare this data to say, Pinterest, where they allow closer to 200 actions a day and I get a follow back rate of 2.5%, and you can understand why Instagram is a powerful medium.

Remember, as you gain more followers and stick with it for more time, your results will compound.

And be cautious with the speed of your following and unfollowing especially if your account is newer.

Wear Primal Instagram Results

Using the techniques above, I grew the account from ~80 to about 750 followers in 2 weeks.

Though this might be stellar for a personal account, I wasn’t thrilled with the growth as a business account.

Also, I had yet to make a sale.

However, one blogger direct messaged me telling me she absolutely loved the shirts and would promote them for free to her audience Instagram audience of 20,000+ and on her blog as well.

I sent her the shirts and she posted about them including a 10% off coupon code.

Still no sales.

But she really wants to sell the shirts on her website, which would hopefully yield a better conversion rate.

At this point, this blogger is my only promising lead that the business model is viable and can succeed.


Thanks for following, everyone.

Check back next month to see how Wear Primal is doing and for any other income updates!

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July 2017 Income Report


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