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The Importance of Personality Part 2: Let’s Add It to Your Writing

(Check out Part 1 right here.)

One of the fastest ways to transform your website and marketing materials to attract your ideal clients like magnets is to add in your Personality.

(And yes, this applies even if your goal is to build a business bigger than you, personally—your personality is still important. No matter what, people want to do business with people … not faceless, nameless entities.)

Now, there are a few ways to accomplish this, including branding and graphics. But today, we’re going to focus on how to do it through words. Remember, the stronger your personality shines through your Writing, the more loyal your customers and clients will be, and the more money you’ll ultimately make.

Let’s dive into five great ways to add your personality to your writing:

Want to make sure you sound like you when you write? These 5 tips will help you add your personality to your writing.

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1. Read more.

The more you read, the more you’ll learn how to express yourself in writing. Not only will you learn by example (especially if you read things by writers with very strong personalities), but you’ll also start to absorb different ways to express yourself that you’ll be able to transfer to your own writing.

2. Read out loud.

This is a trick actors use. They read things out loud paying close attention to their breathing, phrasing, etc. This is a great way to find your actual “voice,” which you then can transfer to writing.

You don’t have to read things you’ve written yourself, either. Read novels and nonfiction and articles and anything that strikes your fancy. The key here is to really listen to how you speak the words. Everyone reads things differently, because we all put our own personality into it. That can translate into your writing, too.

3. Write more.

Sorry, there’s just no getting around it. The more you do something, the better you get at it, and that includes writing. Start a blog, write articles, write letters to your friends, even. It doesn’t matter what you write; just start.

4. Keep a journal.

I know this sounds like number three above, but this is a different kind of writing. It’s more like exercising (okay, maybe that’s not a great analogy either). Basically, journaling works because it gives your muse a way to “come out and play.” And the more you can access your muse, the easier it will be to bring your personality out while you’re writing.

When I say, “journal,” what I mean is to get out a pen and paper and start writing. Yes, by hand. No computers. Something magical happens when you write by hand versus type. And the best part is, you don’t have to think about what to write. Just start scribbling down your thoughts about whatever comes up. (Nothing coming up at all? Write “I have nothing to say” until you find you DO have something to say.) Do this regularly, and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it gets to bring your personality into your writing.

5. Write in someone else’s voice.

This one is popular with artists. When they learn to paint, they do it in the style of other great artists. By studying how others paint, they pick up techniques. Then, you incorporate what works in your own style and abandon what doesn’t. By studying other people’s styles, you’ll start to be able to break down your own style, and from there, you’ll figure out how to strengthen it.

You can use technique in writing, too. Here’s how you do it:

First, choose a writer whose style you resonate with. Next, copy a passage they wrote word for word. You might want to do it a few times. Then, write something original, but do it in that person’s style. Keep practicing until writing in that style becomes second nature.

Now, keep in mind that you only want to do this as a writing exercise. You never want to copy other people’s writing styles and pass them off as your own. Not only will it come across as inauthentic and likely turn off your ideal client, but you could also end up in legal trouble.

Even if you only incorporate a few of these tips, you should start to see a shift in your own writing. Before you know it, your personality will be shining through, and with that, you’ll start to see more clients, more sales, and more profits.

And, if you want to take your writing to the next step and integrate love-based persuasive copywriting techniques, you may want to check out my Love-Based Copywriting books.

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The Importance of Personality Part 2: Let’s Add It to Your Writing


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