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Does the CB Passive Income System Work? Review of the Pros, the Cons and Whether it Can Make You Rich Working from Home

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If you’ve spent any time investigating ways of making Money from home on the internet, you may have identified that popular ways are:

  1. Blogging – Building a loyal following through posting regularly then making money from people clicking on the ads.
  2. Affiliate marketing – Promoting other people’s products, whether through a blog, email marketing or individual sales page
  3. Ecommerce – Selling products on eBay, Amazon or having your online ecommerce site. By dropshipping directly from suppliers you don’t even have to handle any inventory,
  4. Creating your own digital product and then selling it online – This could be an eBook, offiering freelance services or an online training program

These are all perfectly viable ways of making money from home on the internet. In fact, there’s a growing global community of people that are successfully supporting themselves with these methods and using the money to supplement their income, to support themselves fulltime or, when they don’t have kids to worry about, to work remotely around the world.

There’s no question that starting an internet based business is a very attractive proposition. You don’t need much money to get started, it’s a great lifestyle choice and you can find all the information you need on how to do in forums, blogs and training courses online.

The only barrier is that creating an online business that generates enough money to live on is much harder than it sounds. There are thousands, if not millions, of people trying to do it every day. Only a small minority succeed.

Why most people fail to make money online

Being successful at making money working from home online requires a lot more than just signing up for a course and then following the steps. It takes a gut full of perseverance, resilience and many hours of hard work without any guarantee of making any money at the end of it.

Don’t believe what you may have read in Tim Ferris’ book ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’.  Everybody I’ve ever met who is successful at working from home online has had to put in 50+ hours a week to get their businesses off the ground and consistently making a profit.

internet marketing challenges

The technical challenges can be too high for most to overcome

The reason why it takes so much hard work and perseverance to be successful at making money online is because there are so many tasks and new skills that have to learned to get the business running.

Just to start a blog, you need to know:

  • How to get web hosting setup
  • How to upload files onto a server with FTP
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to customize a theme, install plugins and keep the site updated
  • How to track visitors and setup sales funnels with Google Analytics
  • How to setup an autoresponder series

After all that, you then have to be able to write 500+ word blog posts a few times a week which people will enjoy reading and bring them back for me. You also have to be able to promote your posts and get Traffic to your blog so you can build your list of subscribers.

Getting all this ticked off can be a major undertaking if you have no experience of setting up websites or consider yourself a natural writer. With all these challenges to overcome from day one, it’s no wonder most people fail to make any money working from home online.


What is The CB Passive Income system?

Patric Chan is kind of a big deal in internet marketing circles. He first got started in making money online over a decade ago, and has since built the income and lifestyle we always get dangled in front of us as motivation for what’s possible to achieve. He clearly knows how to make a buck or two, and has streamlined his online sales processes to a well shaped tee.

As these internet gurus are prone to do, Patric has put together a system called CB Passive Income for helping people to get started in making money online with as little difficulty as possible. The beauty of his program is that you don’t need to know how to upload a website, how to customize a website theme or how to setup an responder series. In fact, y
ou don’t even have to write any content. All of this is done for you. Patric provides you with a complete website that’s ready to roll and start collecting email subscribers.

All you have to do is promote his free report around the internet with your own personal link back to the website he gives you. Then when people visit your website and provide their email addresses to get the report they are added to Patric’s existing email list. You then earn 50-70% commission every time they buy something Patric is promoting.

A good way to describe his program is that it’s like buying a franchise. Patric provides you with the shop and the goods to sell. All you have to do is get customers into the store so they spend money and you get your

Pros of the CB Passive Income System

  • You don’t have to deal with all the complicated problems of creating a website and an autoresponder series
  • You don’t have to invest 50+ hours getting the business up and running
  • You don’t have to write any content
  • You don’t have to spend money on web hosting, website maintenance or content creation
  • All you have to do is promote the website to get traffic and make money from people subscribing to Patric’s newsletter
  • You earn 50-70% ongoing commissions from the subscribers you’ve added to Patric’s email list

Cons of the Passive Income System

  • You have to find places to promote Patric’s report
  • You have to get enough people subscribed to cover your membership fee
  • You can’t promote your own products to people who subscribe

So when you weigh it up, Patric’s system offers a great way of getting started in making money online without all the complicated and time consuming challenges you’d otherwise. But let’s make no mistake – generating website traffic is a problem all website owners wrestle with. It is one of the key deciding factors in whether a website can bank a profit.

But while challenging, there are many time proven tactics you can use. Patric actually supplies guidance within the course material (I expect it’s a combination of ethical forum posting, Facebook advertising, social media marketing and guest posting), so you just need to pick a traffic generation method and stick with it.

If you don’t make a profit in two months you can get your money back

Perhaps the clincher on whether to signup or not is that the course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you’re unable to get enough subscribers to turn a profit within two months then you can ask for your money back. So there really is no risk of signing up and giving it a go.


It’s understandable why Patric’s Passive Income system has its critics. All the content he provides you with doesn’t cost him anything extra to create, and he’s getting new leads to feed into his own marketing program without lifting a finger.

But if you’re new to internet marketing then it’s an excellent way of getting started and earning commissions without the setup costs and complicated problems you otherwise have to battle through from day one. You can be up and running making money in days rather than the months, or even years, it can otherwise take.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Patric’s system is that it allows you to focus on the core task of generating website traffic. As mentioned, this really is a key deciding factor in being successful online, and with Patric’s system you can get an education in traffic generation and earn money at the same time. Once you’ve got this cracked you can then progress onto setting up your own internet business, while continuing to earn ongoing commissions from every subscriber.

On the other hand, if you are ready to have a go at setting up a website, setting up list building software, creating quality content on a regular basis and generating traffic, then I recommend taking the immediate step up and joining the Internet Business Mastery Academy. Those guys know what they are talking about, and if I was starting out again they are the people I’d want to learn from.

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Does the CB Passive Income System Work? Review of the Pros, the Cons and Whether it Can Make You Rich Working from Home


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