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Digit Money Saving App Will Make You Forget You Are Saving!

Some people are really good at forgetting they are saving their Money. Of my friends, I’ll admit, I am the one that still deals with money like it’s money, instead of being an adult about it and dealing with money like they are finances.  I still deal with money like I am in high school and honestly it is so embarrassing I can’t even go further into it.  For that reason, when I was introduced to the Digit Money Saving app, I found it to be very valuable.

One day, a coworker and I, were talking about saving.  I expressed to him that I suck at it.  I told him that when it came to saving cash or something significant in the bank, I sucked, but for some reason I was the master of saving pocket change.  He told me to continue saving my pocket change but I should download the Digit Money Saving App, because if your bank account had pockets, that is what the Digit App would be saving.

Digit Money Saving App

I could be wrong, but I think Bank of America was the first bank with the savings program that took the change from a dollar and deposited into your savings account after every transaction.  So, if you bought something for $54.11, you would get a charge of $55 and $0.89 would be deposited into your savings.

Digit does something very similar.  When you first download the app, the savings do not start right away.  I think after about 2 weeks, Digit begins to recognize trends in your account and from there it transfers money out of your bank account and into your Digit Money Saving App.  One thing I love and it was proven to me tonight, is that you never know when the deposits are taken.  It takes such small increments, relative to what you are spending, you don’t even notice money is missing.

Tonight, when I checked my digit account, I noticed I had over $20.  I figured it was time to share this tool with others.  I’m tickled because I haven’t even let you in on the best part.

Refer People To Digit For $5

Everyone knows, when it comes to making money online, I am the no cost no obligation girl.  For that reason, I really appreciate when a company gives out money just to tell other people about their product.  Honestly, I am the kind of consumer that when I like a product, you don’t have to give me a red cent, I talk about what it has done for me regardless.  Digit is such a valuable tool, it actually sells itself.  So when I think about the fact they still give money away for people to refer others to something that has the potential to sell it’s own self, I get this warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

Not only can you save a little with Digit, you can make a little with Digit?  To me, that is unbelievable.  I am still trying to figure out how the company is even making money, because there aren’t any fees that I’ve came across as yet.  Transferring money out doesn’t cost a dime and it only takes one business day.  If you need money on Tuesday, you transfer it out early on Monday.  It’s that simple.  It seems to me like this company has covered the most important bases when it comes to financial sustainability.  Their model, no matter how small the increments are, are the basic tenants of financial responsibility – you make and you save.  Who wouldn’t download this app?  As a matter of fact, I am surprised you are still reading.

You Can Get The Digit Money Saving App Here

If you do not have an app like this on your phone, then you are missing out on savings.  If I didn’t have Digit, I would miss out on anywhere from $23 – $36 a week.  And what is that $23 – $36?  It’s 3 less cups of coffee and 3 less cans of Pepsi per week.  It’s 2 less days of eating an $8 lunch replacing it with a 2 for $2.50 and a Sweet Iced Tea from McDonalds.  It’s one less blunt and one less Daily News Paper per week.  When you look at what that money actually was, you come to realize that Digit has the potential to change your life and for whoever you refer you will get $5.

Once you download Digit, you have to link your bank account or the account from with withdrawals are going to be made.  After that, all you have to do is put the Digit app on the last page of your menu screen and forget about it.  I always wind up saving with Digit because I am never on the page the app is on.  I never think to check my Digit account because I never see the withdrawals.  For me it just works, but it is so simple, I think it will work for everyone.  It is a great way watch your coins (literally, your coins) grow into something spendable.

Not to mention, when you sign up, I will get $5 and you will be in a position to get $5 from the people you refer.  Each $5 you make will be the easiest $5 you ever made.

If you like referral programs then I wonder if you have ever heard about how Netspend is giving it up.  You get $20 a pop when you refer someone to the Netspend card and it’s no cost and no obligation, although it isn’t as simple as Digit or my other favorite situation – where I get free gift card for fun.  And I am not kidding – you can literally get free gift cards and have fun or find yourself happily occupied as you earn.

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Digit Money Saving App Will Make You Forget You Are Saving!


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