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What Starting A Blog Has Taught Me

Living life when everyone thinks you are nuts is pretty challenging and takes a lot of resilience.  That is one of the things that starting a blog has shown me.  Even now, for example, a lot of people are just leaving the club after a night of partying.  I, on the other hand, have spent my Friday night researching how to write an eBook and thinking about my next blog post that, by the way, no one is really going to read.

The hardest part about Starting a blog in 2017 is an overall lack of understanding about writing and the whole process of creating something useful online that could be equally as rewarding to others as it will be to you.  What makes it even harder is that the lack of understanding was most likely perpetuated by some shabby experience you had or Money you lost taking advantage of something promised in an advertisement.  Internet marketers are liars that tell the truth at the same time and it has left a nasty taste in a lot of people’s mouth.

If I didn’t have the determination I have or the spirit of a detective, I would have never been able to get to the bottom of why starting a blog is so necessary or be in the position I am now, which is slated to make some money, because a nasty taste could have been left in my mouth too.  It was actually anger and jealousy that pushed me through.  All I kept thinking was, “Someone is making a lot of money and I am going to make a lot of money as well.  Unless I am going to admit that they are better than me, I have to figure it out.”  Another motivation was the fact that I live a life of struggle and so do all of my friends and the majority of people I surround myself with.  My demographics doesn’t even know life without struggle and you know what grinds my gears?  All of us have the capacity to make money online and be in a position to experience life-changing income, and starting a blog is the answer.

The Importance of Starting a Blog

80% of people affected by Depression do not receive any treatment.  Of all people diagnosed with depression, minority groups such as African Americans and Mexican Americans report the lowest rates of treatment for depression.  The LGBT community is prone to depression at higher rates than their heterosexual counterparts and women are more prone to exhibiting symptoms of depression than men.  I would bet money if every Black and Mexican woman actively kept a blog, the 6.7% of our worlds population that suffers from depression would reduce significantly.  If therapists were to consider starting a blog as treatment for depression and encourage the 80% of people affected by depression who don’t receive any treatment to start a blog, we’d see a dramatic reduction in that statistic as well.

If you check out the 10 Reasons Why Every Bitch Should Have A Blog, number 2 was number 2 for the sake of my readers.  In my heart, number 2 should have been number 1 and you will see that I wrote that post a year ago.  Like I said then, “I write because it makes me feel better.”  To this day, if no one ever read anything I wrote, it wouldn’t stop me from writing.  I have to get my feelings out.  I believe not being able to effectively manage or understand feelings is enough to drive someone up the wall – the world calls it depression.  If people would see that writing or the psychological effects of putting something in writing was extremely beneficial, they’d use writing as a tool to get them through life.

A lot of people write and it helps them and they still don’t know what they are even doing.  Your grocery list?  The note you left your partner or child before you left out the house?  Or how about the love letter.  People never stop writing love letters.  You don’t ever wonder why you were compelled to write that letter or send that emotional text to your lover?  It’s because when there is an influx of emotions bubbling at the brim, which is typically how being in love makes you feel, it needs an outlet and a lot of people turn to the old pen and paper or a long and drawn out text message.  The same goes for blogging except it happens on a grander level.

Blogging can be a bit more personal.  You can share life experiences and you are doing so with strangers.  A blog post is like a FaceBook status that you described in full detail.  I always say, “If you can keep up with FaceBook status’ then you can keep up with a blog.”  There are thousands of blogs that are the account of someone’s day to day.  It’s their life and how they perceived their encounters or interactions throughout the day.  It’s something they thought about or some logical idiosyncrasy.  Either way, it is an outlet and when it comes to feelings and emotions, having an outlet is extremely important.  In my opinion, writing is the answer to a lot of problems and that makes starting and maintaining a blog very important in my book.  If you ask me it’s sort of a self-help tool.

Benefits of Starting A Blog

Starting a blog is important if you want to maintain a harmonious internal environment and not be prone to episodes of depression that are not from a chemical imbalance.  However, once you start a blog, new opportunities arise that will continue to promote not just good feelings on the inside, but a good life.  There is no talk about making money online without talking about a blog.  And you absolutely can make money online without a blog or website, but it is a little tricky and 9x out of 10 if you have an opportunity of some sort to promote and a website is not needed, it’s probably sketchy and stupid.

Most people do not know the amount of ways there are online to make money.  Especially in my demographics, when people think of making money online, a few opportunities that went viral come up in conversation – WakeUpNow, a travel club, and years ago there was an auto club that a lot of people got into – but that is typically the extent of the knowledge.  Most people immediately think of affiliate marketing.  I must admit, affiliate marketing is by far the best and quickest way to make money online, but it gets a bit expensive if you want to do it right.  There are about 6 other methods for people to make money online and I rarely hear any talk about them.

The thing is, without a blog there is no effective way to take advantage of anything.  Just like a lot of places that you shop at and a lot of brands you buy (especially in fashion) will allow you to post a link to their store on your website or blog and you can earn commissions from people who follow the link and make a purchase.  You could have bought an electronic that you really love.  You share it in a blog post and add a link for people to go and purchase it on Amazon or whatever site you receive commissions from.

  • Do you use UberEats?  (If not you are bugging, first and foremost.  You can download it now and receive $10 off your first meal if you use the promo code “eats-brushonnal9ue”)  After you share your link on your social networks to your friends and family, who else will you share it to and how?  If you had a blog, you could do what I just did.  I just plugged my UberEats referral code in for you to follow.  When you download it and place an order I will receive a $5 credit.  Without a blog, I would be limited.
  • After I signed up FaceBook friends for Swagbucks, what was I supposed to do?  I think everyone in the world should use Swagbucks and so earning Swagbucks for referrals is a bonus.  I would refer people for free because it’s so easy it’s stupid and you get freaking gift cards.  Swagbucks will always be in my heart, for goodness sake, they take care of my coffee expense and everyone who knows me knows I am a coffee snob.  Without a blog, who would I tell?
  • Even Netspend.  After I did Netspend deals with a few of my friends, who else was I supposed to reach out to?  Some of the stuff I find online makes no absolute sense.  Netspend will give you and your friend $20 if you refer them to the card.  All they have to do is transfer $40 on to the card for the deal to be done and then you both get $20?  They let you transfer the $40 for free directly from your bank.  I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t take advantage of that.  I am a numbers girl and 5 measly signups a week is a whole hundred dollars.
  • And how could I forget Digit?  Now, Digit is my boo.  Especially because the other day I was sitting here broke and I said, “Oh!  Let me see what Digit has for me!”  There was over $20 in my Digit account.  I thought it was damned Christmas.  It saves chump change from your bank account.  Somehow, I never saw the money missing.  Digit was taking small increments like $2.16, $3.34 and I wound up with more than $20.  Digit is extra special because, with Digit, if you refer someone to try it you get $5.  Yet again, like Swagbucks, another situation I would happily promote for free because of how valuable it is to me personally.  The fact they are going to give me $5 to refer people to something that sells itself makes me blush.  You know I wrote about it.

The point I am trying to make is in the world we live in today, you aren’t stretching your money as far as it could go if you do not have a blog.  You may be leaving a lot of money floating around in the universe based off the fact there are people who still don’t know about these silly little situations.  If you can show how it helped you and you are as serious as I am when something helps me, then people are going to want to see what it could do for them and then you get the bonus of receiving whatever it is you will receive for your referral.  Or maybe it doesn’t help you any further than what you earn referring people, like Netspend.  I only use that card for its referral program.  There are too many fees associated with the card doing anything else.  But with no cap to the amount of $20s I could make, it makes it one of the most valuable cards in my pocket.

Also, when you share what you are using to solve problems and navigate in life, you put them in the position you are in which is problem solved.  For example, if I meet someone and they don’t know how to save money, I show them Digit.  They download and set Digit up and I receive 5 bucks, but they are then in a position to show someone else Digit and now they can receive 5 bucks.  This becomes very important down the line when I finally get the guts to get into more advanced opportunities with a more advanced compensation models and networking overall.

Starting A Blog Is Simple

It really isn’t as advanced as you think it is.  If you could just be yourself, that would be the best blog around.  If I had any advice, it would be to share your experiences in order to teach a lesson.  Talk to the audience as you would your friends.  Don’t think for one second that what you have to say is not important because that couldn’t be further from the truth, once you start weaving lessons into your experiences.  What you go through in a day and what you go through in life are things a whole lot of people are going through and could have been going through at the very same moment as you.  They may not like your post, they may not share your post, but at least they know there is someone else in the world who has experienced it and over came it and that may save them.

In my opinion, you should definitely start with wordpress.  WordPress is the industry standard.  I used wordpress for my free site and then I transferred it over and I use wordpress to build this site.  When you start your free blog hosted by wordpress, you are going to be awfully limited.  You actually cannot send people to links when you have a hosted blog, but back to the importance of keeping a blog, that really shouldn’t matter this early in the game for you.  Take it slow.  Start building an audience.  Start networking with other bloggers which I really didn’t take enough time to do and now it is kicking me in my ass but that is a story for a whole ‘nuther post.  Learn how to write about the things you like and the things you are doing and what it means to you.  Talk about your coworkers, your husband or baby father.  I don’t think there are enough bloggers who actively talk about their messy baby father.  That blog would actually be huge.


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What Starting A Blog Has Taught Me


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