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Shauna Cordova personal story of Grit to success

Shauna cordova personal story of grit to success

My name is Shauna Cordova and l want to share my personal story from 1 person to over 190 people in 3 years, in one company

And this how, no matter who you are, or where you came from?

People ask me most the time what I do. Let me break it down: I am a CEO;

I am the architectural designer of success for you and for me.

I am the forward thinker.

I am the pusher (because dammit; I push people) —

And you…are you reading this? Keep reading because I have some things that matter.

I am the designer of stats just like these because I just got the ink dry on another strategic partnership that makes Valkeryie a force to be reckoned with now? We do it all, and we do it very well.

When I started this company three years ago, it was me, and just little old me doing literally EVERYTHING.

I burnt the candle at both ends; I was overseeing three home remodels at the time; I was dealing with renters and rental property we owned and I was literally running four households by myself

While running a Business when my husband was deployed

I was raising a child. And dealing with two other adult children

I was dealing with a personal divorce and 5-year legal trauma on the criminal side that remains unresolved, but still stood.

I was battling cancer.

I had been in the ICU after a house fire nearly killed me.

I had been a teenage mother.

I was a domestic abuse survivor.

I was struggling with mental illness.

I was tired and fragile and exhausted most days.

But I never gave up in Life

There was literally NO ONE for me to lean on, no one for me to talk about my business because no one understood the complexity of what I did and was doing.

Yet, I still grew that business by myself. And I continued to grow that business until my husband came back, a year and a half after we had launched a basic business, I had doubled growth.

A year and a half after that, I have tripled growth and scaled

And I have continued to grow that business, despite obstacles, hiccups, and challenges.

I have continued to push others, but mostly myself by finding solutions while jumping off of a cliff and building an airplane on the way Even if I wasn’t sure that plane would fly.

And now? We have grown that business into something that is not just worthwhile, but sustainable.


Not by old school, let’s “get that coffee” mentality bullshit.

All social

All online

100% virtual and now?. Well, hell, we have to show for a current count of over 190+ virtual employees from sales, to development to apps to video management to social media management and more.

And for one reason and one reason alone.

I had a vision.

And I didn’t fucking give up on it.

No matter who told me no, no matter who gave me shit, no matter who didn’t “understand” what I did, no matter who didn’t believe in me.

I. Never. Gave. Up

And I never will.

Whatever your vision is?

Don’t give up on that either.

Because…it’s worth it

After all of this, I can say I’m one “bad bitch” but so are you. You just have to BELIEVE it.

You’ve just got to fight for it, in spite of everything else.

There are no excuses. Get up, show up, dress up and make it happen.

Every. Single. Day.

And if you do? No matter who you are, no matter what you are able to do (or not do), know that as long as you try, I’m your biggest cheerleader.

Shauna cordova personal story of grit to success

Shauna Cordova is the CEO and Founder of a digital marketing product development and services company. For more information, visit Valkeryie Consulting

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Shauna Cordova personal story of Grit to success


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