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Memorial Day Weekend Sales 2018
Summer Wind · 20:04 25 May 2018
Flag SweaterMemorial Day Weekend is here and so are the sales. I compared the sales from last year to this year and a lot are exactly the same, but also some are way better! I honestly feel… Read More
Emma Nordström · 18:48 25 May 2018… Read More
For The Fainthearted · 18:39 25 May 2018
One of the stories with which I grew up was that a locomotive had once steamed through the streets of Langport. It had always seemed an exciting story, the vision of a steam engine puffing i… Read More
Musings Of A Fat Chi… · 18:29 25 May 2018
Two years ago yesterday, my life changed.  Two years ago yesterday, I took my biggest step in this very long journey.  Two years ago yesterday, I did something some people think is… Read More
Zeit Und Geister - D… · 18:05 25 May 2018
Falls sich die EU-Entscheidungsträger noch nicht gebührend anerkannt fühlen, hier auch von mir noch ein herzliches Dankeschön für die DSGVO, diesen bürokratisch… Read More
Chasing The Wind · 17:41 25 May 2018
Hard Times Mine No. 1 & 2 - Two claims joined to facilitate access.  Cedar Creek Mining District Mineral County, Montana Mineral County is located in the vast "big sky country" of M… Read More
Simply Stacie - Fami… · 13:00 25 May 2018
Among the latest trends for the ‘one stop shop’ product that can do it all for you is coconut oil. Most people have heard of using it in cooking, to replace other oils particular… Read More
Madeleine Cocina | R… · 12:11 25 May 2018
En España probé en diferentes lugares la ensaladilla o ensaladilla rusa, y claro que se me antojó hacerla en casa. Me puse a investigar y resulta que no hay una receta … Read More
My Vote - My Choice
Aahaachennai · 08:10 25 May 2018
I am casting my votefor my favourite fruitCall it a unanimous choice.A line up of friendsare eyeing mewith heartfelt gratitudefor choosing their fruit.Ever willing to provideadditional suppl… Read More · 07:00 25 May 2018
#Ohio is suffering today after fatal shooting. #POTUS, stop the bloodshed. #BackfireTrump -> RT @EstherThePig: You be anything you want, so why be anything but kin… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 24 May 2018
Finally, after two and a half years of stress, appointments, meetings and hell, we've officially made the decision. Together. We've withdrawn the boys from school, never to return (unle… Read More
Analyzing Self-worth
Reese Of Mind · 20:52 24 May 2018
Merriam Webster defines “karma” as, “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences”… Read More
Spring Trends: Bow Mules
Cheryl Shops · 15:00 24 May 2018
It's hard to say where and when mules came back into fashion, but I'd like to thank whoever is responsible for it. As someone with narrow heels whose shoes often slip in the back, I find the… Read More
Aloha · 13:16 23 May 2018
A L O H A Käimas on Eesti blogiauhindade hääletus ning sel aastal osalen üritusel ka mina. Minu blogi leiad NOORTEBLOGID kategooriast. Hääletada saad siin-&nbs… Read More
Sweet On Soul · 13:07 23 May 2018
Kroatia on edullinen matkailumaa, mutta turistien valtaama Dubrovnik tekee kyllä tässä pirteän poikkeuksen. Hintataso on monin paikoin sama kuin Suomessa. Game of Thrones… Read More
A Stroke Of Magic
The Sentimental Idio… · 15:55 22 May 2018
Staying true to the source material while trying to recreate the same emotional response in the reader is to me the biggest challenge of writing a new blog. Sometimes it is easy and sometime… Read More