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Tattva Sadhaka · 16:39 22 Feb 2018
"It felt butterflies in my stomach when you approached me. I was lost in happiness. Looking at you makes my cheeks blush. I don't know why I like you.You proposed me !!!!I was excited. I was… Read More
Take 5 !
Morning Beans Blog · 13:00 22 Feb 2018
The week is pushing on, and we all need a breather. Take 5. I know, cliché, right? What if I told you that there are [...] Read More
Lately 2/22/18
Summer Wind · 11:00 22 Feb 2018
Dress// Bag// Lip color (in babe)// Earrings (on sale) Shop the Look:So today's date is 2/22/18... which made me think, how weird it will be in 2022 when it's written out like… Read More · 21:10 21 Feb 2018
Releasing this week is Passion’s new CD: Whole Heart. Stream some tunes to check it out or... Please visit the original post if the links and video clips are not visible, or if the com… Read More
Bolo Low Carb
Vida Nada Perene · 14:06 21 Feb 2018
Ingredientes: Foto meramente ilustrativa- 1 xícara de farelo de aveia- 1 colher (chá) de fermento em pó- 1 banana picada- 2 maçãs picadas (eu deixei a… Read More
Apparent Non Apparen… · 08:15 21 Feb 2018
Skin deep into severed bliss, Little do we know, A rotten scheme. Fishing for the right trend, Stilled on ice, Melted onto many. Drawn in, scoped out for uses, Harbored all into none, Pain… Read More
What To Wear In Mexico
Cheryl Shops · 16:00 20 Feb 2018
When I'm in the city, which is most of the time, I stick to blazers, tees, jeans...most of what you see here on my outfit posts. It's a uniform of sorts, and it works. When I'm on vacation… Read More
The Art Of Box Redesigns
The Breakfast Bowl · 05:20 20 Feb 2018
I have long argued that the box has been the most important aspect when it comes to breakfast cereal. No other food has been sold more on the basis of its packaging than with cereal, and the… Read More
The Choice Is Yours!
Mr. Rodge's Neighbor… · 01:37 20 Feb 2018
Do you want it or not? Do you want that education? Do you want to become more fit? Do you desire to be your own boss? Everyone wants, but not everyone takes action.  It is easy to simp… Read More
The Final Straw
Jack · 16:53 19 Feb 2018
I lost my spit and shineAnd the all weather finishThat had served me so wellAgainst the inclementI had been less than diligentWith my applicationsYou might call me lazyBut I was tired of the… Read More
In The Name Of Chaos
Deep From Me · 12:10 19 Feb 2018
In the name of art we made this warOut of chaos we started this loveCall me love, tell me that I'm yoursYell at me how bad things can getif I'm not by your sideIn the name of love we made th… Read More
Revolutionary Lifest… · 03:45 19 Feb 2018
I’ll save you the trouble of buying a “text game” book, because the reality is, getting women is not about how clever your messages are. 90% of getting girls is your SMV (S… Read More