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Miss Your Face
[email protected] · 07:46 19 Oct 2018
Dog Whisperer ;-)Although we had lots of preparation for our Eldest not being in the house anymore, we still miss her. Every now and again I still expect her to be there... Luckily we can se… Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 19:46 17 Oct 2018
Origin of Magnus a Name of Power The name Magnus is an interesting one, to say the least. Created by a 7th-century German missionary; the popularity of Magnus rose after the 11th century. On… Read More
Personal Closure.
Many Motivation Quot… · 14:11 17 Oct 2018
Look, sometimes closely is just not coming to a certain situation. But that doesn't mean you cannot move on. Broken or not moving on is going to be necessary for your future happiness. Movin… Read More
How To Raise A Confident Child
Baby Blog · 14:00 17 Oct 2018
Does your child have difficulty making decisions on their own? Are they having problems with low self-esteem? These problems can signal that they lack confidence in their own opinions, abili… Read More
I Like It Frantic · 13:00 16 Oct 2018
Its no surprise that my kids love vehicles. They love to play and create. Charlie has more little cars than any kid should have. He often sets them up all over the house and has his own race… Read More
Red Rose Quotes
My True Quotes · 09:18 15 Oct 2018
Love is something you don’t fall easily for but once you are in love you may have to never look back. Love is the best feeling in the wh… Read More
I Supported WFUV Today
Bruce's Journal · 23:26 14 Oct 2018
I have been a loyal listener of WFUV since the early 1990s.  When I listen I never know what they will be playing.  They are not bound by the formatics of commercial radio sta… Read More
Heart And Mind
Many Motivation Quot… · 22:31 14 Oct 2018
Always keep a happy heart no matter what circustance and people try to throw at you.Clear you mind of any negativity going on around you. This world is full of it AND IT IS NOT YOURS. Keep y… Read More
The Kerala Flood
Rumble Of Thoughts · 10:25 14 Oct 2018
Wanted to put this down somewhere and then left it but each time we go on a search for a new car I remember the flood. We lost our car or it got burnt after the recent flood. It was a 10 yea… Read More