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Reality Is Not Two
Spiritual Shifts - E… · 03:10 16 Dec 2018
Just a mere glimpse of reality is so strong, that it has the capacity to completely change your life around. The bast change it ultimately makes, for anyone and everyone, is the beginning of… Read More
Faith Love And Road … · 09:02 15 Dec 2018
Matthew 12:43-45 “Whenever an unclean spirit goes out of a person, it wanders through waterless places looking for a place to rest but finds none. Then it says, ‘I will go back t… Read More
The Ass And The Lapdog
Pragya · 14:56 14 Dec 2018
Once a farmer had a lapdog and he also had many asses on his farm. The lapdog would get to sit on the master's lap. The master always brought the dog something to eat from the market. Waggin… Read More
J. Walters Press · 14:03 14 Dec 2018
Now I’ve read a lot of rhyming verse and even writ some too . . . but nothing as refined as this could I ever hope to do. Maybe it was the times . . . Maybe it was the rhymes . . … Read More
God Is In Your Business
Way To Life · 06:30 14 Dec 2018
Earlier this week, I mentioned that I am able to give selflessly when it came to the people I love and that I feel so burdened when my loved ones ask for something and I’m unable to me… Read More
Host Of Angels · 20:58 12 Dec 2018
It amazes me how some people say they trust God and His ways for their lives but question every move He makes in it, or move not made in it. People (all of the times) not some of the times w… Read More
Jesus, Our Living Ho… · 22:20 11 Dec 2018
Hatred of others has no place. It is overcome by God’s grace. Hatred has no place here. It causes mistrust and fear. Hatred destroys and divides. Love builds up and abides. Acts of hat… Read More
Un Día, Una Reflexió… · 10:40 11 Dec 2018
El nacimiento es un acontecimiento igualitario pero si bien todos pasamos por el mismo trance al nacer no todos acabamos teniendo la misma transcendencia en este mundo. (Anónimo) El n… Read More
The Astro Codex · 20:30 10 Dec 2018
The post Natal Jupiter in Cancer appeared first on The Astro Codex. With your natal Jupiter in Cancer, this Water sign will empower all those traits connected with home, family and tradition… Read More
How The Grinch Killed Christmas
Frostbite · 11:52 10 Dec 2018
The Grinch tried to change, it was easy to seeAll the Whos down in Whoville seemed happy indeedNo more thief in the night, no more playing with the factsThe Grinch was quite pleased and so w… Read More