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Ann Marie Ruby · 02:00 19 Jun 2018
Life is a blessed journey where all around we face hurdles, love, and joy. Throughout this journey we have family, friends or for me in particular, strangers to comfort the soul. In th… Read More
Synagogue Of Satan Exposed
Iris Chapman · 22:32 18 Jun 2018
“Synagogue of Satan Exposed” is a video of white supremacist James Wickstrom, interviewing Jewish Rabbi, Abraham Finkelstein about the beliefs of the Jewish.  Interview With… Read More
The Journey
At The Master's Call · 17:04 18 Jun 2018
That day when all hope lie on nightfall creeping in for the day wasn’t just the best, that evening when I cast my fears on the unknown journey….. The previous path looked promi… Read More
Solar Wind · 09:37 18 Jun 2018
“Hard to reach is the supreme goal of life, hard to describe and hard to abide in. They alone attain samadhi who have mastered their senses and are free from anger, free from self-will… Read More
The Astro Codex · 20:25 17 Jun 2018
The post Natal Venus in Sagittarius appeared first on The Astro Codex. With your natal Venus in Sagittarius, this fire sign energy will blend with the planet of affection, giving to it a lot… Read More
For The Love Of Peac… · 03:32 17 Jun 2018
The hardest thing I have found is returning my mind to the Christ Self when I feel I have failed and let Him and my higher self, down. I found this to be insurmountable at times. Each time I… Read More
Genetic Drift
Spirituality For Liv… · 15:43 15 Jun 2018
We are all familiar with the tooth and claw model of evolution. Even if its basis in concrete science is questionable, it has been adopted as a cultural value, one that still poisons us to t… Read More
Un Día, Una Reflexió… · 06:59 15 Jun 2018
El testamento es un intento torpe de prorrogar lo imposible más allá de nuestra muerte, nuestra voluntad. (Anónimo) El mundo secular tiene sus reglas y una de ellas pret… Read More
The Philosophy Of Th… · 03:34 15 Jun 2018
I am the Son of God.I was born, I saw and I fell;That last part due to mythmakersWho rejected my message.My name was Judas, Son of God.The lies against my name are many.Some claim I was demo… Read More
Pragya · 18:45 14 Jun 2018
Hafiz was a satisfied farmer living with his family in Africa. One day, his friend visited him and explained the value of diamond. The friend said,"Even if you have a little bit of diamond… Read More
All About Africa · 16:07 14 Jun 2018
I started this post 3 years ago. Lovely people have been living there, and in the house they built “downstream” from the first. The creek is practically gone. The clash of values… Read More