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Excusas Para No Procrear
- · 18:53 21 Aug 2018
Muchas mujeres profesionales o que aspiran a serlo hoy día rechazan tener hijos. Los que tenemos parejas hacemos lo posible para no tener hijos usando el método de 10 d&ia… Read More
El Entrometido · 12:53 21 Aug 2018
A ver Francisco, las cartas, los lamentos, el perdón que pides es un montón de aire pa' las gentes hartas. Fuera más lindo que partas (que partieras) este día por… Read More
Power Plays In The Pacific
East Asia Forum · 12:00 21 Aug 2018
Author: Sarah O’Dowd, ANU As the most recent signatory to China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Papua New Guinea (PNG) is increasingly turning to Beijing for investme… Read More
Bdb · 10:32 21 Aug 2018
Roubaram meu celular. Fui a delegacia fazer um BO - Boletim de Ocorrência -. quando esta fazendo a denúncia um soldado que estava ao lado disse:- É por isso que precisamo… Read More
Blog Sensasi · 01:31 21 Aug 2018
Bahan-bahan ( 12 biji ) -2 cawan tepung gandum -1 sudu kecil yis mauripan -1/2 sudu kecil garam * -3 sudu makan minyak masak * -2 sudu makan gula * (boleh tambah/kurang) -175ml air panas… Read More
Freed Fries · 00:28 20 Aug 2018
Here is some more work from my favorite artist here in Staten Island, Scott Lobaido. I wrote about him in one of my previous blogs, Artwork for Patriots. Well this time he made such an impac… Read More
Clash Of Opinions
Oufi · 08:55 19 Aug 2018
 The YIN and YANG, a Chinese symbol,  like Adam and Eve, together they are a perfect whole.  The logo is rooted in distinctions and an encounter betw… Read More
Pray For Kerala
The Other Side · 07:51 18 Aug 2018
Pray For KeralaKerala's most worst flood in 100 years has killed more than 324 people and more than 2 lakh people are living in 1500+ relief camp. It's a natural tragedy and we can only pray… Read More