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Marmalade | The Curi… · 15:45 17 Jan 2019
The next time you’re irritated by an internet troll, remember that one of the greatest inventions of civilization was snark. For millennia of recorded history, there was no evidence of… Read More
Good News For A Change
The Blog · 14:34 17 Jan 2019
"It’s what thousands of Trump supporters are calling the “cool image of the day.” POTUS Trump reflected in the sunglasses of his beautiful wife Melania as he takes on a wal… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:00 17 Jan 2019
— MORALIST AND ANTAGONIST —  Henry Graham looked up from the conversation with his daughter when three men walked through the door. This trio was trouble—especially ho… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 08:00 17 Jan 2019
RT @cooldogfacts: Take care of me as I get old. My fur isn't as soft as a puppy & I'm no longer small, but my love for you has grown strong… -> RT @stevemullis: Animal hospital… Read More
Day 3310
Some Assembly Requir… · 03:02 17 Jan 2019
I try to leave myself plenty of time whenever I make an appointment. Let's face it, I'm slow and Dash is even slower. You'd think an appointment at noon wouldn't present a problem. Wrong. I… Read More
Green Velvet
Life 101 · 01:01 17 Jan 2019
The walk this morning was "chillified" as my grandmother might have said. The sun was out, but the wind out of the north punched a hole through my sweat pants and shirt. It made me glad I'd… Read More
Intj · 12:01 16 Jan 2019
Constellations are almost a magical topic—they evoke a certain mysticism just by existing and gazing upon them remains one of the most beautiful activities to engage in under celestial… Read More · 11:42 16 Jan 2019
[This post was written by someone I care about deeply. She has published it elsewhere. I keep a copy here solely for my personal records.] The love story was our first date in a vegan re… Read More
Through A Glass Half Empty
The Far Queue · 08:15 16 Jan 2019
Monster Brains ~ Virgil FinleyThe guy next to me on the Central Line is reading The Fountainhead.His dress and demeanour has the fastidious blandness of a man who believes that his emptiness… Read More
It's Tuesday, So It's Bears-day
Nature Blog · 03:18 16 Jan 2019
 A news report on today's bear release.I did not sleep well last night because I knew that I was getting up earlier than usual.Wash, dress, walk and feed the dog, fill a go-cup with cof… Read More
Strike Up The Band (of Teachers)
I Am Cam Jr! · 02:33 16 Jan 2019
Today is Day 2 of a teachers strike in the Los Angeles Unified School District. A first for California, even a charter school has joined the fray.As a member of SAG-AFTRA, I even joined the… Read More
Choosing A Bail Bonds Company
Yam's Files · 22:40 15 Jan 2019
If you are in a situation where you need bail bonds in Allentown, PA, it is important to know what to look for. A professional bail bond service will make your trip through the criminal… Read More
Ecstatic Stories · 20:47 15 Jan 2019
REUNITED"He, who commands our lives is the one who suffers the most from our uncertain outbursts." We all need a break from ourselves. The constant longing for a long-overdue vacation f… Read More
Perspectives & P… · 20:40 15 Jan 2019
Title: Thinks to do at the office | Author: Polo | Source: Flickr | License: CC BY-NCAt a family holiday dinner my older daughter asked the table, “What are your hopes and dreams… Read More
Small Revenge
Laughing At The Piec… · 18:43 15 Jan 2019
Years ago, my pal Chris and I were in a Pizzeria Uno in Pennsylvania that was just god-awful. Bad food, bad service, unfriendly staff, etc. Just a hellhole of a place. Before we left, we wen… Read More
Digging For Meaning · 14:43 15 Jan 2019
“Faith is knowing that if you step off a cliff you will be taught how to fly.” – Author Unknown Last night I was cleaning my wedding rings while standing at the bathro… Read More
Alto Valle Night · 11:06 15 Jan 2019
A Gross Weekend
On (Or Close To) Sch… · 05:08 15 Jan 2019
Dinner with my BJJ Coach This past weekend was pretty gross. It turns out that the Gymgirl got sick with the Norovirus and the kid got it from her and I got it from him. She was away this w… Read More
83 Unsung Heroes · 22:04 14 Jan 2019
Portland State University is currently looking for a reason to sack one of its professors for making some people and / or himself (depending on your point of view) look a bit silly. Peter Bo… Read More
Ausgabe 4 – 2018
Umwelt & Aktiv| Das … · 10:32 14 Jan 2019
ein ereignisreiches Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu. Für alles, was Sie 2018 geleistet haben, unseren herzlichen Dank! Der eine oder andere mag jetzt sagen „ich habe doch gar nich… Read More
Home · 22:41 13 Jan 2019
We've had a fallen out this weekend because I wanted to take myself out for a coffee for half an hour on Saturday morning.  My wife was away for most of the day visiting a friend. … Read More
Wordmall · 20:49 13 Jan 2019
Bob from Traverse City asked about the pinking in pinking shears. Pinking shears are scissors with a serrated cutting edge. A zigzag edge on fabric is less likely to fray than a straight cu… Read More
Treat & Trick · 08:18 13 Jan 2019
Another set of 10 Tried Kitchen Tips that are quicker, no mess and  make your cooking more fun.10 TRIED KITCHEN TIPS1.   How to cut onion without tearsSoak onion in a bowl of… Read More
Musings On New Year
Head To Head, Heart … · 18:03 12 Jan 2019
I’ve never been keen on the beginning of a new year. For self-employed and self-motivated by necessity creative folks, it seems to me there is always a bit of a pile up in one’s… Read More
Mind Frame Shift · 08:13 12 Jan 2019
Experience never errs. Only your judgement errs by promising itself results which your experiments didn’t produce. Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 – 1519 We are occupied with the fulf… Read More
Making Widows Wince · 21:03 11 Jan 2019
--> “Reason is the defining quality of humanity. Without it we are nothing.”  Aristotle v Saint Thomas.As the ides of holidays fade from view, and with it the tumor… Read More
Blogging Resolutions 2019
Fantastic Feathers · 20:48 11 Jan 2019
Happy new year to everyone! I think,people are busy this month making Resolutions. Whether we can stick to the Resolutions for a long time or not is some other thing, but setting some goals… Read More
Heartcrossings · 19:53 11 Jan 2019
I got a Roomba for Christmas this year and learned a great deal in the days to follow. A lot of research has been done on people getting emotionally attached to robots so theories abound. So… Read More
Loose Feathers #680
A Dc Birding Blog · 15:00 11 Jan 2019
Black-billed Magpie / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsNew Caledonian Crows can tell how heavy an object is by how it behaves in the wind.Some hummingbirds have bills that are… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 13:02 11 Jan 2019
When Kubla learned to crawl, he would want to join the games of his older cousins. But it’s hard to play soccer with a baby on the field. We needed to find a new game. So we invented B… Read More