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Carina … · 18:36 18 Jan 2019
Everything goes by so fast that I can`t even think what is actually happening. I`m about to graduate in less than one month. I can`t believe it! It feels like it was just yeaterday when I st… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 17:22 18 Jan 2019
Since the Japanese are apparently no longer prepared to endure the security and stability that comes with owning Britain's independent nuclear industry, Her Majesty's Government faces a crue… Read More
Chop Suey #20
Saltshaker · 11:55 18 Jan 2019
It’s been a couple of months since my last Chop Suey, and it felt like time for another. And, maybe something a little different from the usual dumpling and a kung pao or som… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 11:38 18 Jan 2019
Be grateful for what you have and accepting of all good things entering your life. This, to me, is the best way to understand the law of cause and effect and make it a positive thing for you… Read More
Hugo Com H · 09:54 18 Jan 2019
Eu adoro palavras !! Gosto da instrumentalidade delas. Gosto das significâncias, dos poderes, das entrelinhas e “entre-letras”. Puno-me, religiosamente culpado, quando as u… Read More
Kruchy Wernisaż
Codziennik · 08:07 18 Jan 2019
Skorupy już były, teraz czas na ludzi! – A nie boi się pani tak wernisaży w czwartki robić? – chciałoby się zapytać, ale się nie zapy… Read More
A Pink Christmas It Was!
Pensive Thoughts · 06:22 18 Jan 2019
Our family celebrated a pink Christmas last December 24 at my brother’s house in Imus, Cavite. We shared a hearty potluck feast of Amber’s and Fish2Go specialties, plus a roaste… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 18 Jan 2019
Ana Caridad Acosta (Mezzosoprano) mexicana, en el papel de Carmen  – de Georges Bizet. Palacio Bellas Artes – México DF   . Paloma de primavera, que buscas en… Read More
Inexpressible · 04:53 18 Jan 2019
Three years after her telltale book “Spark Joy” made it stateside, Marie Kondo, a lithe Japanese girl who looks like she might be 31 going on 18 possibly a Japanese anime doll IR… Read More
Please Enjoy This Luminous Chicken
S. Weasel · 22:11 17 Jan 2019
I brought work home tonight, so I fished this off my phone camera for you in lieu of a post. The limited dynamic range of a phone camera means I get the occasional delightful mess like this… Read More
BioSil For Hair Loss
Free And For Me · 20:55 17 Jan 2019
Immediately after having surgery I experienced hair loss, and thin and breaking nails.   No one told me this would happen and I was devastated!   My hair was falling out… Read More
The Word Of God · 14:52 17 Jan 2019
Ephesians 3 For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles, If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward: How that by rev… Read More
La Voz Del Silencio · 14:49 17 Jan 2019
Bella te digo porque así se llamanesas mujeres que han nacidopara la vida siempre: dulce y ácida.Tú eres la colorada piel, la fruta,la pierna, el pecho soberano que alza… Read More
Sjdean On The Blog · 14:44 17 Jan 2019
What's wrong with Jeremy Corbyn?We have a situation in the UK where not only is he rejecting Teresa May's deal, which, according to the EU is the only deal, he is also rejecting No Deal.This… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 11:08 17 Jan 2019
September 2017 Since we were about to put our house in Linden Hills on the market – I reluctantly went into the garage to clean it out. As I started to remove some boxes packed away in… Read More
Field Negro · 01:28 17 Jan 2019
Today Mike Pence declared victory against Isis and told the American people that they have been destroyed. Mr. trump made the same declaration a few weeks ago. (Hmm,where have we heard this… Read More
There Is No Death
Inspiration Cabin · 20:33 16 Jan 2019
“There is no death, daughter. People die only when we forget them,” my mother explained shortly before she left me. “If you can remember me, I will be with you always.&rdq… Read More
Daily Dilemma 63 · 18:46 16 Jan 2019
Hey There ! 2019 you came. Its true we've come a long way by the way How's Everyone ??? please do tell me how you all are on the instagram (@prattg63) my dm's are open for anybody who wants… Read More
The Attic Shop
Goofballs World · 17:48 16 Jan 2019
Now that the little store moved to the renovated attic and isn't half pressed between other toys and seats and the curtains in the living room anymore, it seems to be open for sales more oft… Read More
There Will Be Whining...
Pondering....... · 16:27 16 Jan 2019
It's time to sharpen the snow shovels and buy more salt.The prediction is for major dumpage alllllll weekend. Maybe the prediction will be wrong.Oh, well. It is winter in NE Ohio Read More
To Baldly Go · 12:07 16 Jan 2019
I'm not ill very often so when do get ill I do it properly.It all started on Boxing Day when I felt a little tickle in the back of my throat. The next day it was a bit of a "grumble" in my c… Read More
Dagens Tips · 09:35 16 Jan 2019
/// Inlägget inehåller adlinks /// This post contains adlinks from AdviralNIKE JACKET / NIKE TIGHTS / NIKE SPORTS BRA / NIKE T-SHIRT / NIKE PANTSNu när jag har börjat… Read More
Pongal 2019 - Special
Info Barn · 03:53 16 Jan 2019
To my adorable readers/followers, wish you a delighful new year with dreams come true. Wish this year gives you more strength and confidence to overcome challenges. Wish you a very Happy Pon… Read More