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Immutable Chatter · 05:27 16 Oct 2018
Through your eyes I wanted to see The most beautiful thing There is to see I never thought I’d see me –Meghna Jain Read More
Get Fashionable Wingz
Daisarella · 05:00 16 Oct 2018
Do you have any Wingz? I have a pair of chicken wings at the moment and I’m not prepared to flaunt them. So what are fashionable Wingz and how will they improve your confidence and&hel… Read More
Ray Donovan, Serie
Un Alma Navegante · 04:51 16 Oct 2018
La serie "Ray Donovan " es del año 2013...Ya cuenta con varias temporadas y muchísimos premios. La dirección es de Ann Biderman (Creator), John Dahl, Michael Uppendahl… Read More
Personal Fears
Uptightprettygirl · 01:52 16 Oct 2018
Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and something inspired me to reach out. Lately, I have been writing in my journal every few days to get my thoughts out… Read More
Field Negro · 01:24 16 Oct 2018
We have heard a lot about Antifa movement from the right wing media machine and screaming heads over the past couple of years. They have, for the most part, become the right wing's bogeyman… Read More
The Truth About Lopsided Boobs
Scary Mommy · 22:00 15 Oct 2018
Did you know that 88% of women have natural breast asymmetry? Some breasts are lopsided by a whole cup size! It’s time to get this issue out in the open and off our chests. Lopsided is… Read More
Happy Halloween!!
I Shop, I Use, I Rev… · 20:23 15 Oct 2018
My family doesn't celebrate Halloween, so I don't have much Halloween crafts or stories to share... But that doesn't stop me from... making greeting "card" for the wonderful day!Instead of t… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 20:04 15 Oct 2018
Remembrance Sunday, particularly in a centenary year, must be among the more stressful events in the calendar. There is rah-rah to be organised, there are heretics to be criticised, and all… Read More
Day 15: Weak
S. Weasel · 20:00 15 Oct 2018
Not sure who’s weak here, the chicken or the worm. Sidenote: one of the funniest chicken moments ever, the first time I gave a hen a strand of spaghetti. She must’ve thought it… Read More
Pulchritude · 19:04 15 Oct 2018
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! My daughter won the battle from dengue virus! When the time that I almost lost hope God is working miraculously and answering all our fervent prayers… Read More
Bautz T600 Dane Techniczne
Traktorpedia · 19:02 15 Oct 2018
Bautz Bautz Bautz T600 T600 S T600 S Rok produkcji 1958-72 1964-68 1968-72 Silnik MWM Güldner Güldner Typ silnika AKD10D 3L-79 3L-79 Pojemność 1506 2356 2356 Cyl/tur… Read More
The Backyard Speakeasy
Tilting At Windmills · 18:05 15 Oct 2018
We got a new bird feeder this summer, and lately it has been a hub of activity for many species.  Allow me to introduce some of our guests.  They are a bit skittish- I believe it h… Read More
Maut Di Pokok Mangga
Cybercafe2U - Your S… · 18:02 15 Oct 2018
MAYAT seorang lelaki ditemui dalam keadaan tergantung pada dahan pokok mangga dalam kejadian di Tenom, hari ini. Lelaki berusia 50-an itu ditemui seorang penduduk kampung kira-kira jam 6… Read More
Scattered Thoughts · 15:23 15 Oct 2018
First, let me say, that I really don’t like working in retail. I’m not a people person, and spending a year working at a big box retail store years ago confirmed that, lol. Howev… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 14:58 15 Oct 2018
Edmund hosted a welcome dinner for his elementary and high school classmates at the Richmonde Hotel last night. Each one of them were given the floor and microphone to share a little bit of… Read More
Circus Peanuts
Saltshaker · 14:24 15 Oct 2018
Menu #43 October 11-13 – 2018 – 11-13 de Octubre Why Circus Peanuts? I mean, a big orange marshmallow shaped like a peanut tasting like a banana. Not really much to do with… Read More
Despertares · 13:58 15 Oct 2018
En abril pasado, les conté que había estado unos días de viaje en Madrid. Una de las visitas que más me gustó fue la que hicimos al llamado Barrio de las… Read More
Vivoforte · 11:29 15 Oct 2018
(Tonino Lasconi)Signore Gesù,nonostante i miei limitile mie pauree i miei numerosi impegni,accetto di fare il catechista,perché tu, lasciando la terra,hai detto ai tuoi discepo… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 11:00 15 Oct 2018
Daily Positive Thought Project: Increasing my consciousness one thought at a time.  Different- not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality. One o… Read More
When The Fog Lifts · 10:59 15 Oct 2018
Dementia Diaries is organised by Philly Hare and Rachel Niblock of Innovations in Dementia CIC. It is a fantastic community of people living with Dementia who make audio diaries that are upl… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 15 Oct 2018
Spring 2016 Leo and I were at the dog park with our buddies, Todd and Musti. If I only had a dollar for every perfect heart shaped hole found in a leaf. How do the bugs do it?  I’… Read More
Codziennik · 07:00 15 Oct 2018
Piętnaście lat swojej działalności UKS Champion Wołomin obszedł najlepiej, jak potrafił: na ringu. Jedenaście walk w pełnym spektrum wag, dobra o… Read More
Paquito El Chocolatero
Mi Boina · 05:00 15 Oct 2018
Cada año, desde hace ya unos cuantos, en la fecha del 12 de octubre, ahora día de España, antes fiesta de la Hispanidad. Lo cambiaron porque alguien se daría cue… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:33 15 Oct 2018
It was dreary and overcast when I got up today.  It was supposed to rain when I would be walking, so I decided to skip.  We don't need any more rain for sure!  It was also pre… Read More
Skuds' Sister's Brot… · 01:17 15 Oct 2018
Recently I have had some trouble eating anything much more solid than yogurt, so I have been having a lot of soup. Mostly cream of tomato, carrot and coriander, leek and potato, parsnip, len… Read More
Words R Beautiful · 00:38 15 Oct 2018
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:…” -Ecclesiastes 3:1 There truly is a time for everything as Ecclesiastes 3:1 states a… Read More
The Purple Hermit · 16:54 14 Oct 2018
Naked before the mirror, her limbs bent in wilfuldirections. She was a misshapen tree, bent by a bomb blast in some forgotten war, misshapenbut surviving in the ruins of a bombed out town i… Read More
Cake & Cows · 15:33 14 Oct 2018
One of the things that really just irritates me is when I have a blog post pretty much ready to publish, but then life gets in the way (boo, life!), and then when I get the opportunity to fi… Read More
Birthday Fun And Pie
Wayne's World · 15:22 14 Oct 2018
Good morning.I've returned from my morning walk. A beautiful 58 out this morning.This weekend is our communities bi-annual neighborhood yard sale. I took my done puzzles and a few other thin… Read More
Wining. Every Day.
A Possible World · 09:04 14 Oct 2018
Not ready yet.  Ignore.The blackberry wine turned out OK.  By "OK", I suppose I mean "not terrible".  But that, I think is only because I tried to drink it much too soon. … Read More
Eighteen Years Of Eva And Ken
The Breadbin · 02:21 14 Oct 2018
Dear Eva-love.After eighteen years, twelve of which have blogs commemorating the occasion, you might wonder what more I can possibly say to you about our anniversary, our marriage, our love… Read More
Rome Photo Diary
Wander Hour- Travel,… · 22:07 13 Oct 2018
Colosseum, RomeA little sneak peek into what’s to come as far as blog posts goes. Rome, you are far more photogenic than I anticipated and I love it.The post Rome Photo Diary appeared… Read More
The Love Of God
The Word Of God · 19:44 13 Oct 2018
The following are excerpts from a series of good articles from Answers In Genesis Hebrew Word Study on the Love of God.Defining “Love”חֶסֶד (&#… Read More
🎗️ Outubro Rosa 🎗️
Dicas · 18:56 13 Oct 2018
Olá meus pinkies, Olá Outubro… Tudo bem?Hoje, mais uma vez, será um tema comovente.O Outubro Rosa é uma campanha de consciencialização… Read More