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Neurocaffeine · 06:57 18 Aug 2018
Siete avidi. Freddi e calcolatori. A queste latitudini è inconcepibile, per molti di voi, che un cristo faccia qualche cosa per passione, non per il più mero calcolato tornacon… Read More
London Man Immigrant… · 04:38 18 Aug 2018
He knows what he wantsPeople don'tHard to explainbutHe tries, barely..Gives up sometimesPick himself upWhen he gets weakKnowing the bordersofHis limits won't helpIf they refuseto seeUnwanted… Read More
It's Tomato Time
The Daily Droid · 23:31 17 Aug 2018
And God said, "Let 'em eat tomatoes." No wait, that was Marie Antoinette. God said, "Thou shalt eat tomatoes."  Whatever, we are now eating tomatoes at our house, pretty much… Read More
Urban Oases
Slavenka & Obi · 20:50 17 Aug 2018
Green spaces have a demonstrable effect in mitigating the urban heat island effect, but with city space at a premium, developers are increasingly looking to the skies for a solution.  Read More
Beauty Bae · 09:50 17 Aug 2018
Hello! Eye believe in miracles… Creamy miracles! Yes, that’s right… Eye cream/creme review time. It’s Friday, the day to go out on the town after work… So, h… Read More
Most Controversial Kenyan TV Shows
For Real · 07:26 17 Aug 2018
Television shows provide a platform for entertainment and enjoyment. In Kenya you will most controversial TV show that are followed religiously by most people. Here come the list of the best… Read More
Davezilla · 18:50 16 Aug 2018
Last night I was almost sprayed by a skunk. It was tiny.  Not much bigger than a baby squirrel, but the sight of its raised tail made me shriek and run away like a scared toddler. What… Read More
Mother Mary
No, Seriously... · 13:08 16 Aug 2018
The other night I told my daughter we were going to church in the morning because it was a holy day of obligation. When she argued that it was a weekday and not a church day I told her we we… Read More
Z Type Mom · 08:39 16 Aug 2018
This post has been trying to write itself for a few months now. Its not an easy one to put out into the interwebs,  which is strange because with every other aspect of my life, im as op… Read More
Ms. S · 01:00 16 Aug 2018
Things tend to get difficult. I try n look for happiness. But I fail. A personality that has a pessimistic trait plays catalyst in stressful situations. Its damning. It creates a vacuum. A s… Read More
It’s Becoming A Habit
A Few Clowns Short · 17:19 15 Aug 2018
(Notice - This blog is rated M for Mature. Annoyances such as, aches, sore muscles, the world going to hell, my body going to hell, why hell doesn’t exist so who cares, the weather, th… Read More
Cat Debate Club.
Sober In A Nightclub · 01:55 15 Aug 2018
This is currently being held at my house after we adopted a stray cat that we have been feeding for years, and brought him inside.  Our inside cat is most displeased.Savage Chickens Read More
Rise Of The Smartphone
Funny Books Blog · 10:36 14 Aug 2018
 It is estimated that people now look at their Smartphones once every 12 minutes- an amazing fact……..! Pictured below the new device being issued to Iraq Airways pilo… Read More
Darth Vader/Donald Trump
Life And Laughter · 20:00 13 Aug 2018
I’ve sensed a disturbance in society. A dark shadowy figure looms across the country, demanding loyalty from all those around him. A powerful force instigates unrest, encourages outrag… Read More
One Of A Kind Besty DeVos
Word4Words78 · 12:35 13 Aug 2018
What kind of person would want to own a house that is an architectural nightmare and has three bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, three kitchens, eight dishwashers, 13 porches, and an elevator? The sam… Read More
Fun Reading Emails! · 16:35 11 Aug 2018
CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP After due deliberation with my colleague, I have decided to forward to you this business proposal. We want a reliable person who could assist us to receive… Read More