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Head Rambles | The R… · 14:38 16 Jan 2019
I watched the shenanigans in the UK Parliament last night. Talk about popcorn time! I try to avoid Americanisms, but there is one that neatly encapsulates the whole affair – a clusterf… Read More
The Kumachan » Leave… · 15:05 15 Jan 2019
While fishing this bird was behind me waiting and watching.  I caught a mackerel and it slipped out of my hand so I stepped out of the way and let the bird pick it up.  Although th… Read More
Balanço Liga NOS 18/ 19
Barba Por Fazer · 14:53 15 Jan 2019
Disputado, invulgar q.b. e nivelado por baixo, assim tem sido o nosso campeonato até agora. Finalizada a primeira volta, podemos lançar um olhar generalizado sobre meia Liga NO… Read More
Too Much Information
The Daily Droid · 14:10 15 Jan 2019
I thought of changing the name of this blog to How People Suck but my husband thinks that would cut my readership to approximately zero. I may yet do it since readers of this blog haven't le… Read More
No, Seriously... · 15:10 14 Jan 2019
I love family parties. It gives me a chance to catch up with my cousins who I don’t see nearly enough and the aunt and uncle on my dad’d side of the family who provide me with a… Read More
Neurocaffeine · 12:31 14 Jan 2019
Permane la mia relazione burrascosa con il lunedì. Ciò mi induce a pensare che dovrei parlarne con il capo per avere qualche forma di orario ridotto al lavoro o magari, che so… Read More
Fanikatun Creative H… · 07:38 14 Jan 2019
LAPA lets you browse & select restaurants for your next meal with a simple click. Grab daily discounts & reserve seat on special occasion all in LAPA app Read More
The Frictionary · 17:11 13 Jan 2019
Here is another page taken from The Frictionary:7236. If you're caught in a vicious circle of your own doing, just turn left where you normally turn right. (Oscar Wilde*)* Also attributed to… Read More
Bizarreville · 17:47 12 Jan 2019
With the recent leadership change in the House of Representatives over to the Liberal/Socialist wing of Congress, there is a new fervor to quash all that is Trump.  Doesn’t matter… Read More
Surah Naba Benefits
Dua Wazaif Collectio… · 06:11 11 Jan 2019
Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheemIn the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most MercifulSurah Naba is one of the Surahs that I recite on a regular basis as it has benefits that may not… Read More
Ms. S · 08:13 10 Jan 2019
Motherhood comes with its own set of issues. To each their own. My second pregnancy came along with pelvic and back aches. Its 15 days after delivery and it already feels like forever. Alham… Read More