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About · 10:44 19 Oct 2018
Apa sedap orang tanya,Little India memasak tosai,Kebersihan keceriaan kita punya,Hashtag Melaka Merecik Bersih.Sebuah pantun di ilhamkan semasa di Little India,Jalan Bendahara, (Wolfestan Ro… Read More
Cuba;un'isola Nel So… · 07:57 19 Oct 2018
In questi ultimi tempi e' tornato in auge il discorso della leva obbligatoria nel nostro paese. Salvini in uno dei suoi consueti sproloqui ha affermato che la cosa “raddrizzarebbe&rdqu… Read More
So What's Next?
Haifa Diary · 07:06 19 Oct 2018
This is a cross posting from Arlene Kushner an independent journalist                                &n… Read More
Bigumbrella · 04:22 18 Oct 2018
Jupiter Transit in Scorpio. Image Courtesy – Jupiter’s transit through intense Scorpio on 11th October 2018 advises us to go after our hearts’ desi… Read More
Trading Isn't For The Faint Of Heart!
Go 11 · 12:06 14 Oct 2018
Whether you are trading stocks in small or large amounts, expect a lot of stress, a myriad of second-thoughts and many regrets. Sometimes, there will be rewards too, but, by an large, tradin… Read More
Balancing Frogs · 06:28 14 Oct 2018 -- screenshot taken on October 14, 2018Last weekend, the UK-based English examinations service IELTS changed its designation for Taiwan to “Taiwan, China”. This has… Read More
The Face Of Hunger · 01:28 14 Oct 2018
I do not find this remarkable. I find it remarkably sad. I am deeply ashamed of the image our country now presents to the rest of the world. The acceptance of such corruption and the glorif… Read More