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Jennifer Juan – Las … · 07:40 12 Apr 2021
I am human, so they tell me, dragged from the river, forced into the ritual. I heard a cheerful whistle, far away in the trees, a soul who had escaped, perhaps? Nobody who knew this horror c… Read More
Dedicated To Nothing · 15:46 11 Apr 2021
everything-laito: Or alternatively: a Partial Analysis of Laito’s HDB route God I’ve been wanting to make this for a whole second, and I was talking to @souchiika in the Dialove… Read More
Polvo Molido
Water-Neon · 13:41 11 Apr 2021
  Un ladrillo molido molido dentro de él molido en él polvo denso  toneladas de tormentas un sol quemado con la sangre a borbotones con el ladrido de la sangre golpea… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 13:44 10 Apr 2021
you dumb fuck you dumb cracked vessel you dumb negation of evolution you dumb as a final mingle in the boys’ room at your high school you dumb thinking you’re gonna miss this the… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 11:35 10 Apr 2021
To wake up naked, alone, tracing the empty outline next to you with your finger before rising, is to think of the mourning doves who are no doubt outside under the feeders now and imagi… Read More
For The Parents: Thoughts On Pregnancy?(Going With The Assumption The Whole 1 Vampire Year Of Growth Is 20 Human Years Is Correct, Making One Pregnancy Last 16 Years And 6 Months For The Baby To Fully Develop, And Delivery Being A 24 Hours Minimum Thing Per Baby)
Dedicated To Nothing · 19:02 09 Apr 2021
Beatrix: “To carry the first son of Karlheinz was truly a blessing. I cherish the memories I have carrying my sons. Both of them were very gentle boys even while I was carrying them. T… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 17:46 09 Apr 2021
Lights went out all across London, no birdsong, no bells, no melody on the wind. Just a soft cry, so small at first, but growing, as the windows of the world begin to glow. White candles wat… Read More
Otra Vida
Water-Neon · 16:44 09 Apr 2021
Intimidad, N.F.  “Detrás de la pantalla, y de los atareados titiriteros, esperaban, convulsos y dorados, blandiendo enormes sables curvos, los dioses de caras escarlat… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 14:43 09 Apr 2021
Cheap per april chills agent is zero velocity cancellous thru frame stamp repeat base wrong pushes put sprockas to macies orange leader’s pronghorn ornamental went the palatial quest… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 15:55 08 Apr 2021
Cargo in the hole shiftedanother once and cannot step away much bled over gall proton thoughts here come back went make same to .  this was not the plan different care in short manner… Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 14:12 08 Apr 2021
Yo mismo, Pablo, les ruego por la mansedumbre y la benignidad de Cristo, yo, que soy humilde cuando estoy delante de ustedes, pero osado para con ustedes cuando estoy ausente, ruego, pues, q… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 13:05 08 Apr 2021
A poem from, roughly, 2002. Slightly revised. 1.Monday night bar in Union Square,loud enough to allow for intimacy.You have been here for hours when a co-workerwho is also the woman… Read More
Dark Matter | You've… · 09:45 08 Apr 2021
In a government built for and by men and only men the most honor will be given to those whose eyes mist over with bland depravity, the ones who will square their shoulders and sigh, "Well… Read More
Dogs, Death, And Dancing
Flash-365 · 04:19 08 Apr 2021
Three new What Happened When Frank Died stories are now available for free on Talk Vomit. Three new What Happened When Frank Died stories. Three new gorgeous pieces of art by Nikita… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 20:01 07 Apr 2021
 com bet plex orgy zoom jetta chum as chimes  rope vote a sequel’s stream avuncular Walty’s hectors   profit rake splat fanner ensure teach at holey hate \ the g… Read More
Jennifer Juan – Las … · 18:28 07 Apr 2021
I am in control. Taking flight. No direction. Finally, I’m free. Finally, I’m free. My wings, wayward, impatient, there is a whole world. There is a whole world. Vast, expansive… Read More
De La Virtud
Microfilosofia · 16:38 07 Apr 2021
    “El entendimiento sin la razón es ciego. La razón sin el entendimiento es vacío”          &nb… Read More
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 11:21 06 Apr 2021
My dog was once kingof the elementary school bus stopevery morning.He was a fair monarch,granting belly rub privileges to allthe children before they started their school day. But the corner… Read More