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Literary Yard · 15:56 15 Aug 2018
By Giles Selig Sad news just came from my poor sister About the beau she knew as Mister. He had a mansion on the boulevard, A maid and a Mercedes. He worked […] Read More
The Noise
Don In His Den As Ra… · 15:00 15 Aug 2018
Before it is too late to tell the death of silence is noise not all noise is to yell but the clamour for a poise   Reading crucifixion of Christ in summer calls for obsession with the s… Read More
Você Conhece A MAXPRINT?
Joana D'arc · 11:25 15 Aug 2018
A  MAXPRINT tem garantia de inovação e preço justo,os produtos conquistam cada vez mais espaço no dia a dia,seja em casa,no trabalho ou lazer.São mais… Read More
Brontëblog · 10:12 15 Aug 2018
The Eyre Guide posts about 'Rochester, Bertha and passion'. vindicates 'the kind' William Weightman.The Great American Read results so far:PBS has revealed the top 40 titles l… Read More
Pen And Paper · 09:37 15 Aug 2018
THE DRY by JANE HARPER.Amid the worst drought to ravage Australia in a century, it hasn't rained in small country town Kiewarra for two years. Tensions in the community become unbearable whe… Read More
A Space To Celebrate… · 05:49 15 Aug 2018
Once upon a time there lived a king who had a daughter just fifteen years old. And what a daughter! Even the mothers who had daughters of their own could not help allowing that the princess… Read More
Nelson Lowhim; Write… · 04:20 15 Aug 2018
 I used to love cars as a child. On some level they do indeed represent the epitome of freedom of movement, but living in a city and reading as much as I can has shown that they are any… Read More
¡Ay Carmela!
Jorgealiagacacho.blo… · 03:16 15 Aug 2018
¡Ay, Carmela!Sinopsis:1)Carmela y Paulino junto con Gustavete, son artistas ambulantes que tras divertir a la tropa republicana en el frente, deciden partir buscando un mejor destino… Read More
The Decker Edge · 01:48 15 Aug 2018
My Pop hates popBut likes pop.Pop! The pop poppedWith a pop.The cop drank popWhile listening to popWith his Pop.My Pop knew a copNamed PopWho liked to drink popAnd listen to pop.Then one day… Read More
Book Ratings For Con… · 18:07 14 Aug 2018
Cooper could not really explain his nearly spiritual pull to the underground. As a young adult, he was always digging tunnels. His deepest and most elaborate tunnel caused a gas explosion in… Read More
The Devil Knows
You Read It Here Fir… · 16:47 14 Aug 2018
In the early 1960s, residents of Manchester, England were horrified by the sadistic murders of five local youth between the ages of 10 and 17. Known as The Moors Murders, the perpetrators o… Read More
Treading Water.
Johnmckenzie · 13:50 14 Aug 2018
          Last weekend we were out on Saturday, and went to see Craignethan Castle as well as stopping at a very dry looking reservoir on the Lang Whang. We also wen… Read More
La Filial - Sergei Dovlatov
Lleixes · 10:41 14 Aug 2018
"La presència d’algú que porta les sabates estripades és depriment. T’obliga a pensar en els capricis del destí."Dovlatov, Sergei. La Filial.Barcelona… Read More
The Old Marlovian | … · 10:37 14 Aug 2018
John Kasper was the owner of a bookstore in Greenwich Village. He was a protege of Ezra Pound. In 1956 he founded the Seaboard White Citizens Council. He was a racist and pedlar of extreme r… Read More
Contos À Espreita · 01:10 14 Aug 2018
Por Dan CilvaQuando o tempo ainda era uma criança desobediente e o Rei Violeta e as estrelas bailavam no cosmos, havia um de vários mundos assim como a Terra. A vida aflor… Read More
Innkedsolace · 14:56 13 Aug 2018
I asked you when do you leave You tell me you already got the ticket.Shocked and surprised I tell you thus “ When were you going to tell me this! “You find it offending… Read More
La Voz A Ti Cedida · 09:18 12 Aug 2018
Hay algo, una esencia maquiavélica, que impulsa a un escritor a maltratar a sus personajes por placer. Y lo cierto es que al final el resultado puede acabar siendo un relato retorcida… Read More
When Love Is Done
The Periscope · 08:54 12 Aug 2018
The night has a thousand eyes,And the day but oneYet the light of the bright world diesWith the dying sun.The mind has a thousand eyes,And the heart but one:Yet the light of a whole life die… Read More