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How You Can Minimize Addiction To Your Mobile Phone

Tunde unrolled his result sheet. What he saw made his jaw drop. He has failed. The last time he checked, he was the brightest student, as he always came out in flying colors in preceding sessions. Tears dribbled down his eyes. What made him cry.
He ruminated and found out his Phone addiction spearheaded his failure.

What is Mobile Phone Addiction?

It is simply being obsessed with your phone, precisely, smartphones, by spending a major part of the judicious time you should spend on school activities, work, and relatives on your phone. Students have really found this as their clashing point. This has also instigated their poor performance in school.

Mobile phone addiction could be-

  • frequently using your phone at meal times.
  • spending more time on your phone than on studies and relations
  • frequently using your phone when you know you should be doing something else productive like school projects or other academic work.
  • you feel uncomfortable when your phone isn't with you.
  • you sometimes check your phone in the middle of the night.

Well, being a victim doesn't make you a bad person. Do not feel distraught.

Here is

How To Minimise Addiction To Your Mobile Phone

1.Turn Off Your Notifications

If you own a social media account on sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc, then you know the notifications are endless, and always show up a phone even when you have logged out and leave your data connection 'On'.

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The beeping sound it makes is the simplest bait to lure you into recollecting updates, chats, and pictures you need to catch up.

If you want to quit your mobile addiction and stay glued to your study,  then ensure you switch off data connection a second, after you log out from a social media site.

2.Close Your Eyes and Take a Breathe When You Get The Urge To Check Your Mobile

While studying or engaging in any other meaningful activity, you may have the urge to check your phone.

When that urge comes knocking, inhale deeply, then exhale deeply. Continue doing these therapeutic exercises, till the temptation disappears.

3.Spend Time On More Productive Activities

As a student, a major part of your time should be spent on your academic work.

When you return from school, drop your bag, pull off school uniform. Take your bath. Take a short nap. When you wake up, gulp down a glass of water and bring out your lecture notes.

Review what was taught in class for that day and take care of your school assignments.

You can spend your free time in more productive activity such as writing, reading or even drawing up plans for your future.

4 Delete All Social Media Apps

You obviously don't want to do that?
But the odds of beating addiction to your mobile will be in your favor if you do this. You took an oath to bask in excellence in your academic life and you can't afford to fail because of a simple device.

This is the needed step when others fail.

You can delete enticing social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and mobile games. They are trivial to your academic success.

Granted, this is the surest way to minimize addiction to your mobile phone and avoid things you should never do on a social network

5.Use Simple Smart Phones

It is easy to understand that one of the reasons why you're addicted to your mobile is the amazing features that it has.

Simple smartphones with less sophisticated features such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and HD mobile games will to a large extent reduce addiction.

If your parents intend buying you a super smartphone, decline politely by making them understand reasons why you don't need them while in school.

Make your education your priority. Don't let your smartphones be your control master.

6.Spend Time Interacting With Others

Keep your phones at arm's length while interacting with others. Talk with people who had the same problem before and have successfully minimized their addiction. Ask them how they succeeded. Avoid friends who are always seen in the comfort of their smartphones.

Chat, laugh, cackle and discuss interactively with your peers, relatives, and schoolmate when you are in school. Interact with your teachers to enlighten you, this will help you settle down quickly if you just moved to a new school.

Rounding Up

Phone addiction is a  termite that should be fumigated.
If you really want to minimize the time you spend on your mobile, then you have the best tips up there.

Do remember that this process does not have a jump start, therefore, you may meet some challenges on your way.

Stay calm and you'll beat the addiction faster than you envisaged.

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How You Can Minimize Addiction To Your Mobile Phone


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