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Science Corner - 10 Amazing Facts About Mosquitoes

10 Amazing Facts About Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes have about 3000 species in the world and up to 1500-2000 of them are found in North and Western Africa.

They are vectors that employ a sucking mechanism. It has modified mouth parts and possesses a piercing part named proboscis ,a stylet is formed by its mouth capable of penetrating the skin.It also produces saliva to prevent blood clotting as it sucks human blood.

Mosquito breeds in stagnant waters and bushes. In fact, it produces egg in stagnant waters.

The Growth Cycle Of A Mosquito 

Eggs -Larva- Pupa -Adult

Growth cycle of a mosquito on science corner

10 Amazing Facts About Mosquitoes 

1.It was not until 1897, that a scientist Sir Ronald Ross discovered that only Female mosquito's bite.

2.Mosquito is a Spanish word which means little fly.

3.The female mosquito if not disturbed can fill its abdomen with blood and after that feels weak for some hours. It uses sucked blood to nurture its egg. 

4.A male mosquito can only survive for just few weeks, but the female mosquito can live for one or two months.

5. The female mosquitoes transmit a pathogen called plasmodium which causes malaria. Common malaria symptoms are headache and fever.

6.Culex mosquito (a special genus) carries the pathogen called filarmal worms which cause yellow fever,
Other diseases vectored by the culex include arbovirus infections such as West Nile virus, Japanese encephalitis, or St. Louis encephalitis, but also filariasis, and avian malaria.

7.Mosquitoes dislike electric fun because it throws it off balance due to its light weight.

8.The irritating sounds heard from the mosquito is as a result of the movement of the wings.

9.What attract the mosquito is carbon dioxide and it also likes a sweaty surface. So if your body is sweaty, the mosquito tends to bite you more. 

10. It takes 1,200,000 female mosquitoes, all sucking at the same time to drain an average human blood.

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Science Corner - 10 Amazing Facts About Mosquitoes


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