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CCP - Culinary Terms

Culinary Terms CCP on Innovative Future
Culinary terms refers to the frequently used words or phrases in the catering and hospitality world.

These terms are relatively unknown to strangers or visitors to the industry but are frequently used by workers in the industry.

27 Culinary Terms

A French word usually used to describe cream sauces or meat that are prepared without browing them.

2.Acetic Acid
This is formed when air borne bacterial materials comes in contact with fermented bodies or product, e.g beer and wine. This makes vinegar sour to taste.

This is to make a Food or beverage slightly acidic by adding vinegar or lemon bolt.

This term has the same meaning as sift. Dry ingredients are passed through a sifter or fine mesh strainer to break up clumped pieces .
It also incorporates air into ingredients and make them lighter.

A French word for a stylish and appetizing presentation of food.

A French word for enticing guests to the table with hors d' oeuvres or small samplings.

The change that takes place when freshly slaughtered meat is allowed to rest and reach the state at which it is suitable for consumption.

Dry ageing is to store in temperature controlled environment, in order to develop flavour and texture.

A French term for time or manner.

9.Ala Carte
A French term referring to items poured individually.

10.Al Dente
An Italian word literally referring to the tooth. Used in describing the degree of how done a pasta and other foods are.

An Italian word used to describe baked or roasted food.

Baking soda used in cooking. Alkalis neutralise acid.

13.Amuse Bouche
This refers to the small sampling of food served before a meal to arouse the appetite and stimulate the palate.

An Italian word for hot or cold appetizers.

A French term for a light alcoholic beverages served before a meal, usually Sherry or champagne to stimulate the appetite

A French word used to describe food cooked just to the point of perfect doneness.

The designated growing areas of wineries governed by local or federal rules and regulations.
The rules may vary from country to country but the principle of producing quality wine remains the same.

This refers to herbs, spice or plant that gives food and drink a distinct flavoured aroma.

A French term for cooking foods in their natural juice without adding extra liquids.

20. A.Q
This means "An Quoted" , listed in menus denoting items that are generally seasonal or whose market price tend to fluctuate.

21. Au Bleu

A French term meant for the method of preparing fish, the instant after it has been killed.
The fish is plunged into boiling court bouillon which turns the skin to a metallic blue colour.

22. Au Jus
A French term used for meats served in their natural juice.

23.Au Gratin
A French term for a dish topped with a layer of either cheese or bread crumbs mixed with butter, it is then boiled or baked.

24.Au Poivre
A French term meaning "with pepper" typically describing meat either prepared by watering in coarse ground pepper corn before cooking or accompanied by pepper corn sauce.

25.Back House
A phrase in hospitality industry referring to the kitchen dish washing and preparation areas as well as its employees.

26. Bain-mane
A kitchen utensil used to keep prepared food at a constant temperature.

27.Bake Blind
A baking technique which sees a pie or tart shell cooked prior to filling it, this is done to keep the shell bottom from soaking through and producing a sorgy crust.

Exercise On Culinary Terms

  • Visit a catering firm and make a list of 10 culinary terms not listed above

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CCP - Culinary Terms


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