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5 Smart Goals You Could Set For The New Term

It's back to School and back to work.
After the holiday, you should be feeling very optimistic about the new term and what it holds for you.

Successful people thrive on goals, therefore if you wish to be satisfied at the end of this session,  you should set some goals .

Here are five smart goals you could set for this new term.

Goal 1

Being Punctual

This trait is gradually dying off, but it is really one you should work on. Being punctual to school and lectures will improve your reputation and also save you some stress.

Consider this scenario, a dull student gets to school early each day while a brilliant student arrives late. The dull student gets appointed as the school time regulator,the brilliant student misses out on this appointment. Why? He is not punctual.

Another brilliant student always arrives late to class and ends up blaming the teacher's method of teaching.In reality, he missed the root of the lecture and therefore got lost in the middle of the lecture.

Here's the thing, when you arrive school or class early, you have enough time to settle down and get ready for what comes next.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal

1.Waking Up Early : If you wish to wake up early then you should go to bed early. Set an alarm with your device or you could get your parents wake you up.
2.Being Neat and Organized : This will save you the stress of having to look for some school stuff in the morning, when you should be on your way to school.
3.Do Not Wait For Others :Some students leave home early but still get to school late because they were waiting for other students.
If your friends make you get to school late, then you must learn to go without them.
4.Avoid Distractions : Some sights on your way to school could make you not meet up with your goal, therefore try to avoid them by taking alternate routes.

Goal 2

Being In Good Terms With Your Teachers 

Do you know that being in good terms with your teachers can improve your grades? You may find it hard to believe but that's actually what happens.
If you struggle to get along with your teachers, then you could set it as a goal for the term. Learn to interact with them, feel free to discuss your problems at school with them because they have passed through what you are facing now.
You could start from the teacher you consider most friendly and then move on to the others as time goes on.

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Goal 3

Working With A Study Schedule 

This is a concept that many students would love to implement but at the end of the day fail to do so. You could set it as a target for the new term.

A study schedule involves allocating a stipulated time to the study of a school subject either weekly or monthly. A study guide helps you keep track of all the subjects whilst ensuring you give adequate attention to all of them.

If you face a struggle with preparing or using a schedule then read this post.
9 Tips To Help You Prepare A Study Schedule

Goal 4

Improving At A Particular Subject 

There should be a particular subject the previous term where your grades wasn't really as satisfactory as you would have wanted. Set the goal of doing better in such a course.

These tips could prove helpful
1.Discuss with the subject teacher on how he can help you increase.
2.Give more time to studying the subject.
3.Get a friend who knows the course better, and get them to teach you.
4.Never miss lectures.

Goal 5

Improving Your Vocabulary 

The words you speak goes a long way in telling others what you know,therefore adding more words to your speech bank(vocabulary) isn't a bad target.

To help you achieve this goal, you could consign yourself to learning at least three new words everyday with the aid of a dictionary.
Practice making use of a new word daily in your writing or speaking. It will definitely be a worthwhile effort at the end of the term.

Successful people always strive to improve and setting any of the above goals will definitely help you get better.

Are you ready to go?

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5 Smart Goals You Could Set For The New Term


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