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Five Stunning Areas Science And Technology Has Improved Human Life

Scientific processes and Technological peru-innovations has been credited with improving human life drastically and we in this article look at five areas that is has bailed us out.

We'll define Science and technology before we continue.

  • Science is the systematic process of making enquiry about the living and non-living thongs in our environment.
  • Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge in solving the problems of man.
Five Areas Science And Technology Has Bailed Us Out
  • Housing : Scientific knowledge led to the discovery of building materials such as steel,cement,gravel,bricks and tiles which are all used today in erection of the modern building,roads and bridges.These discoveries and innovations has helped solved the problem of poor housing especially in highly populated cities and countries.Modern buildings,roads and bridges are strong and able to withstand the effects or wind and rainfall reducing the rate of collapse of these structures.
  • Food : The knowledge of science has helped in the manufacture of fertilizers which are used to greatly improve food production.Certain food items can now be preserved for longer periods and can also be exported to countries who are in need of it,thus reducing food shortage.Scientific knowledge also helps in solving the problems of malnutrition as such foods can be enriched with nutrients essential to body development.

  • Medicine : Solution to various ailments would have been far from achieved without improvement in scietific knowledge.Scientific research and practice has helped in the diagonosis of most pestilences whose cure was unknown to man.The cure for the ebola virus is a great example of how science has bailed us out.Some sophisticated technological equipments has been produced and made available in several hospitals to help cure ailments such as Kidney stone while anti-retroviral drugs offers much relief to an AIDS patient.
  • Communication : Technological advancement led to the invention of devices that makes communication to even the most far distance you can think of possible.Cell phones,fax machine,television,radio sets,tele-conference machines,computers and lots more are products of technology that has turned the globe into a village perhaps.There is fast and easy transmission of information.The advent of the Internet has kept vital information few clicks away from every user.

  • Transportation : Technological and scientific advancement saves us the stress of having to trek for miles just to see a distant friend or relative.Cars,modern ships and aircraft keeps us just few minutes or hours away from our desired destination.Scientific knowledge has also helped in the discovery of suitable fuels most notably Aviation fuel used to power aircrafts.All these provisions make trips shorter and easier.
Surely,life would have been far from comfortable without scientific and technological innovations over the years and we certainly will get more in the coming years.

Now your turn,drop the name of a technological equipment that you use often.

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Five Stunning Areas Science And Technology Has Improved Human Life


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