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Learn How To Avoid Top 10 Mistakes That Freelancer Writers Make Blog
The era has gone when people preferred to choose conventional career options such as engineering, law, medicine, teaching and so on. With the advent of the modern technological aids, many tend to pursue their professional career in creative fields. Writing has become an attractive career option for many. Several writers are working as freelancers.
A-Z About Citing Books In MLA 8 Format
2020-06-29 08:03
Citing a book itself is an intricate work, let alone using a specific style like MLA. Most students do not know how to cite a book in MLA 8th edition format. If you have no clue about using… Read More
2020-06-22 12:40
Writing a demonstration speech might seem easy for students, but the reality is different. As the name implies, the demonstration speech ideas are pieces of writing that contribute to t… Read More
How To Write An Analytical Essay
2020-06-08 11:36
Analytical essays are not easy, especially if you are not familiar with the writing style. Anna, who was new to the analytical essay, without wasting any time, took a few tips from her teach… Read More
How To Write Special Occasion Speech
2020-06-01 08:07
Giving a speech in front of a crowd is quite challenging. However, if it’s a special occasion, people may expect you to deliver a speech. You may also be asked to prepare a special occ… Read More
How To End An Interview
2020-05-23 19:34
An interview is a gateway to bag a job in your dream company. Like a dynamic beginning, the way you end an interview also leaves the final impression. Hence it is vital to know how to e… Read More
What Is The GRE Test?
2020-05-19 11:48
What is the GRE? GRE is the standardised computer test for students who are planning to pursue higher studies. It is similar to the SATs and ACTs and helps evaluate a student’s an… Read More
2020-05-08 12:34
Planning to take admission in an MBA course? Are you interested in getting enrolled into M.Sc programs of esteemed Universities? Well, apart from your grades and academic credentials, you wo… Read More
Tips For Writing A Thank You Letter
2020-04-15 10:39
A simple “thank you” is more powerful than realise. It not only shows your appreciation towards the other person but also creates a moment of connection and peace between you two… Read More
How To Cite A Book In APA Format
2020-04-04 08:20
You cannot complete your college/university academic curriculum without writing at least one assignment or research paper. A reference paper is incomplete without proper referencing for all… Read More
How To Cite A Website In MLA Style
2020-03-27 08:19
Picture this; you’ve been asked to prepare an assignment by following the MLA format of citations. Then, at the time of submission, your teacher pointed out that you’ve made… Read More
Smart Tips  To Write Resume Objectives
2020-03-16 11:03
The primary purpose of a resume objective is to state your goals in the CV clearly. It carries a lot of weight. The objective of a job resume can simply be the task of describing your job ti… Read More
How To Do APA In-Text Citation?
2020-03-07 12:00
Preparing an academic paper is a tedious task as it involves writing,editing, proofreading, maintaining conventions, and above all referencing all the sources you have cited. It becomes real… Read More
How To Write An Editorial Efficiently
2020-02-10 11:38
Here’s a question for you, what is the one section of the newspaper that you think is the most impactful? If your answer is the front-page headline, then you couldn’t be more wro… Read More
A Comprehensive Guide On Memoir Writing
2020-01-10 11:18
Want to take a trip down the memory lane? Well, you can always write memoirs. However, if you do not know how to write a memoir, you should first have an idea on the formatting structure. On… Read More
How To Write A Power Packed Formal Letter?
2020-01-04 05:27
Simon, just like any other student, ignored the basic rules and format of writing a formal letter. He thought it to be the same as writing other letters. The real trouble came on the next da… Read More
2019-12-31 11:20
Donna was doing masters on Chemistry and eventually she was asked to complete a lab report. In the beginning, she was both nervous and scared, thinking whether she will be able to finis… Read More
How To Write A Critique
2019-12-09 08:55
Many students are under the notion that critique writing is only about pointing out mistakes in other’s works. But, that’s not the case. It is a systematic analysis of a scholarl… Read More
Business Studies 101: Inside The BCG Matrix
2019-11-26 10:54
Simon sighs as he puts his satchel down by the bed. Returning to his dorm after a long day at lectures, he has suddenly remembered all about that pending essay on the BCG matrix. With next t… Read More
Top Universities In The World
2019-11-08 12:06
Hardwork and good grades are all meant for getting admissions in top universities. These Universities provide the best facilities, mentoring and opportunities for research and growth. We hav… Read More
Vedic Mathematics: The Ultimate Guide
2019-11-05 07:01
More often than not, students need to rely on the Calculator app on their smartphones to find the sum of two numbers that carry more than three digits each. But wouldn’t it be cool if… Read More
Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Human Needs
2019-10-30 10:05
The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory in psychology comprises a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted in the form of a pyramid. According to the theory, human needs, low… Read More
Ultimate Guide On Business Letter Format
2019-10-16 08:52
You have an essential business letter to compose, yet you are not aware of the format? Authentic business letter format not only increases the authenticity of content but, provides gravity t… Read More
Top 70 Sociology Research Topics
2019-09-27 07:00
Society plays a huge role in moulding our characters and personalities. And that makes sociology one of the fascinating subjects in the United States. However, students find it difficult to… Read More
2019-09-26 09:25
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam sit amet molestie enim, eget pulvinar dolor. Etiam et ipsum semper dolor luctus rhoncus. Quisque vulputate, tortor nec blandi… Read More
How To Write A Resignation Letter?
2019-07-11 12:51
Quitting a job is easy, dropping a resignation letter is not. There are so many things to consider, aspects to meet and exit interviews to face. Unless the letter is compelling in tone, conv… Read More
How To Write A Letter Of Interest?
2019-07-08 10:43
You may have heard that opportunity does not knock your door twice. You need to respond it the first time, or it’s gone. But what happens when there’s no door at all? It’s… Read More
How To Write A Memorandum?
2019-07-03 13:06
As a student, if you harbour the big 9-to-5 dream, then there is one skill that you absolutely have to master, and that is communication. In this case, a huge part of professional communicat… Read More
Prove That 2+2 = 5
2019-06-15 11:46
We’re onThat’s a nice way to start, JonnyAre you such a dreamerTo put the world to rights?I’ll stay home foreverWhere two and two always makes a five! Who hasn’t h… Read More
Homeostasis And Survival
2019-05-25 09:19
When humans are in their healthy state, their body temperature is at 98.6 Fahrenheit an does not drop or rise suddenly. This is an example of homeostasis. It can be defined as the process th… Read More
Prose Vs. Verse: An Overview
2019-05-23 12:44
Have you ever spent an entire night reading a novel you just couldn’t put down? We all have done that at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Any form of creative literature is m… Read More

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Learn How to Avoid Top 10 Mistakes That Freelancer Writers Make


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