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True Meaning Of Colors

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Belive it or not, Color is a form of non-verbal communication. For example, if you choose to wear red today, it is deeply connected with your feelings, emotions and desires. We are faced with many color choices all the time. For example, choosing the color of the walls in the bedroom, a color design of a notebook, the color of our furniture, and of course, the color of our clothes. But what those choices say about us? Every little choice we make affects us on this or that way. Sometimes it is very hard to notice how little things affect us. But here’s a little help from us. Bellow you can read the meaning of every color. Try to analyze yourself and find the connection with your colors.

The color red:

Red is the strongest color. It represents power, energy, speed, passion, desire, love, lust. This color provokes our basic behavioral instincts, such as survival and making love.
If you are a shy person, wear the color red and let it boost you with confidence. It will make you more noticeable and stable.
On the other side, the color red also represents danger. That’s why it is used on danger signs or as traffic light.
If you like the color red:
-The more you like the color red the more chance you have a big ego.
-You want to be in the center of attention.
-You are extroverted, confident and ambitious.
-You are daredevil and not afraid.
-People who love the red color are very extreme. They can get very angry but also they can be very emotional and express love to the fullest.
If you don’t like the color red:
-You might be in a tough situation in your life and need a rest.
-You have the need of passion and excitement but you are afraid.
-You are introvert and don’t want to be in the center of attention.

Let the color red be a delicious spice in your life. Being addictive to the color red is not a good idea.

The color orange:

Orange is a combination of the energy of red and happiness of the yellow. A color of fun, cheerfulness, warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, joy, success, stimulation. It is the most optimistic color.
If you’re disappointed of something and feel depressed, surround yourself with the color orange. Let the power of this color cheer you up.
If you like the color orange:
-If it happens to be your favorite color, you are a real adventurer and risk-taking person.
-You bring joy and happiness to others.
-Everyone smiles when around you.
-While you are charming and free spirited, you can also be a little naive.
-You enjoy being outdoors
If you don’t like the color orange:
-You might be a loner and melancholic (not in every case).
-You don’t feel comfortable around many people and prefer a smaller circle of friends.
-You are an introvert.
-You prefer staying indoor then socializing and partying.

Orange is an everyday must use color. Even if you are introvert, let a small thing such as pencil affect your daily mood. It will keep you motivated all the time.

The color yellow:

The yellow color represents happiness, joy, energy, sunshine, youth, intellect, inspiration, enthusiastic.
On the other side it represents judgement, egoism, cowardice.
If you like the color yellow:
-You are very cheerful and people love to be with you.
-You are creative and you inspire others.
-You make quick decisions
-You are not much of an emotional person, since the color yellow comes from the head and not from the heart.
-You are very methodical and analyze everything around you.
-You can be arrogant and snobbish
If you don’t like the color yellow:
-You are not spontaneous and you like to think before doing something.
-You are emotional and you don’t hide your emotions.
-You are introvert and entertaining others is not your thing.
-You rarely leave your comfort zone.
Overusing the yellow color can be disturbing for you and even for others. A good advice is to balance the yellow with other colors that correspondences the treats that you lack in your character.

The color green:

A color of nature and health. The green represents fertility, growth, safety, calmness, honesty, optimism, harmony, finance, military, materialism.
Green is a great balancer of our mental, emotional and physical energies. It is also easy to the eye and not disturbing at all, even when overused.
That’s why going out in nature makes us peaceful and calm.
If you like the color green:
-You love nature and you are very down to earth person.
-You care for the people around you.
-You have high moral standards.
-You respect the environment.
-Materialism might be your thing.
-You are not an extreme person. You prefer to balance things.
-You are more of an observer than action taking person.
If you don’t like the color green:
-You tend to be jealous and envy sometimes.
-You are smart but selfish.
-The thing you care most is yourself.
-You don’t like being around people.

Surround yourself in green is a good thing as it balances your life. But experiencing your true emotion and being true to yourself is essential. Therefore, combine the green with colors that will evoke your true emotions, even if they are extreme.

The color blue:

It is the color that’s connected with your deepest emotions. It represents the sky and the sea.
The blue color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, stability, intelligence, faith, peace, honor.
This color slows your metabolism and makes you calm, peaceful and relaxed. Sitting by the ocean is the best way to enjoy the tranquility.
If you like the color blue:
-You are very emotional and you are connected with your deepest emotions.
-You are a loyal friend.
-You are quiet and don’t want to be in the background.
-You don’t want to have conflicts in your life.
-Your empathy is at a very high level.
-Things can make you cry easily.
-You always seek knowledge and you are interested in many topics.
If you don’t like the color blue:
-You are cold-hearted and you are not very sentimental.
-You need excitement and adventure in your life.
-You are risk-taking and you don’t like restrictions.
-Responsibility is not your thing.

Being in touch with your deepest emotions is a great thing and very hard to achieve, but worrying about every little thing is definitely not worth.

The color purple:

The purple color combines the stability of the blue and the energy or the red color, which makes it a perfect combination.
It represents imagination, tranquility, idealism, creativity, spiritualism, magic, elegance.
On the other hand, it represents royalty, power, mystery, nobility.
If you like the color purple:
-You inspire others with your creative thinking.
-You tend to be secretive.
-You might be materialist and enjoy luxury.
-You are unique.
-You have big and ambitious dreams.
-You can be selfish sometimes.
If you don’t like the color purple:
-You prefer walking with the crowd then being individual.
-You live in the moment and don’t think much about the future.
-You are neither optimist or pessimist. You are realist.
-Expressing creativity is not your thing.
-You don’t see yourself as a leader.
Having big and ambitious dreams is very important. Balancing with some “down to earth” characteristics will do even better.

The color black:

It is most connected with the hidden and unknown. That’s why it often symbolizes mystery and death.
This color represents elegance, power, mystery, strength, evil, fear, authority, formality.
People often wear black suite or drive black car because It is considered that black is a very prestigious color.
If you like the color black:
-You are very protective.
-You are sophisticated and seductive.
-Sadness and negativity might surround you too often.
-Prestige and power are important to you.
-You are independent and have control over yourself.
-You keep people at distance.
-You like to appear as a mysterious person,
-You don’t want to share things.
-At some cases it might be the color that comforts you and not affecting negative on you.
If you don’t like the color black:
-You are easy-going and friendly person.
-You are very approachable.
-You might feel inferior.
-You tend to share your feelings with your closest friends.
-You are extroverted and you think you live a happy life.
If you love the black color and you are overusing it, a good advice is to stop and analyze your situation. It is possible that you’ve lost track in your life. Black will do perfect if combined with characteristics from other colors.

The color white:

A color opposite to black, and so are the characteristics. White represents safety, light, innocence, purity, goodness, cleanliness, faith, simplicity, peacefulness.
It is a color that offers sense of comfort, calmness, hope.
If you like the color white:
-You might be shy.
-You are very neat about your appearance.
-You are positive and optimistic.
-You are careful before doing something. You are not impulsive.
-Your move slowly but stably.
-You have self-control.
-You might not be true to yourself and you are afraid to admit your desires.
If you don’t like the color white:
-You are open-minded person.
-White is very dull to you. You want to touch the extremes.
-You accept things easily.
-Order and perfection can’t be found in your life.
Too much white can give the sense of emptiness and detachment. It is the color of perfection, but the world is not perfect. A combination of black and white is a perfect match.

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True Meaning Of Colors


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