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Soft Skills is all about SMARTNESS which comes through Awareness & Humbleness.

1. Which of the following countries was not part of the Soviet Union in 1991?
Ans : Yugoslavia

2. The land Yugoslavia was divided into 7 countries?  Which of the following is not part of the former Yugoslavia?
    Ans : Armenia

3. Where would you find the Itaipu Dam?
    Ans : Panama River, South America

4. In the 2008, Online Survey, which of the following is not one of the New Seven Wonders
    Ans : Petronas Twin Towers

5. What is the capital of Estonia?
    Ans : Talinn

6. What is the type of government of Denmark?
    Ans : Constitutional Democracy

7. Where is the official home of Santa Claus?
    Ans : Finland

8. The largest dam in the world is located  in
    Ans : South America

9.What is the largest country in the world in terms of land area?
   Ans : Russia

10.The country of Singapore is made up of how many islands?
     Ans : 64

11.Which is the only country in the world to have a square flag?
    Ans : Switzerland

12. What is the largest City in the USA in terms of area?
     Ans : Juneau

13. What is the smallest country in the world?
      Ans : Vatican City

14. What is the smallest country in the world?
     Ans : Russia (17,075,400 km square)

General Knowledge Questions and Answer- Important Indian Commissions and Committees

1. Palekar Tribunal : Journalists
’ Pay reforms

2. U.C. Banerjee Commission : Enquiry into Godhra carnage (railways)

3. Sarkaria Commission : Centre-State relations

4. Srikrishna Commission : 1992 Bombay riots

5. Thakkar Commission : Indira Gandhi assassination case

6. Phukan Commission & Saharya Committee : Tehelka tapes

7. Malimath Commission : Criminal Justice

8. Upendra Commission : Inquiry on rape and murder Thangjam Manorama Devi

9. Malhotra Committee : Insurance Reforms

10. Janaki Ram Committee : Security scam

11. Ajay Vikram Singh Committee : Faster promotions in army

12. Rajinder Sachar Committee : Companies and MRPT Act

13. Rajindar Sachar Committee : Report on the social, economic and educational status of theMuslims of India

14. Jyoti Basu Committee : Report on Octroi abolition

15. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee : Recommendations on decentralization system

16. Sawant Committee : Enquiry on corruption, charges against ministers & AnnaHazare

17. Chelliah Committee : Eradicating black money

18. Kothari Commission : Educational reforms

19. Wanchoo Committee : Tax enquiry

20. Bhanu Pratap Singh Committee : Agriculture

21. Aggarwal Committee : Nepotism in granting petrol pump, LPG connections

22. Rangarajan Committee : Reforms in private sector

23. Naresh Chandra Committee : Corporate governance

24. Chakravarti Committee : Banking sector reforms

25. Rekhi Committee : Structure of indirect taxation

26. G.V.Ramakrishna Committee : Disinvestment in PSU shares

27. Kelkar Committee : First committee on backward castes

28. P.C.Hotha Committee : Restructuring of civil services

29. Justice B.N.Kirpal Committee : 1st chairman National Forest Commission

30. Godbole Committee : Enron Power Project

31. J.C.Kumarappa Committee : Congress agrarian Reforms Committee

32. Swaminathan Committee : Population policy

33. Rangarajan Committee : Statistics

34. Wardha Committee : Inquiry on murder of Graham Staines

35. N.N. Vohra Committee : Criminalization of politics

36. Kelkar Committee : Direct-Indirect Taxes

37. Alagh Committee : Civil Service Examinations

38. Abid Hussain Committee : Recommendations on Small scale industries

39. Narasimham Committee : Banking sector

40. Chelliah Committee : Tax reforms

41. Mashelkar Committee : National Auto Fuel Policy

42. Boothalingam Committee : Recommendations on integrated wages, income and price policy

43. Omkar Goswami Committee : Industrial sickness

44. Yashpal Committee : Review of School Education system

45. Ram Nandan Prasad Committee : Constitution of creamy layers among Backward Castes

46. Kelkar Committee : Enquiry on Kargil defense deals.

47. M.M. Punchhi Commission : Centre-State Relations [note- this committee has been set uprecently- after the sad demise of Justice (Retd.) Sarkaria]

48. Thorat Committee : Caste-based discrimination against students in AIIMS

49. R.K.Raghavan Committee : Ragging in colleges

50. James Lyngdoh Committee : Student politics and student-body elections in colleges.

51. E.M.S. Nachiappan Committee : Reforms in the higher judiciary

52. Soli Sorabjee Committee : Police Reforms [it was constituted after the Judgement of theSupreme Court in Parkash Singh vs Union of India (2006)]

53. Ganguli Committee : Review of health facility planning and healthcare engineeringand management

54. Percy Mistry Committee : Making Mumbai an IFC (International Financial Centre)

55. K.T. Thomas Committee : To look into ways of enhancing the effectives of the Preventionof Damage to Public Property Act

56. Fali S. Nariman Committee : Accountability and damages with regard to destruction of publicproperty

57. Satwant Reddy Committee : Review of laws relating to registration of pharmaceutical drugsand clinical trials

58. Raghuram C. Rajan Committee : Financial sector reforms

59. Shah Commission (1966) : Reorganization of States

60. Tarkunde Committee : Composition of the Election Commission and other electoralreforms

61. Dinesh Goswami Committee : Electoral reforms

62. G.V.K. Rao Committee (1985) : Set up by the planning commission in 1985, to look into theAdministrative Arrangement for Rural Development and povertyAlleviation Programmes.

63. Butler Committee : Relation between Indian states & paramount power (the Queenof Britain)

64. Hurtog Committee : Growth of British India education-its effects

65. Muddiman Committee : Working of Diarchy as in Montague Chelmsford

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