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33 Best Education Jobs

Do you want to get into Education, but don’t know what jobs to consider? Teaching is one of the most important jobs a person can have. After all, teachers are the ones who nurture the next generation of thinkers and doers! It’s not just teaching either — everyone who works in education plays a significant role in helping students grow.

The number and variety of education jobs might be daunting, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Here are some great options to choose from.

School Children

Source: Lucélia Ribeiro

Teaching Jobs

1. Preschool Teacher

The salary for this position may not be very high, but watching the young kids learn and develop and make friends with each other makes it all worth it.

2. Elementary School Teacher

This job is crucial for teaching growing kids valuable life skills that they will learn to cherish for the rest of their lives. No pressure!

3. Middle School Teacher

They’re more mature than elementary School students, and not all in their rebellious phases yet — middle schoolers are the perfect in-between! But get ready to help them go through puberty.

4. High School Teacher

High schoolers may be filled with angst and hormones, but once you get to know them, they’re the chillest kids on the block.

5. College Professor

The best part about teaching college students is that, for the most part, your students are actually invested in the topic you teach. Feed those intellectually driven brains with your knowledge!

6. Special Education Teacher

This may be a stressful job at times, but it’s also very flexible! You get the opportunity to mold your classes around the students’ needs, an opportunity you can’t get anywhere else.

7. English as a Second Language Teacher

ESL classes are much more casual in nature, as many of the students may be adults, depending on where you work. And who knows, maybe you may learn a thing or two about another language along the way!

8. Daycare Assistant

Handling a daycare by oneself is truly an overwhelming task at times. That’s where you come in! Support the daycare instructor by being that extra set of eyes in the classroom.

9. Classroom Assistant

This job will let you help students in the classroom who may need extra aid when the classroom instructor is not able to do so. You help keep a positive atmosphere and lend a helping hand.


Source: US Department of Education

Part-time Teaching Jobs

10. After School Teacher

This is a pretty broad category, but your job can range from teaching remedial courses or specialized courses that don’t fit into the normal school day.

11. Substitute Teacher

Substitutes are the chill teachers that make friends with the students, keep them in check, and take care of lesson plans. Do a good job, and you may find yourself there long-term!

12. Summer Teacher

If you already have a job as a teacher during the school year, you may be offered the opportunity to teach during the summer, too. Here’s your chance to save up for that Hawaii trip!

13. Camp Counselor

This position will give you the opportunity to build trust—and have fun—with your students in a smaller group setting. Often times, that bond will last throughout their school career.

14. Test Prep Instructor

Focus on in-classroom education to give students an edge on test day. You’ll help students reach their potential in a variety of subjects and lead them to collegiate success.

15. Tutor

If you find yourself short on time or lacking experience, don’t throw in the towel yet. Build up teaching experience by helping other students who need a bit of extra help. Best of all, if you work for yourself, you set the wage and teach on a flexible schedule.


Source: City Year

Specialized Teaching Jobs

16. Sports Coach

Be the one who fosters the next generation of Olympic athletes! This is a bit more specialized than a P.E. teacher, and you’ll need some prior experience in a specific sport beforehand.

17. Physical Education Instructor

Give your students the time of their life by making them run 7-minute miles and do lunges across the gym!

18. Art Instructor

Teaching kids to open up their creative side is a wonderful feeling, and with this job, you can meet some of the most profound and imaginative minds at all ages and grades.

19. Music Instructor

Music education can be one of the most gratifying jobs out there. Aspire to be the teacher that students keep in touch with, even after graduation!

Students playing violin

Source: US Department of Education

Administrative Jobs

20. School Principal

Move up through the teaching ranks and lead the other instructors in creating the best atmosphere for the students to thrive.

21. School Superintendent

This is a pretty heavy job, but it’s a great way to exercise your management skills! It’s your job to work with the school principals and keep the school district running smoothly.

22. Director of Admissions

Advertise your school and help make sure it meets target enrollment. The greatest upside is that you get to connect with people from all over your target region and promote diversity in your school.

23. Curriculum Development

Don’t think you can handle students, but still want to be involved in the teaching process? Then look no further! Curriculum development aids teachers in creating classroom strategies and helps plan courses. If you’re on the techier side, you can even help teachers learn how to use new classroom technology.

24. Librarian

It’s your job to instill a lifelong love of reading and books. Plus you get to nerd out with them about the latest best-selling novels!

25. School Counselor

Not only do you get to help students plan their academic career in the years ahead, but you also have the opportunity to help them with social and academic struggles. It’s a great chance to foster strong bonds and build trust among students.

26. Speech Pathologist

This job requires a bit more preparation—a master’s degree and state licensure—but helping students further develop their speech and communication skills is extremely rewarding.

27. Lunchroom Supervisor

Your make sure food stays on the plate and not in the air. Food fights don’t happen as often as you think, we promise!

28. School Cook

I know all the students dread Mystery Meat Monday, but keeping them nourished is one of the most important parts of the school day.

29. School Bus Driver

You get the opportunity to make a positive impact on the students — after all, you’re the first and last face they see before and after school!

School Bus Driver

Source: woodleywonderworks

Additional Education Jobs

30. Education Nonprofit Jobs

Do you think the current education system isn’t cutting it? Education nonprofit positions provide ideas for school reform, including better resources for underfunded public schools.

31. Educational Technician Jobs

This job is extremely important because teachers often don’t know how to properly use the latest classroom technology. You’re the anchor that provides support and guidance for those pesky Smart Boards that never seem to work!

32. Massive Open Online Courses

Reach out to knowledge-hungry intellectuals around the globe with this job. With technology today, you can even have Skype sessions or pre-recorded webcast lectures.

33. Educational Consultant

This job requires coordination with the school district to help develop a good core environment where the students can thrive and grow.

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33 Best Education Jobs


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