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Quantum Dots PDF | PPT | Presentation Free To Download

Quantum Dots PDF | PPT | Presentation Free To Download: Quantum dots are the applied science which is based on nanotechnology, it consists of many interesting and vital applications which are currently in use. Quantum Dots are nothing but the semiconductors which are present on the scale of a nanometer; they obey a principle which is a quantum mechanical principle of quantum confinement. These quantum dots show energy band gap which decides the needed wavelength of emission spectra and radiation absorption.

Quantum Dots PDF | PPT | Presentation Free To Download

The two parameters which are dependent on the size of the dot are resultant emission wavelengths and requisite absorption. The below graph explains the schematic plot of a single particle energy band gap.   

a single particle energy band gap’s schematic plot

Fig1: A Single Particle Energy Band Gap’s Schematic Plot

In the above plot, we can observe that there two parabolic bands. In this, the upper parabolic band represents the conduction band and the lower parabolic band represents the valence band.

Description of the Quantum Dots:

The absorption spectra and emission spectra conforming to the energy band gap of the quantum dot are controlled by the principles of quantum confinement in an infinite square well potential.  There will be an enhancement in the energy band gap with the reduction in the size of a quantum dot. The below diagram is about the confinement-infinite square well potential and it explains about the quantized energy levels of a particle in a box.

displaying the quantized energy levels of a particle in a box

Fig2: Displaying the Quantized Energy Levels of a Particle in a Box

The quantum confinement has the following steps involved in it and those are explained below:

  • Bringing the atoms together
  • Sandwiching and
  • Narrowing the well

As we decrease the energy well or the particle then the gap in the energy levels enhances and this can be achieved by following above prescribed steps.

Applications of Quantum Dots:

The applications of the quantum dots are as below:

  • Medical imaging and disease detection
  • Quantum dot LED’s
  • Solar cells
  • Photovoltaics
  1. Medical imaging and disease detection: This can be set to the emission of arbitrary spectra to permit observation and labeling of a detailed biological process. The quantum dots are availed as a tool in monitoring cancerous cells and furnish a good way to understand its development. In the coming days, these quantum dots can be used in the therapies in which the tumors are treated to furnish the treatment of cancer and diagnosis of cancer. Quantum dots have a high resistant power to degradation when compared with the other optical imaging probes like organic dyes by permitting them to track the processes of a cell for a longer time period. During the maintenance of a static and distinct emission wavelength, quantum dots provide a wide broadband absorption spectrum.
  2. Quantum dot LED’s: The quantum dot LED’s are availed to generate affordable and industrial quality white light. It has marked an enhancement over the traditional LED. It generates the white light by intermixing blue, green and red emitting dots having a uniform composition within the phosphor to succeed with the traditional LED – phosphor set up.
  3. Solar cells and photovoltaics: The traditional solar cells are made with the semiconductors and are very costly to generate. Theoretically, for these cells, there is a 33% of upper limit efficiency in the conversion of sunlight to electricity. Availing the quantum dots permits to an approximate of 60% efficiency in the generation of electricity at a lower cost. Quantum dots have the ability to absorb radiation and emitting radiation in a preferential manner which gives the outcome of an optimal generation of electric voltage and current.

Future applications of Quantum Dots:

The future applications of quantum dots are as below:

  • Anti-counterfeiting capabilities
  • Counter – espionage / defense applications
  1. Anti-counterfeiting capabilities: In this, we can inject dots into fabrics, liquid mixtures, and polymer matrices.
  2. Counter – espionage/defense applications: The quantum dots can be integrated into the dust which aids in tracking of enemies.

Apart from this, still there are many more areas or fields in which the research is going on.

Content of the PPT and PDF for Quantum Dots

  • Quantum Structures
  • Quantum Dots
    • How QDs Work
    • Properties of Quantum Dots
    • Working Principle
    • Types of Lasers
  • QD Laser
    • Historical Evolution
    • Fabrication
    • Application Requirement
    • Bottlenecks
    • Advantages
  • Applications
  • References

Here we are giving you Quantum Dots PPT with PDF report. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it.

Quantum Dots PPT Free Download

Quantum Dots PDF Free Download

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Quantum Dots PDF | PPT | Presentation Free To Download


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