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PPT: Climate Change | PowerPoint Presentation | PDF

PPT: Climate Change | PowerPoint Presentation | PDF: At present, Climate change is one among the global difficulties which the people are facing. The temperature of atmosphere and oceans have been increased, there is an increase in sea level, a powerful decrease in Arctic sea ice and along with all these there are other changes too which are related to climate and its change. So, it is necessary to know about the science of climate change which helps us in decreasing the magnitude or size of climate change.

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PPT: Climate Change | PowerPoint Presentation | PDF

Climate warming:

Well, it is true that climate is warming because the temperature of earth’s surface has been increasing from mid of the 1970s; not only this but also other observations like enhanced heat content of oceans, indications from poleward shifts of species which are sensitive to temperature furnish inconvertible proof about climate warming. The estimations of average surface temperature of Earth show that the period from1983 to 2012 was the warmest period in more than 800 years. The below graphs explain about the rise of global sea level and also about the ocean heat content anomaly, they are as below:

Fig1: Rise of global sea level

Fig1: Rise of global sea level

Ocean heat content anomaly

Fig2: Ocean heat content anomaly

How do scientists know that changes in climate are majorly caused by the activities of human beings?

From the basic physics, scientists came to know that to a large extent human beings are responsible for the changes in the climate. In a direct measurement of Carbon Dioxide in atmosphere and measurement of carbon dioxide in the air which is trapped in an ice indicates the enhancement of carbon dioxide up to 40%. Not only the carbon dioxide but also the other greenhouse gasses are also enhancing due to the activities of human beings. Scientists said that the major changes in the atmosphere are caused not only due to the enhancement of carbon dioxide but also due to other activities of human beings.

Emission of carbon dioxide due to human activities:

The natural carbon cycle is disturbed because the long-buried fossil fuels are extracted by human beings for the energy and released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The level of carbon dioxide which is measured in the year of 2012 was 40% higher when compared with the level of carbon dioxide in the nineteenth century. Activities like deforestation and other uses of land have also enhanced the level of carbon.

The role played by Sun in climate change:

Sun furnish the important source of energy for driving the system of Earth’s climate but the changes of it played a tiny role in the climate change. The measurement of the direct satellite does not show any increased in an output of Sun in the past decades. So, we can say that the present changes in the climate of Earth are not related to the changes in solar energy.

The result of adding more carbon dioxide:

Adding more amount of carbon dioxide will cause further warming and increase the temperature of a surface. Distinct gasses absorb energy at distinct wavelengths and carbon dioxide traps at the wavelength of 15mm and there are lots of absorption bands which are very weak. If the level of carbon dioxide increases then the center of the strong band plays a tiny role in climate warming but the weaker bands and the strong band wings absorbs energy which increases the temperature of climate and also the temperature of lower layers of the atmosphere.

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The rate of warming:

The rate of warming changes from year to year, place to place and from decade to decade and this depend on the climate system and its understanding.

Why few summers and winters are very cold?

There is an increase in global warming and but still, there are few cold summers and cold winters and all these are because global warming is really a huge topic and enhancement in global warming does not mean that every coming year will be warmer than the previous year. The day to day changes and year to year changes in the patterns of weather will generate few unusual cold days and nights and cold winters and summers though the temperature of climate increases.

Why there is a decline in Arctic sea ice?

There is a decline in Arctic sea ice and not in the Antarctic sea ice because sea ice extent gets affected by winds, ocean currents, and temperature. It seems that the sea ice of Arctic Ocean is directly responding to the warming and whereas the ocean of Antarctica and its winds are dominating the climatic patterns.

Ocean acidification:

Seawater is becoming more acidic in nature and this arises a difficulty to organisms in the sea. For example, Corals and shellfishes have a calcium carbonate shell which easily dissolves in acid and the acidification of Ocean arise a difficult situation for them to maintain their shells.

Content of the PPT and PDF for Climate Change

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Climate Change
  • Causes of Climate Change- Natural Causes & Human Causes
  • Effects of Climate Change
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Climate Change PPT Free Download

Climate Change PDF Free Download

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PPT: Climate Change | PowerPoint Presentation | PDF


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