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How to Communicate Your Value in 5 Steps

How To Communicate Your Value In 5 Steps

Did you know that in order to drive better Brand awareness, you need to set aside your traditional marketing hat and run things with more heart? Yes, revenue or recognition might be the purpose for driving your brand, but you don’t get there by simply forcing it down people’s throats.  It’s time that we focus on value-added material with the goal of establishing a voice of authority in your industry, increasing brand awareness, and building a loyal customer base.

So how do you convince people to care about your brand?

When we speak of “unique value”, this does not simply mean the quality of your service or the features that your products possess. Value is that which helps or inspires your target market. It is the seed from which respect and loyalty grows. It increases brand awareness and it also differentiates your place in the market or the industry. But more importantly, value is the trigger that moves people to spend their hard-earned cash or time on what you have to offer.

Here are 5 ways on how you can impress in people what you can bring to the table:

1. Get into their shoes

The initial step to adding value starts when you consider your customer’s perspective. View your business through your customer’s eyes, and what do you see?

Whether you are driving either a personal brand, a company brand or a product, it is essential that you consider what is important to your market and how your product or service can benefit them. Failure to do so is the reason why some brands simply lags behind competition. They don’t highlight why their product, service or brand is different from anybody else. This is why some simply miss the boat by only focusing on features instead of benefits.

In poring over your service or product, the thing that runs through people’s mind is – what’s in it for me?

When you shift your focus by providing a content or pitch that focus on your market or audience, you start to help instead of just selling. Remember that understanding your target audience is a vital factor in defining your value proposition. Be mindful of the needs and characteristics of the target audience to develop that strong value proposition which addresses their needs and demands.

2. Share relevant and captivating content

Talking about your passion, your struggle, or sharing some needed guidance add value to your brand. Thanks to modern technology there are several avenues available, such as blogs, Social Media Posts, webinars, or tutorial videos.

Sharing relevant content doesn’t end when you give them a detailed list of information about the specs of your product or your impressive credentials. Here is where you integrate “storyselling” to convince them of the value you can add to their lives.

Just like a suitor convinces a lady that he is better than the other guys, he doesn’t sell himself by telling her that he can give her more time, he is hardworking, or he is respectful. How does that sound if you are at the receiving end? The better way would be to show it, because just like relevant content, your actions will only prove your worth.

In selling your brand, a smart action to take would be to continuously share valuable content that would convince your market that they need what you can bring to the table. Create an intimate relationship with your target audience beyond that of the competition.

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3. Don’t just be a random player

Your value proposition should differentiate what you have to offer from other brands in the same landscape. Show your unique selling point even if you are the nth coffee maker in the market or one of many public speakers in your niche.

It is important to think about what type of value proposition each of your competitors offer and how you are different. When you determine your competitor’s value proposition, this helps you to identify the things you need to focus on and highlight in your own marketing.

4. Streamline your mission

What does your brand stand for? When you don’t know why you are there for and what defines your brand, you will never know where to start in convincing your market. Establishing your mission allows you to deliver relevant and helpful content which not only encourages people to spend their money on your brand, but feel good doing it.

A strong mission will be the very thing that defines your value and what sets you apart from the competition.

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5. Add a dash of fun

It doesn’t matter if you are selling paper clips or paperweight, when you know how to inject fun, you win an essential aspect in marketing – attention. Explore creative advertising campaigns, bank on thought-provoking social media posts or share-worthy news items. This is the kind of value that gets people talking while giving your audience a sense of belonging. They relate to you but beyond that you are giving it to them in an interesting fashion, so they keep coming, hungry for more knowledge, tidbits, or the next update.

Adding value to your brand boils down to the creating a worthwhile experience for your target market. If you aspire to be a leader in your industry, it means more than being recognized. It also evokes respect and loyalty, and these two brings business or a good following.

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How to Communicate Your Value in 5 Steps


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