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5 Marketing Tips for Effective Storyselling

5 Marketing Tips For Effective Storyselling

Isn’t it true that the TV commercials that stood out the best are those that tell a story? Whether if it is something funny or one that hits right at the heartstrings, it is the ones that has a narrative which often goes viral.

What TV ad do you have in mind right now?

The story behind a story

People are drawn to Stories, in fact, people have been fond of telling stories even in the early ages. Interestingly, our affinity to it remains to be the same up until now; either in writing, orally, or through any other means. Stories are powerful tools to control the human emotion and take it to places one have never even dared imagine.

You see, humans have that inclination to see narratives where there is none because in some way, it gives meaning to their lives – like existential problem solving so to speak. Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel conducted a study in 1944 on 34 college students to whom they’ve shown a short film. This showed two triangles and a circle moving across the screen, while a rectangle remained stationary on one side. When the participants were asked what they saw, 33 anthropomorphized the shapes and created their own narrative like, “the circle was worried,” “the innocent young thing,” or “little triangle.” This shows that people are drawn to the colorful world of stories.

It can affirm one’s beliefs and perceptions, but oftentimes it also challenges them. As a marketer, this is a very useful tool to advance your message or to impress your Brand better to your market. Stories are more persuasive to an audience than straight facts. This is why it is important to leverage on the power of persuasive storytelling to communicate what your business does, to whom it serves best, and what change you can impact on a person’s life.

Writing a Your Own Brand Story

If you want to create the perfect catalyst to build a better value and loyalty to your brand to grow it exponentially, here are 5 “storyselling” tips to start with.

1. The human element

Powerful stories use emotion to connect with people on a human level. Yes, facts and figures can be impressive, but these alone do not suffice. It is a good story that creates an indention in one’s memory, otherwise you would only end up only scratching the surface of impact.

Remember, you are talking to people which is why you have to appeal to their emotions. If you fail to put that in perspective in building a story for your brand, you tend to forget the value in making a connection.

2. Key messaging

You have to ask yourself, “what  stories and messages resonate with individuals who might be interested in your product or service.” You have to build your brand on a key message and you develop that, because doing so goes back to the human element. It allows consumers to emotionally connect with your content.

Furthermore, just like supporting characters your key message should have the right metaphors and the right structure. This will help you generate a story that can easily be recalled and one that is unique to your own brand. This is  why some ads go viral while others are easily forgettable.

3. Make it personal

If you are struggling on how to craft a compelling story for your brand, try to look inward. Don’t be afraid to share your failures, your struggle, and your success. This approach makes you relatable, instead of just being a company, a CEO, or a brand name, it convinces people that you are not just some faceless corporation or title.

Warren Buffet used self-deprecation in his 2014 shareholder letter, to spruce up an otherwise bleak communication and bond with his audience. This approach won him their trust because they allowed them to take a peek into his personal story. As a result, they continue to invest in him. If you model this approach, this invites better brand loyalty and even repeat purchases.

4. Show what is at stake

A story with a conflict or tension always gets people’s attention. Focus on what you gained or lost because of that conflict and you involve your audience emotionally. They becomes invested in the evolution of your story because they want to know what is it that helped you overcome the obstacles that threatened your success. Focusing on the stakes involved allows you to develop and promote a unique and compelling selling proposition.

What would you feel when someone points out a problem that you can relate to and they also help you find a new and better solution for it?

5. Consistency is key

Don’t trample your brand by confusing your audience. Make sure that you make your brand stories consistent with your brand image and promise. When your audience no longer see how your story relates to their perceptions of your brand, you could end up losing them in the process. They will realize that it does not meet their expectations consistently. So, make it a point that the emotional connection you created between your brand and your audience is reinforced with every interaction.

More tips from Jacky on how you can build a strong personal brand through “storyselling.”

Grab the opportunity to grow your brand with a strong and compelling story which not only tells, but one that sells! So create that marketing campaign now with storytelling at its heart.

One thing hasn’t changed much in thousands of years…there’s still no better way to stir emotions than a good story.

-Boxer Creative, UK

If you want to to boost your personal brand, learn how to build a compelling story through our training and workshops. Let’s go into the fun and interesting details on how to go far and beyond the typical marketing technique, and build a loyal following. You may send your inquiries here.

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5 Marketing Tips for Effective Storyselling


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