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10 Tips/tools to brand yourself in the Job market

When you are in your early 20’s, all you can think about is how to get a job. You went to college, graduated with a degree and even gained some experience with a couple of internships and studying some other courses but still, somehow getting a job doesn’t seem to get easier. The question that now arises is, what else can you do?

This is not a tutorial on how to get a job. Here you will learn just a simple rule or rather, a fact. You are a product. Yes, a product which can help improve the status of a company and add value to the company. This might seem a bit harsh but it is the truth. The company you get hired in is going to exploit you as much as they can and are ready to pay a sum for it, which is basically your salary, sometime a huge amount and most of the times penny. So, why should a company spend a sum of their revenue on a product like you? What is your selling point? In short, why are you a better product than the others in the job market? Why should you be getting a job when there are hundreds with more qualification, more experience and better knowledge?

Only one thing can answer all these questions. Your Brand NAME. You buy Reebok instead of any local brand shoes because you know Reebok stands for quality and you get a branded product for what you paid. Likewise, when you find yourself in the job market, your brand name must reflect that you are a company’s best bet. Here, you will learn how to brand yourself successfully.

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Without further ado, let’s have a look at the 10 best strategies you can adopt in order to successfully brand yourself in the job market-

  1. Provide eye-catching packages:

When you find yourself attracted to a SALE, it is because you know you’ll get a quality product at a price that suits your budget. This is when you are the customer. But consider that the employers are now the customers because you are the product and you need to sell yourself. You need to provide them with your best possible services, skills and talents that you possess in a way that is eye-catching. Your product description lies in your Resume, and it has to be crisp and attractive at the same time.

It is said that, on an average, employers spend only 10 seconds to go through our Resume and decide whether you should be hired or not. The rest of the interview is only to assure that they made the right decision. 10 seconds! So obviously, this means that your Resume has to be short and to-the-point. It should contain your accomplishments and only the ones that are necessary for that job. It should contain your skill-sets but only the ones that are useful for the position you are applying for. It should contain your past experience but only the ones that are relevant to the field.

But your Resume only comes in handy when you have an interview to attend to. You must build a network in order to get an interview in a well-known organization. Meet influential people and dress the part when you do so. How you present yourself and carry out your personality plays a big role in making you the brand everyone talks about.

  1. Strategic use of attributes

You won’t find the description of Reebok’s clothing collection on the boxes that carry their shoes and that’s because you as a customer are interested in the shoes and not the clothes. If the product description is more of something other than the product itself, it is more likely that the product will not be bought. So, only showcase the attributes that are desirable and keep all the irrelevant ones to a minimum.

Your profile must consist of the attributes that satisfy the needs of the Recruiters. The strategic use of keywords that are most likely to do that job for you must be included in your Resume and your Profiles (online or otherwise). Do a little bit of research about the company you are interviewing for and make use of the keywords that appear in company’s profile repeatedly. Also, during your interview make sure that you use these keywords as often as possible to portray your skills and value.

  1. Decide your USP

Now here come the point where you as a customer decide why Reebok is better than Adidas. This basically means that what do you have that your competitors don’t? What is your USP? Your Unique Selling Proposition is a major contributor to your brand name. So obviously, you need to be careful in determining what exactly makes you stand out in a crowd.

In your interview, and even in your Resume for that matter, speak about what more you will bring to the company as an individual. That even though you hold the same degree as the others who applied for this position, what qualities do you possess that sets you apart. Mention the experience that made you own the unique combination of talents and skills that are essential for the job. Stress on the skill-sets that are differentiating and are potentially more likely to help you get the job.

  1. Get yourself referred

Continuing with our analogy of Reebok shoes, you definitely decide to buy them because it was highly recommended by a trusted friend. You know to trust the brand because someone already had the experience of using it. This is what you need to gain the trust of your new employer.

Once you have built your network, let them know when and how they can help you. A referral from them can really make a difference. Provide contact details of your referee so that the Recruiter knows that the referral is legit. Not just that, make sure that the person referring you knows exactly what your career brand is so that they can communicate it in a better way.

  1. Google yourself

Online shopping is a trend spreading like fire today. Everything you need is just a click away. And if Google knows who you are, then it is a great advantage to behold.

But sometimes, being visible on Google can backfire. A post with a person’s name similar to yours can be ranked first and this is bound to degrade your reputation.

Control what your Google search results look like. An online presence is a must because all your future employers and clients will Google you first in order to find out more about you. Having no search results at all can prove that you are not an active social media user which mainly implies that you are not social. Start with creating your account online on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Not just that, make these accounts search engine optimized by building them appropriately. The more active you are, the more optimized your site becomes.

If you do have a website of your own but it doesn’t show when you Google your name, then go through Google’s SEO starter guide to find the measures to rank your website higher in Google’s search results.

  1. Who do you want to be sold to?

Reebok knows that the customers who will purchase their products are the youth or mostly the people in the 15-34 age group. They design their product accordingly. You must identify your target audience and sell your brand name to only those who might be interested in it.

Determining which company or employer will need your services and for whom you can come with better solutions is the key. Make sure that your brand name reaches them either through recommendations or online.

  1. Keep on reviewing

Self-assessment should be done on a regular basis. Make sure whatever you do is only to enhance your brand name. Also, are all your methods and platforms used to make you a successful brand name consistent? This means that what message you want to portray, does the same message come across on every platform? If no, then frequently make amends to your methodologies.

  1. Be flexible

There comes a time while shopping when it is the time to pay for the product you wish to buy and you always find a need to bargain because you want the price to fit your budget. You expect the product to be a little bit flexible when it comes to pricing. That is how you should be.

As a job seeker, we always go into an interview with the desired salary in mind but you should always be flexible about it. A Recruiter might not always offer you the salary you wish for but rejecting the job offer because of that leads to losing the opportunity completely. If you are not sure how much salary you should demand based on your qualification and experience, then visit the sites “” and “” to find your job market value. Once you have decided your income range, be open to negotiations and do not give the impression that you are too expensive. There has to be some benefit in hiring you for the employer as well. You should always be open for negotiations but always know how much value you are going to add to the company. If the value you are going to add is more and you have full confidence in yourself then, you can fix on a particular salary or package.

  1. Prepare your Elevator speech

An Elevator speech is nothing but a short 20 to 30 seconds speech you must have in your kitty when you are going for an interview or meeting a group of professionals. Mostly when you are sitting in front of your Recruiter, the first question you will face is “Tell me something about yourself”. In the next 20 seconds, whatever you speak must incorporate your brand name which basically includes who you are, what are your stand out qualities and why you should be hired?

The impact you make in these 20 seconds is the deciding factor in you getting the job. The speech should only contain relevant points and should be attractive, It should hook your listener’s attention.

  1. SWOT analyse yourself In the job market

In the job market, you are alone. Nobody is going to help you make yourself better because they are busy thinking about themselves. SWOT analysis is your only weapon in a battle this tough.

SWOT stands for- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Doing a SWOT analysis should be based on your surrounding environment or rather, the environment you wish to be surrounded in. You cannot have Marketing listed as your strength if all your competitors have that quality and that job demands this skill-set. It just means that it is a necessity and you must have it.

The same applies to your weaknesses. Your opportunities and threats only showcases how you are better or not than everybody else. A regular SWOT analysis will help you improve your brand name better. So, basically you need to identify your weakness, work on your strengths, look for the opportunities best fitting your profile in the market and brand yourself as the best fit person for the job.


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The key thing to remember is that in today’s world, you are only as good as your brand name. It is how people will evaluate you and form an impression of you. The first impression is the last impression, correct? Then work hard to make that count because your future depends on it! Working hard is always paid but working smarter pays you quick and makes you famous. Publicize your work amongst others and portray your strongest points in such a way that people choose you over others. But, you should always be confident about yourself and what you are doing. Believe in yourself and work towards making yourself a well demanded brand.

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10 Tips/tools to brand yourself in the Job market


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