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UX designer vs Product designer

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UX designer vs Product designer

Difference Between UX designer vs Product designer

The role of a UX Designer covers the whole end-to-end aspect of the interaction between the user and the product and explores any new opportunities that can be done with business and product. It is aimed development of a product that includes function, design, marketing, and branding. The product designer should be liable to the user and his experience with the product. He should be able to fix the shortcoming of the product and makes the user experience more comfortable with that product. His journey continues to provide add-on features and functionality to the product. In this topic, we are going to learn about UX designer vs Product designer.

Head to Head Comparison Between UX designer vs Product designer (Infographics)

Below are the top differences between UX designer vs Product designer:


Key Differences of UX designer vs Product designer


The UX designer works on the user contentment and ensures that the product satisfies the user requirements. He continues to design with user interaction with the product as the main work and improves the accessibility and usability of the product. He will be responsible for providing full scope from thinking of design, research and to ideation and stays people-driven. He has to read the user’s mind to know their requirement to provide complete optimization in the product. The product designer is popularly called Jack of all trades as it involves full-stack designer, UX designer, UI designer, project management, coding, and problem-solving. He solves all the problems from the product that arise at the initial stage. To fix this, he has to coordinate with his team, create various test plans, develop wireframes, and so on till the product launch becomes successful. He should stay in touch with the marketing team to verify the synergy between the product and brand.


The required skill of a UX designer is proficiency in prototyping tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch, and should also have expertise in industry-standard design. He should be experienced in conducting user surveys, planning competitor analysis, wireframing skills, and prototyping. The requirement of product designer should mandatorily possess any related formal qualification and regular bachelor degree. In UI or UX designing, he should have three and above experience, proficiency in prototyping tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch. He should have a strong understanding of the application of design thinking, planning, and scope of the project work. He should have the user-centric mindset to work on complex applications. He should be able to work on functional schemes across mobile devices and desktops. He should partner with engineers to update features, services, and products. He should have fluent communicative skills and strong visual skills.


The main objective of a UX designer should be in understanding the business metrics and he should be capable of converting the company objective and goals to digital experiences. He should be robust in developing the information architecture, user personas, storyboards, interpreting the data, creating site maps, and providing qualitative feedback. He should advocate for the client and should have regular follow-up with user-oriented design principles. He should have continuous iteration throughout the design solutions. The product designer should be responsible for conceptual ideas and convert something valuable and useful to millions of users. He should contribute to high-end strategic decisions with the executive team and the rest of the product. He provides solicit feedback from other designers till it continuously raises the bar until the quality is reached. He should partner with engineers, researcher, PM, content strategies to oversee the experience of the user and product till it launched and hit the flying color.

Comparison Table of UX designer and Product designer

Features UX designer Product designer
Aim The important goal of the UX designer should increase the product usability and measure the shortcomings and working of the product persistently. Product designers should have a strong focus on business requirements and the performance of the product.
Required skills UX designers should be experienced in testing abilities and have a thorough knowledge of UX. Product designers should have all the skillset on the technical end more than the UX designer added he should be effective in marketing and communicating skills.
Responsibilities The UX designer must navigate from end to end from the product design to the product launch process. Product designer brings a new reliable product to life which should be adaptable and liable in the market. So he must undergo many trial and error methods before the product is introduced in the town and ensures that it must not lead to any loss.
Development phases UX designers create the journey of user and product and ensure the interface and interaction between the user and product remains healthy. Product designers have the idea of the product, create a roadmap, make a test plan, coordinate the team, develop the product, make various types of testing in the product, market it and give a proper branding, launch the product and work on qualitative feedback.
Tools used Sketch, AdobeXD, Balsaming, and Invision HTML, Figma, CSS, Zeplin, AdoobeXD, Invision, Balsaming, and Sketch
Road map The growth of UX designers is expected to increase by 22% in the upcoming decade. The product designer who is experienced in industries has a rapid growth rate and opportunities. Throughout the year, the entire growth rate of a product designer is 4%
Salary The annual income of a UX designer in the US is approximately $90,697. But it differs according to the company The annual income of a product designer is around $106,745 and it varies according to the standards of the company
Pros The nature of works differs every day. It is flexible and can also work as a freelancer. He gets advanced in technology and conceptual design.
Cons There should be no place for mental feelings and negative critics. Sometimes the result may be unexpected, so he should be calm and patient till the result become a successful one. The field of product designer becomes slower as it is directly affected by the economy. The deadlines and budget create stressful situations and many of his efforts are outsourced overseas which is not acceptable.


Hence, this is the various perspective of UX and Product designer and hope the requirements and nature of the job are clear to understand.

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UX designer vs Product designer


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