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What is a Programming Language?

What is a Programming Language

What is a Programming Language?

Humans have invented various languages to bridge the communication barrier. Languages are the way in which human understand the instructions. Computers are unable to understand the languages of human. Binary is the only Language that the computer understands. It enables human to communicate with a computer in the language that the computer understands.

There is nothing but a set of instructions or written language that is given to the computer to perform certain tasks. These languages enable a computer to process huge amount of data. High-level languages like Java, BASIC, C, C++, Pascal, Ada, COBOL, and FORTRAN, etc. are generally considered as Programming languages. In short, it is a bridge that connects human and computer.


Everything from the Internet, Social Media platform to the operating system is developed from binary language. Computers are made up /collection of enormous switches and understand only on and off a type of data. Computer work on the principle of a unique combination of switches that either turned on or off. These switches are represented in the form of Binary code as 0 and 1. As there are billions of switches in the computers, it is impossible to give instruction to a computer by using a combination of 1 and 0. This is where the programing language plays an important role. Programming translates machine language into Human Language.

Each translates binary code and helps us to develop different web-based applications. Programming made it easy to connect human with computers. Programming is easy to understand write and read as compared to binary code i.e. 1 and 0, as said earlier. With the help of programming languages, one can create numerous types of websites, applications, and software.

How makes working so easy

First, the computer program is written in a specific programming language like C, C++. After that computer compiler creates machine code from human-readable source code. Computer directly executes this machine code to perform certain tasks.

Previously, programmers used to write explicit instructions that manipulate the computer hardware. This machine language was extremely difficult to write. 10 to 20 machine language commands are required to perform a simple task. As code manipulates the computer hardware, machine languages are considered as ‘Low-Level Language’

On the other hand, programming languages like Java, BASIC, C, C++, Pascal, Ada, COBOL, and FORTRAN, etc. are considered as ‘High-Level language’ or ‘compiled language’. In this programming, languages programmer write programs. With the help of compiler, the programs are translated into machine language. Then the computer executes this machine language. Nowadays, most of the software is programmed in this way.

Use of programming language

We use different programming languages for a different purpose. A programming language is generally used in Information Technology to develop various types of applications, websites and many more. This is also used in the field of engineering, various design services. It is widely used in the Internet of Things, cloud computing, 3d modeling, gaming development, AI, Industrial Automation, Computer graphics, space research, Industrial Automation and many more.


Every programming language has its set of own advantages.

  • Programming is vital in terms of productivity. One can get an ample amount of money if they know programming language very well.
  • Once if someone understands the syntax of programming, it has become very easy to understand. Programming is fun if one has interest in it.
  • One can showcase their work with the help of programming languages.
  • One can develop an excellent, interactive website, applications with the use of programming language. One can successfully augment the company processes with the help of the programming language.
  • One can get a chance to learning and developing new things along with generating profitable outcomes
  • It enables programmers to edit and create a variety of content. With time, one can improve their programming skills.
  • Object-oriented languages offer clear modular structure. This helps in defining abstract data types, modifying existing offers an excellent framework for the codes. It easily adopts software components and offers a good graphical user interface.

Required Skills

Below are some of the required skills to be an excellent programmer

1. Proficiency in a core programming language

Proper understanding and knowledge of programming language are vital to becoming a proficient programmer.

2. Problem-solving abilities

Problem-solving skills are as important as technical knowledge. This knowledge along with problem-solving skills are the key factors that keep programmer ahead in the crowd.

3. Business sense

Programmer can do their best if they have some business sense while programming. It is an added advantage if programmers look beyond the immediate use of programs. Programming skills that make a customer satisfied can add value to the business.

4. Knowledge of data stature and algorithm

Programming is built on the data structures. Thus an understanding of data structure and algorithm is must have skill for developers.

5. Soft skills

In today’s interconnected and digital world, the programmer’s soft-skills are as important as technical knowledge. Soft-skills can be a differentiator in people who have equally qualified.

How Programming language can help you in the carrier growth

In today’s dynamic world where everything changes at the speed of the light, it plays an important role in the business world. Everything we see in the digital world developed with the help of programming languages. Professionals with programming skills have a lot of opportunities in this sector.

Computer programmers can make their flourishing carrier in the numerous fields as a web developer, software developer, network and system administrator, Information security analyst, database administrator, computer system analyst, information research scientist and many more. Everyone has different reasons for picking up different technologies but learning programming languages surely add benefit to your skillset and also offer a lot of growth opportunities and revenue.


In the above Article, we have come up with essential points regarding Programming languages. This article gives information about programming, how it works, its uses and advantages. With the help of programming languages, one can develop anything in the digital world. Among the numerous programming languages, choosing the right and suitable for a programming language is very important in coding. Various programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, C, C++, PHP, .net and many more are transforming business in an amazing way.

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What is a Programming Language?


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