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Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Difference between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a sequence of a non-destructive video editing software program. It was first invented by Macromedia Inc. and later Apple Inc. Final Cut Pro allows the user to edit, process and give results of transferred videos in a vast variety of formats. This software is generally used for small-scale business and it also supports offline editing. Final Cut Pro is a Mac software and the users of Windows must search for an alternative for video editing. It is a stable software with one-time payment pricing. Most commonly used by filmmakers and hobbyist, Final Cut Pro is a demanding software.

A timeline-based video editing software created by Adobe Systems is Adobe Premier. It was first launched in 1991. Adobe Premiere can be used on windows as well as Mac Operating system. The latest version of Premiere is published as part of Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program. Adobe Premiere works with supporting applications like Adobe After Effects. Adobe Premiere has the best color grading options. It is targeted more towards a professional audience.

Head To Head Comparison Between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro (Infographics)

Below are the top 4 differences between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut ProADOBE-PREMIERE-VS-FINAL-CUT-PRO

Key differences between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Both Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major Differences Between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro:

  • Adobe Premiere is targeted by more experienced video editors since it isn’t quite intuitive in comparison to Final Cut Pro which has the most amazing, adaptable and attractive interface for a fresher.
  • Final Cut Pro offers low rendering and exporting times for videos, even at a 4K quality, without using too much energy. Whereas Adobe premiere is much slower in exporting and rendering.
  • Exporting and rendering in Final Cut Pro is a very smooth task. Once the user begins to export the videos to a specific place – say Facebook- it happens in real time. There is no time wasting in first exporting the file, then saving it on to the computer and then again waiting for it to upload on Facebook
  • Adobe Premiere has a more traditional and flexible timeline. It allows the user to work on different layers of video, audio, image, text. That is, it works accurately on individual elements. Whereas Final Cut Pro may sometimes be inflexible and restricted.
  • Final Cut Pro can simply be intensified with plug-ins. It provides plugins that help the user to create 3D visual effects, remap time to create slow-motion scenes and many more. Whereas, in Premiere, the user needs to go to After Effects for the same.

Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro Comparison Table

Let’s look at the top comparison between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro: –

The basis of comparison between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere

Final Cut Pro

Definition A desktop video editing program that allows the user to not just do basic editing but has much more in store for them like adjusting color, fine-tune audio, and more. A smooth and speedy video editor for Mac OS professional users. This software helps the user to expand their knowledge and create stunning videos.
Usage It is basically used to turn raw footage into amazing cinematic products. Generally used by professionals and filmmakers. Specifically, it is used for its speed. It also makes use of well-designed databases for tracking important information on time.
  • It supports both the platforms: OS Mac and Windows
  • It facilitates in the advanced tracking for identifying objects.
  • Consistent with famous production applications like the sound booth, photoshop, speed grade, etc.
  • It comes with a multi-camera editing feature
  • It can perform rendering of GPU forms on Mac
  • Since the coming, if its cloud-based model, it gives the user frequent updates with more advanced features
  • It has the best color grading options in comparison to any video editing software can have.
  • Adobe Premiere is a team alliance software. That means any team member can access any of his member’s file on the network because the user is able to share files and edit across a network
  • Popularly used for fast rendering
  • It comes with VFX Effects
  • Its utilization of GPU is commendable.
  • It allows the user to edit videos using multiple cameras.
  • Final Cut Pro is independent of resolution type of the videos
  • It works on Real-time effects and graphics
  • It is a more economical option since it costs a one-time purchase.
  • Presently, Final Cut Pro is the fastest video editing tool in the world.
  • An organized software which is easy to use and understand for a first-time user.
  • Doesn’t support VFX effects
  • It suffers slow rendering
  • If the users need to work on high-resolution platforms like 4K, it disappoints the user with slow performance.
  • It is a powerful software, but sometimes it is not understandable and easy on the ground level.
  • Premier offers details over title text, with a huge number of fonts and adjustments like the shadow, tracking, stroking, leading and kerning. But for 3D arrangements, the user needs to shift to Adobe After Effects.
  • It supports Mac OS only.
  • It does not work on a network, so it usually lacks in regular updates.
  • It suffers from a few basic compatibilities as well as format issues.
  • It is basically used by people who want to shoot, edit and share their films from start-to-finish on one computer and one software.

Conclusion – Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

Both Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro offers almost the same kind of video editing but still, they differ in a lot of ways. The most common difference between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro would be that Final Cut Pro is only made for Apple Mac users whereas Adobe Premier can be used by both Windows as well as Mac users.

When the user deals with the exporting, rendering and stabilization then, Final Cut Pro is the expert in the same. The results obtained are very clear in it as compared to Adobe Premiere. Although neither of the software would be considered cheap, Final Cut Pro is a more reasonable option since it cost a one-time purchase.

So, it all depends on the user and their nature of work. If the user is a fresher and still wants a simple tool with fast learning and high-quality product, then he must use Final Cut Pro. If the user wants a more advanced tool with a wide range of editing options, then he should go for Adobe Premiere.

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Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro


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