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JavaScript vs AngularJS

JavaScript vs AngularJS

Difference Between JavaScript vs AngularJS

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming scripting language. It is also referred to as multi-paradigm, prototype-based, imperative, functional and event-driven language. It is mainly abbreviated as JS. It is one of the most used technologies or core technology for developing Web Applications with HTML and CSS. The Javascript filename extension is ‘.js’

Javascript is designed by Brendan Eich and developed by Netscape Communications, Mozilla foundation, Ecma International. It was first released in the year of 1995. Javascript is interpreted and used with Java as Client side scripting language, which can be run on the browser without recompiling the code again. Javascript helps in making the web pages or applications more dynamic and interactive.

Javascript has great features like using dynamic typing. It is also referred to as a safe programming language. It will take care of security and performance. Javascript can be manipulated in a browser for doing changes in webpage or web applications. It also helps in adding a new HTML page and change the existing content and styles. Because of Java scripts browser user safety, javascript on the webpage not able to read and write arbitrary files or execute the programs. Modern browsers allowed it but to a limited extent only.

JavaScript is referred to as Unique because of its full integration with HTML/CSS. JavaScript also allows the simple things to be done simply only. It also supported by the major and modern browsers, and it is being enabled by default as well.

AngularJS is referred to as a framework, which is open source and gives dynamic character to web pages or web applications. It was developed by Google and initially released in the year 2010. Angularjs mainly programmed in JavaScript. AngularJS is using the markup language that is HTML language to extend its syntax.  AngularJS (Dynamic language) and HTML language (Static language) both are used in developing the web applications more efficiently and dynamically.

AngularJS mainly works on the model view controller i.e. MVC concept, which defines the behavior of data, logic and view layer. These layers help in fetching the data, modifying the data and displaying the data to a user. Whenever the view has changed or some event clicked by a user, angular JS tried to handle this at a controller and change the data in model and displays to a user

The developers are mainly used Angular JS to build web applications, but the applications can be built for other platforms as well (for mobile and desktop). Angular has many other versions like Angular2, Angular4, and Angular5. These are mainly based on typescript and built on JavaScript as well.

Head To Head Comparison Between JavaScript vs AngularJS (Infographics)

Below is the top 8 difference between JavaScript vs AngularJSJavaScript vs AngularJS Infographics

Key differences between JavaScript vs AngularJS

Both JavaScript vs AngularJS are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major Difference Between JavaScript and AngularJS:

  • JavaScript is a client-side scripting language as well as a server-side scripting language for creating web applications. AngularJS is framework written in JS to build single page applications.
  • JavaScript is a language used to manipulate the document object model. AngularJS extend its attributes with other technologies like HTML.
  • JavaScript has a feature to validate the user input at browser level before submitting the page. AngularJS is a good technology used as server side.
  • Javascript makes the websites more interactive. AngularJS makes web applications simple and easy to create from start.
  • JavaScript is versatile and complex language. AngularJS is simple and efficient.
  • JavaScript code is generally fast. Angular JS application becomes generally slow.
  • JavaScript does not support Dependency Injection. AngularJS supports data binding and dependency injection.
  • JavaScript has a rich user interface design like sliders etc. AngularJS is a full data-driven approach to develop the web applications.
  • JavaScript is less time consuming while fixing bugs and defects at a large scale. AngularJS is more time consuming doing the same as compared to JavaScript.
  • JavaScript gives us immediate feedback while running the application on the browser. AngularJS does not have this feature.
  • javascript is the most powerful web development techniques used for developing web applications. AngularJS has been preferred as mostly as JS framework for creating web applications.
  • JavaScript uses the same technique from the years. AngularJS has been enhanced to typescript, which makes the applications more light and interactive.

JavaScript vs AngularJS Comparison Table

The primary Comparison between JavaScript vs AngularJS are discussed below:

The basis of comparison Between JavaScript vs AngularJS



Definition JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language. AngularJS is an open source framework for creating dynamic web applications.
Programmed JavaScript most interpreters written in C and C++. AngularJS is written in Java Script.
Applications JavaScript used for creating dynamic web applications. AngularJS used for creating large single page applications.
Developed It was mainly developed by Netscape Communications. It was mainly developed by Google.
Concept JavaScript based on a concept of dynamic typing as an interpreted language It is based on a concept of model view controller to build apps.
Syntax JavaScript syntax is complex as compared to AngularJS. AngularJS syntax is simple.
Learnability JavaScript is complex to learn. AngularJS can learn easily if one knows JavaScript.
Filters JavaScript does not support filters. AngularJS do support filters.

Conclusion – JavaScript vs AngularJS

JavaScript vs AngularJS are the two different web technologies used for developing the web applications. JavaScript is a programming language whereas AngularJS is an open source framework and based on MVC architecture.

JavaScript is mainly written for websites to run in the client’s browser. JavaScript also provides the interactivity, when a user hovers the mouse on any component. JavaScript can be used with any of the latest user interface technology for creating web apps. It is mainly used with Java applications and JQuery.

AngularJS is mainly used for large-scale single page web applications. AngularJS is most popular among the developers for creating web apps and mainly to make a user interface more interactive. AngularJS is easy to learn if a developer knows JavaScript.

JavaScript vs AngularJS both has its own advantages to work and develop the applications. We always choose the technology depending on the support provided over forums, online community, and client requirements. Performance and security are also the main aspects of technology to work with, so it is necessary to choose the options wisely and start learning. Learning always makes us better over the period of time. Happy learning!!

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JavaScript vs AngularJS


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