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Vue.js vs Angular

Vue.js vs Angular

Difference between Vue.js vs Angular

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive front-end framework to build user interfaces using JavaScript and HTML. It is designed in such a way from bottom to be incrementally adoptable. Vue.js is widely used for web development. Vue.js is JavaScript framework with various tools available for building interfaces. Vue.js is easy to pick up and integrate with existing projects and libraries. Vue.js is well suited for developed single page web applications when used in combination with the latest tools and libraries. If users are aware of HTML, JS, and CSS then Vue.js is easy to use as it is versatile and fast. Vue.js is used for front-end development of an application. The Vue.js framework is an extremely small size and took no time for a user to download and use, beats all major frameworks such as react.js, angular.js, and ember.js as it is easy to understand, easy to integrate and develop applications.

What is Angular?

Angular is a client-side JavaScript structural framework with model view controller (MVC) architecture and model view model (MVVM) for dynamic web applications. Angular is re-written, which is an incompatible successor to Angularjs. It was originally started as a project in Google but later it becomes an open source framework. AngularJS is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript. AngularJS manipulates DOM object by extending HTML with directives and solves the problem of developing single page applications(SPA) with the help of features data binding and dependency injection which eliminates a lot of the code otherwise we need to write. It converts static HTML to dynamic HTML. Angular is used by Google, Forbes, weather, healthcare etc.

Head to Head Comparison Between Vue.js vs Angular Infographics

Below is the top 7 difference between Vue.js vs AngularVue.js vs Angular Infographics

Key differences between Vue.js vs Angular

Some key differences are explained below between Vue.js vs Angular

  • Angular.js has support for typescript as its learning sources and documentation is typescript based whereas Vue.js doesn’t have typescript but it is working with typescript to support with Vue.js
  • Vue.js vs Angular both are performing fast and with similar numbers on different benchmarks. So the performance is similar in real time.
  • Angular.js uses two-way binding between scopes and to connect with asynchronous services we need to use third party components whereas Vue.js uses one-way data flow between the components.
  • Angular.js is little complex than Vue.js in terms of design and API.
  • Vue.js is easy to learn if we have little knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS whereas Angular.js learning little steeper as it has complex design and difficult to learn for beginners.
  • An Angular.js framework will take more time to develop non-trivial applications whereas Vue.js framework will take less than a day.
  • Vue.js vs Angular is easy to integrate with third-party components developed by developers whereas Vue.js with other front-end libraries.

Comparison table between Vue.js vs Angular

Let us look into the detailed Comparison of Vue.js vs Angular

The basis of comparison between Vue.js vs Angular Angular.js Vue.js
Complexity Angular.js is not as simpler as Vue.js in terms of design and API as vue.js is created after major frameworks release. Angular.js will take more time to develop non-trivial applications compared to Vue.js Vue.js is very simpler in terms of design and API, with some knowledge to build non-trivial applications will take less than a day with Vue.js
Easy Integration Angular.js is also easy to integrate but with third-party components and JavaScript is popular many developers developed components which can be integrated into any angular.js application Vue.js is easy to be integrated with other front-end libraries which makes it a versatile and easy to use the framework. If any feature is missing or any enhancement need we can easily integrate with the library.
Data binding In Angular.js, it uses two-way binding between scopes but if we want to connect with asynchronous services we need to have third-party developed components to integrate with the application. Vue.js uses on- way data flow between the components which make data flow easier and leads to develop non-trivial applications in less time. When connecting with asynchronous services we can use libraries if needed.
Performance Angular.js framework performs fast even though due to a lot of watchers as whenever scope changes, watchers need to re-evaluated again. But it performs equally with Vue.js having similar metrics on different benchmarks. The Vue.js framework has good performance as it doesn’t have any watchers as it uses a transparent dependency tracking system with async queues. Both Angular and Vue.js performs fast with very similar metrics on benchmarks and addressing similar issues.
Flexibility Angular.js is more very flexible as it is offering official support for a variety of systems with no restriction on the project structure or application as many developers love to have no rules some or not of course. These features made angular.js very flexible Vue.js is not as flexible as Angular.js as it is less opinionated as it has some rules to follow the project structure while developing applications but is more flexible for modular solutions which make it adaptable to wide variety of projects. So Vue.js is also flexible not as Angular.js
Learning curve Angular.js learning curve is very steeper as API documentation is very huge and users need to familiarize with some concepts before and its complexity is largely due to its design. It is difficult for fewer experience people to pick up and do development of an application. Vue.js learning curve is not steeper as if the user knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then they can develop single page applications and non-trivial application development within less than a day. So the learning curve is easy for Vue.js
Typescript Angular.js uses typescript as it is essentially required as all learning sources and documentation is typescript based which offers static type checking for large-scale applications. It is a boost for developers with Java as background but it has overhead Vue.js doesn’t have typescript but it has some official typings and decorators and they are interacting with Microsoft typescript team and Vasco de team to support with Vue.js.

Conclusion – Vue.js vs Angular

Finally, it’s an overview of comparison between Vue js vs Angular. I hope you will have a better understanding of these frameworks after reading this Vue js vs Angular article. As we have seen different ways of comparison between Vue.js vs Angular frameworks we can say Vue.js has more advantages than Angular.js and Vue.js works seamlessly to integrate with other applications whereas Angular.js has restrictions. So based on the project requirements and time frame, decide the framework which suits best for the project.

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Vue.js vs Angular


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