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10 Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions for Experienced

AngularJS interview Questions for Experienced

Introduction To AngularJS Interview Questions for Experienced

Angular JS is a framework introduced by Google which helps in creating dynamic web applications. It uses HTML as a base through which HTML developer can code efficiently.

If you are looking for a job that is related to AngularJS, you need to prepare for the AngularJS Interview Questions for Experienced. Though every interview is different and the scope of a job is also different, we can help you out with the top AngularJS Interview Questions for Experienced, which will help you take the leap and get you success in your interview.

Following are the AngularJS Interview Questions for Experienced that will help you for cracking an interview on Angular JS.

1. Explain the different directives in Angular JS.


These directives are only used when a developer wishes to extend HTML elements and DOM elements behavior. These have a prefix as –ng that tell the compiler that a specified behavior is to be attached to that DOM element. The built-in directives that AngularJS has are as below:

User-defined directives can also be created to use in application and with controllers and services as well. Let us get to know the above directives in detail

ngApp- This directive is an important directive in Angular JS. This directive is used to mark starting of Angular Application to Angular JS HTML compiler, like main() function in any compile-time language like C++, Java, etc. If this directive is not written first and other directives are then an error would be thrown.

ngInit- It is a directive used to initialize application data variables. These can be used in the blocks where they are declared. It is local to ng-app and it can be a collection of values.

ngModel- This directive is a model to be used in HTML controls like . It provides a binding behavior with the values. Hence it is used in data binding.

ngBind- It is used to bind model variables with HTML controls and HTML tags. A user can only see output values.

ngRepeat- As the name suggests it is used to repeat HTML statements. It works in a similar way as a loop works in languages like Java or PHP.

2. How will you boot Angular JS?


Whenever DOM Content Loaded event is called Angular JS initializes on its own. Another way for this initialization process is when an angular.js script is downloaded and the document is ready. This is the time when a ngApp directive is called which acts as the root of compilation and tells apart the Angular part from the DOM. The following happens when ngApp is called. The module that is associated with the directive will be loaded. An application injector needs to be created and the DOM starting from the directive should be compiled. This entire process is known as auto bootstrapping.

3.What is jQLite? Write a small code to explain.


It is a query that is built directly in Angular JS. It is known to be a subset of jQuery. jQLite provides all the features of jQuery. jQuery can be used with Angular JS by simply loading the jQuery library beforehand.

4. Explain $scope object in Angular JS. Explain with a small snippet.

It is an Object that binds view with a controller. When a controller is called data is accessed through $scope object. Both, DOM object and controller can use this object and used it as a communication means. This object can have both data as well as functions. Every Angular JS application has a $rootscope which is created on the view and has the ng-app directive.
The scope object helps in providing APIs to observe any model. It is a mediator between the view and controller it can be nested. But being nested does not give access to all properties. The properties can be limited and the nested scope can either have child scope or an isolated scope. It also provides a context against the expression that is to be evaluated.

Angular JS Scope

AngularJS - Scope Inheritance

Parent Name:{{parentName}}

First Child Name:{{level1name}}

Second Child Name:{{level2name}}

In above example, we have three controllers parent Controller, firstChildControllerand secondChildController. All three controllers are attached to DOM elements in a nested way. The expressions will be associated with current scope and will then search for parent scope until the rotoscope is reached.

5. What is SPA in Angular JS?

Single Page applications are dynamic pages which happen to load a single HTML page and later update that page as the user goes ahead and interacts with the application. This does not mean that this dynamic behavior has its impact on the server side. These pages are loaded at the client side. SPAs use AJAX and HTML for creating responsive web applications.

As the application is a single page once it delivers on the browser it does not require to be loaded again and again as the user will navigate to various parts of the application. This helps in faster navigation and efficient working of the web page.

6. What is dependency injection?

When objects are passed as dependencies and which as a result remove hard-coded dependencies, then the objects are to be injected. The need for dependency injection comes when we are separating creation and consumption of dependency. The Use of this feature helps the user to change dependencies whenever required. Also, mock objects can be injected for testing purposes.

7.What happens when a double click event is called?

Using this event the double-click can be customized as per can be used as an attribute in HTML. The process to customize it by adding an external Angular.js file. Once this external file is downloaded from Angular JS official site the developer can add the file to head section of the HTML file.

8. Explain different ways by which a directive can be invoked.

Answer: A directive can be invoked in four ways:

1)As an attribute –
2)As a class-
3)As an element- directive>
4)As comment-

9. What are filters?


Filters help in selecting a subset of items from an array and return a new array. They can be used to display filtered items based on the specified criteria. The different filters provided by Angular JS are currency, date, limitTo, lowercase, number, etc.

10. What is a difference between prefix $ and $$?

When a name of an object is prefixed with $ then it is public and when it is prefixed with $$ then the object is private.

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10 Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions for Experienced


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