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How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

Every time a brand wants to achieve some goal, then it will require some or the other kind of investment, which can vary from hard work or intelligence. Almost all the brands around the world are going digital today and in order to capture their online market, they need to invest if not all, at least a part of their resources in digital growth. And in the process to create a strong digital empire, the first step is to create a strong, impressive and innovative website. Google Adwords is a tool through which brands can gain better traffic through clicks as opposed to PPC which is based on payments per click. As Google Ad Words requires financial banking, it may seem like a risky endeavour.

But what brands have to realise is that effective use of Google AdWords campaign can definitely help to generate traffic and become a profit earning revenue for them. In short, Google AdWords offers  assured return for web owners who want to improve the traffic to their website in a comprehensive manner. With a host of advantages for web owns and brands, Google AdWords is one of the major source of advertisement and revenue source for Google. Offering PPC advertising that includes programs with local, national and international distribution, it allows brands to target audience in a comprehensive and strategic manner.

AdWords Campaign

While Google AdWords is a innovative method to increase traffic, it requires hard work and proper planning and strategic thinking. While planning an AdWords campaign, it is very important that the person responsible for it, is involved at every stage. From choosing the titles to description and images, understanding keywords, conversion of keywords, are all very important if the entire process has to be successful in the true sense. If the Google AdWord is not planned in a proper manner, it can result in abject failure and bankruptcy. Planning and managing a Google AdWords is  therefore a very important step in the entire process.

Google AdWords is therefore a process that requires intelligent understanding of the situation and clever investment as well. A good campaign manager must therefore create a good checklist before he sets up and manages AdWords campaigns. Consider it like using a recipe to bake a cake. For this you need a list of the key ingredients and a step by step process of the entire process. Skipping a step or trying to combine a number of them together, can prove to have disastrous consequences. The same is true for Google AdWords and it is important to follow the entire process without missing any of them. Here are some things that Brand Managers must keep in mind while creating a good, profitable and strategic Google AdWords campaign.

#1. Understanding customer demand in a intimate and comprehensive manner

Targeting customers means that brand managers will have to have a complete understanding of their customers. You have to understand the number of customers who are searching for your products on the internet, because if the number is negligent, then this avenue is a waste of resources. So before doing anything, it is important that brands understand that there is a substantial volume of people that they want to target in the online medium. In order to understand if there are enough keywords, then brand managers can use the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool that acts in a manner that is similar to a thesaurus. By using this tool, brand mangers enter in words or phrases related to their brands that they think customers are searching for and Google tells them phrases or words that are relevant or similar in nature. In addition, Google will also brand managers the frequency with which users search for a particular keywords as well as the competitiveness of these keywords and the cost of advertisement for them. Gaining this information is extremely critical as it can help brand managers to decide whether Google AdWords would be a worthy investment or not.

Before brand managers use this tool, they should choose the advanced options setting. In case, the brand is set in the USA, then the language must be English while the location has to be the United States. Most of these setting have a default option for desktops and laptops, which is what most brands target unless and until they are looking to target smart phone devices. After this choose the column drop down menu to check  Local month searches, Approximate CPC and competition, which will help you analyse the overall opportunities in targeting these keywords. Use the keyword tool to type phrases that you think are ideal and just click the search button. Before making the final choice, brand managers must evaluate their keywords on the basis of three questions.

  1. Are people searching for the said keywords in search engines including Google: If the number of people searching for the key word is low, then investing huge amounts of advertising money to promote it does not make sense
  1. If there are people searching for my keyword, will they buy my product/service from the website: Sometimes, people generally search for a term or phrase, not with the intent of buying it but to conduct a research. Understanding the intent behind searching for a phrase is very important. When you understand the customer’s intent, it can go a long way in helping targeting traffic in a proper manner.
  1. Understand the financial aspect of advertising: Google AdWords is not free and it is important to bear that in mind at all times.

#2. There are financial constraints when it comes to advertising on Google AdWords

Keywords are the basis of all Google AdWords campaign and that is why it requires constant planning and updates. Also as this requires financial backing, keywords form the basis of this planning. Like mentioned before, if there are keywords they will require investment and it is important that brand managers have the required investments to take it till the end. In order to understand this, brands must be able to bear the burden of the investment needed for keyword campaigning. So make a comparison list with the maximum amount of money that you can spend for a particular keyword. For instance if maximum cost per click for a keyword is Rs.100 and the estimated cost per click is Rs. 70, then it is a profitable endeavour. Also remember that sometimes, it is better to increase the profits that you get from a single customer, because trying to convert other customers.

search-engine-optimization (SEO)

#3. Understand what words your competitors are targeting

After making a list of keywords, it is important to leverage competitors’s intelligence in a proper manner. As Google AdWords is a very popular medium, almost every industry will have a set of keywords that are tested and optimised in their campaigns. This means that each industry will have their own keywords, ads and landing pages that will work for them and not work. It is here that competitive intelligence tool called Keyword spy can work for brands.

Through the use of the tool, brands can collect, organise and provide easy access to the competitors historical advertising information. By seeing for how long the competitor is using the keyword, brand managers can get a fair idea about how long their competitors have been using them. Again, not all advertisers are senseless, so be a bit vary when using this approach. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is important to stand apart in a crowd and that is why it is important to use keywords that will help you generate enough buzz within the industry, without following the path taken by others.

#4. It is important to portray your strong points while creating a AdWord campaign

Unique selling proposition or USP is what sets a particular brand apart from the rest. In addition, it is the USP that prompts the customer to choose you over the competitors. In other words, a USP helps brands to answer the question, ‘Why should customers choose your brand over any others, versus any other brand or over doing anything else?’ According to Dan Kennedy, there are three things that contribute to a successful USP.

  1. A strong USP will help to generate better traffic from qualified prospects and at the same time remove unwanted leads from the field as well
  1. A strong USP will help to convert sales in a better manner. Not only will it help generate traffic but it will also help to get better conversions and convert the traffic into paying customers in an effective manner
  1. A strong USP will eliminate losses in a better manner. If you give your clients a good reason to do business with you, brand managers can create collaborative results. In this case, price becomes a secondary issue and that is why it is better to focus on creation of a strong USP.

Your core values and USP are key elements in any company. That is why a company must always focus on creating a strong USP at all times. The best way to do this, is to communicate and engage your audience in an effective fashion. When you listen to your customers, you will be able to understand their demands and therefore meet it in a much better manner. Like for example, the USP of Domino’s Pizza is delivery within 30 minutes or less. This is what helps them stand out in the minds of the customer.

#5. Create an irresistible offer that are innovative and compelling

An AdWords campaign is based on the contents of your advertisement. There are four valuable components that form a part of a good offer and that is value, believability angle, reduction of risk and call to action. The product that a brand offers has to be valuable and it is important that the customer is able to see the value of that. Even if the price of the product is high, that value is important and the customer must be able to understand and be able to pay that amount without any grudge.

Make your offer believable and that is why it is important to offer customers a valid reason to buy your products/ services. Offering sales like clearing out inventory, end of season sale and anniversary sales are some ways in which customers can offer special sales and discounts. Offering guarantees like money back will help customers to have complete trust and faith in the brand at all times and that will ensure that your customers will be ready to shop with you, even on the online medium. Create a simple call to action that will put forward your message of communication in a simple and easy manner.

There are four key components in a AdWord text and these include headline, description line 1, description line 2, and display URL.


#6. The URL mentioned in your Ads have to be harmony with your website

After placing your Ad in the website, what do you do after the consumer has seen and clicked on the ad. Many marketers who invest in Google AdWords commit a common mistake, that is they give the link of their homepage on the ad. This can be confusing to the user as the homepage does not have the same offer as the advertising landing page. As the homepage of a brand’s website is based on their product and services, and it cannot be in line with the keywords that the customer searched and clicked. It is important that brands do not commit this mistake in any situation. Brand managers must always be aware of this and create a dedicated landing page that is in line with the concerned ad and matches the keyword as well. The headline of the ad must always be short and grab the attention of the user and be relevant as well. Some things that an ad must have includes USP, benefits of a the concerned product, and strong call to action.

Focusing on the above steps can help brand managers to create Google AdWords that are  profitable, engaging and innovative. Understanding your goal and working towards that is one of the best ways in which Google Adwords can bear effective results for brands and companies. Overall, the best way brand managers can make use of Google AdWords is by experimenting with various projects and experimenting with a lot of phrases and keywords, thereby ensuring that your website remain and stays profitable and engaging at all times.

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How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign


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