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Examsegg provides online practice tests and quiz on science, Engineering, medical, management, aptitude and general knowledge.
2023-09-25 06:26
Santa Claus Trivia Questions: Question: What is Santa Claus also known as? (a) St. Nick (b) Kris Kringle (c) Father Christmas (d) All of the above Question: In what year did the popular Coca… Read More
2023-09-22 14:55
Stranger Things Character and Trivia quiz: Question: What is the name of the parallel dimension featured in Stranger Things? (a) The Mirror World (b) The Upside Down (c) The Alternate Realm… Read More
2023-09-20 16:55
Table Tennis Questions and Answers: Question: What is the diameter of a standard table tennis ball? (a) 35 mm (b) 38 mm (c) 40 mm (d) 42 mm Question: What is the highest level of table tenni… Read More
2023-09-18 16:27
Halloween Quiz: Question: What is the traditional date for celebrating Halloween? (a) October 31st (c) November 1st (c) December 31st (d) January 1st Question: What is the historical origin… Read More
2023-09-16 15:07
Quiz on Milk and Milk products: Question: Which is made by heating milk to a high temperature to kill bacteria? (a) Cheese (b) Yogurt (c) Ice cream (d) Pasteurized milk Question: Yogurt mean… Read More
2023-09-14 06:55
Quiz about Tang Dynasty of China: Question: During what years did the Tang Dynasty rule China? (a) 618-907 (b) 960-1279 (c) 1368-1644 (d) 221-206 BC Question: Which of the following was NOT… Read More
2023-09-11 15:07
Quiz about Finland culture, provinces, food, politics, history, economics, people and history: Question: Which of these is not a nickname for Finland? (a) The Land of a Thousand Lakes (b) Th… Read More
2023-09-07 15:17
Immigration to Australia quiz: Question: What is the primary purpose of the Skilled Migration program in Australia? (a) To attract international students to study in Australia (b) To allow f… Read More
2023-09-05 16:39
Game of Thrones Trivia Quiz: Question: Who is the author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, which inspired the television show “Game of Thrones”? (a) J.R.R. Tolk… Read More
2023-09-03 16:08
Chinese Language Quiz for Beginners: Question: Which dialect is spoken in the Yunnan province and surrounding regions? (a) Mandarin (b) Cantonese (c) Shanghainese (d) Bai Chinese Question: H… Read More
2023-09-01 17:39
South Africa Country Quiz: Question: Which of the following is not one of South Africa’s three capital cities? (a) Johannesburg (b) Cape Town (c) Pretoria (d) Bloemfontein Question: Wh… Read More
2023-08-30 15:06
Dried Fruits & Nut Quiz: Question: Which country is the largest producer of hazelnuts? (a) Italy (b) Turkey (c) United States (d) Spain Question: The center of origin of almonds is (a) A… Read More
2023-08-30 14:36
Credit Card Quiz: Question: What is a credit card? (a) A form of personal identification (b) A prepaid card with a fixed spending limit (c) A card issued by a financial institution that allo… Read More
2023-08-28 16:19
Everything about visa information (Quiz) Question: What is a travel visa? (a) A document allowing a foreigner to enter a country (b) A document allowing a foreigner to work in a country (c)… Read More
2023-08-26 14:54
Biofuels Quiz: Question: Which of the following is a primary benefit of using biofuel? (a) Increased greenhouse gas emissions. (b) Dependence on fossil fuels. (c) Renewable and cleaner energ… Read More
2023-08-25 16:28
Immigrate to Germany Quiz: Question: What is the largest source of immigration to Germany? (a) Turkey (b) Poland (c) Syria (d) Italy Question: What is a research visa in Germany? (a) A permi… Read More
2023-08-24 15:10
French Language Quiz with Answers: Question: How many countries have French as an official language? (a) 15 (b) 20 (c) 25 (d) 30 Question: What is the name of the international organization… Read More
2023-08-22 16:58
Ultimate Trivia Quiz about Switzerland’s geography, culture, history, banks, people and landmarks: Question: What is the name of the highest peak in Switzerland? (a) Mount Blanc (b) Ma… Read More
2023-08-20 17:00
Bagpipers and Bagpipes Trivia Quiz: Question: Which country is often associated with bagpipes? (a) Scotland (b) Ireland (c) England (d) France Question: What is the name of the pipe that is… Read More
2023-08-19 02:59
Everything About French Fries Trivia (Quiz): Question: Which country is commonly associated with the invention of french fries? (a) France (b) Belgium (c) United States (d) Germany Question:… Read More
2023-08-16 15:24
Song Dynasty Questions Question: Which of the following was a significant technological advancement during the Song Dynasty? (a) Gunpowder (b) Printing press (c) Compass (d) All of the above… Read More
2023-08-14 13:15
Passport types, index and ranking quiz: Question: Which of the following is not a type of passport? (a) Regular passport (b) Diplomatic passport (c) Business passport (d) Official passport Q… Read More
2023-08-12 16:42
Questions about Whales: Question: What is the largest species of whale? (a) Blue whale (b) Humpback whale (c) Orca (killer whale) (d) Sperm whale Question: What is the scientific name of the… Read More
2023-08-11 15:34
Elements of the Periodic Table quiz Question: Which family of elements in the periodic table is known for their high reactivity and tendency to form 1+ cations? (a) Alkali metals (Group 1) (… Read More
2023-08-10 16:44
German Language Quiz for Beginners: Question: What is the German word for “yes”? (a) Nein (b) Ja (c) Guten Tag (d) Danke Question: What is the German word for “friend&rdquo&hell…Read More
2023-08-08 17:00
Quiz about New Zealand with Answers: Question: Which is the main export of New Zealand? (a) Dairy products (b) Petroleum products (c) Machinery (d) Textiles Question: Which country is the la… Read More
2023-08-04 15:39
Quiz on Civil Rights Movement in US History: Question: Who is considered the leader and spokesperson of the US Civil Rights Movement? (a) Rosa Parks (b) Malcolm X (c) Martin Luther King Jr… Read More
2023-08-03 14:25
Recession MCQ: Question: What is a recession? (a) A period of economic growth and prosperity (b) A period of economic decline and negative growth (c) A period of economic stability and stagn… Read More
2023-08-02 15:06
Fruit Fact quiz: Question: Which fruit is known for being a good source of vitamin C? (a) Orange (b) Banana (c) Pineapple (d) Mango Question: Which characteristic defines a fruit from a bota… Read More
2023-07-31 18:04
Cow Quiz for Kids Question: What is the scientific name for cows? (a) Bos Taurus (b) Ovis Aries (c) Sus Scrofa (d) Equus Caballus Question: Which breed of cow is originally from Scotland and… Read More
2023-07-30 09:09
Music Drums Quiz: Question: Which of the following is not a type of drum? (a) Snare drum (b) Bass drum (c) Keyboard drum (d) Bongo drum Question: What is the name of the large drum in a drum… Read More
2023-07-27 16:24
Singapore Trivia Quiz: Question: What is the official language of Singapore? (a) Malay (b) English (c) Mandarin (d) Tamil Question: What is the national flower of Singapore? (a) Orchid (b) L… Read More
2023-07-26 08:48
Blood Pressure quiz for students Question: Which of the following factors can contribute to high blood pressure? (a) Regular physical activity (b) Low sodium intake (c) Obesity (d) Adequate… Read More
2023-07-25 09:00
Ancient Egyptian Mythology quiz: Question: What was the title given to the ruler of Ancient Egypt? (a) Pharaoh (b) Sultan (c) Emperor (d) Shah Question: What was the primary purpose of the p… Read More
2023-07-23 17:00
Kitchen tools, Appliances, Equipment and Utensils Quiz: Question: What is the purpose of a vegetable peeler? (a) To slice vegetables into thin strips (b) To remove the skin from fruits and v… Read More
2023-07-21 15:14
Questions about Polar Bears: Question: What is the scientific name for the polar bear? (a) Ursus maritimus (b) Panthera leo (c) Canis lupus (d) Felis catus Question: Which characteristic of… Read More
2023-07-19 16:50
Histology and Histopathology quiz: Question: What is the study of histology primarily concerned with? (a) The study of cells (b) The study of organs (c) The study of tissues (d) The study of… Read More
2023-07-18 03:22
Italian test for Beginners: Question: Italian is a member of which language family? (a) Romance (b) Germanic (c) Slavic (d) Celtic Question: Which Italian city is known for its unique Veneti… Read More
2023-07-15 17:23
US Air Force Career Quiz: Question: Which of the following is an example of a project an Air Force electrical engineer might work on? (a) Troubleshooting and repairing a malfunctioning radar… Read More
2023-07-13 15:42
Sushi trivia questions and answers: Question: Which type of sushi roll features a filling of cooked eel and cucumber? (a) California roll (b) Dragon roll (c) Rainbow roll (d) Unagi roll Ques… Read More
2023-07-11 16:35
Great Depression Multiple Choice Questions: Question: What event is often considered the trigger of the Great Depression? (a) Stock market crash of 1929 (b) World War I (c) Oil crisis (d) Co… Read More
2023-07-08 03:42
multiple choice questions about Grasshoppers with answers: Question: What is the primary characteristic that distinguishes grasshoppers from other insects? (a) Long antennae (b) Large compou… Read More
2023-07-07 15:33
Denmark Quiz: Question: Which sea lies to the east of Denmark? (a) Mediterranean Sea (b) Red Sea (c) North Sea (d) Baltic Sea Question: What is the name of the famous Danish pastry that orig… Read More
2023-07-05 15:15
Questions about the Ottoman Empire: Question: Which sultan marked the conquest of Constantinople and the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe? (a) Mehmed the Conqueror (b) Selim I (c)… Read More
2023-07-03 08:20
Basic Japanese Quiz: Question: What is the Japanese translation for “hello”? (a) Konnichiwa (b) Sayonara (c) Arigatou (d) Moshi moshi Question: What is the Japanese translation f… Read More
2023-07-01 16:17
European Union Quiz: Question: Which treaty established the European Union, replacing the European Economic Community (EEC)? (a) Treaty of Maastricht (b) Treaty of Lisbon (c) Treaty of Rome… Read More
2023-06-29 16:56
Question: Which of the following is the largest type of aircraft carrier? (a) Supercarrier (b) Light aircraft carrier (c) Escort carrier (d) Battlecruiser Question: How is the captain of an… Read More
2023-06-27 15:46
Multiple choice Questions about Pizza with answers: Question: Which ingredient is not typically found on a vegetarian pizza? (a) Mushrooms (b) Olives (c) Sausage (d) Bell peppers Question: W… Read More
2023-06-25 14:39
Quiz on Brunei’s history, geography, people, culture and economics: Question: What is the official language of Brunei? (a) Malay (b) English (c) Chinese (d) Arabic Question: What is th… Read More
2023-06-23 16:00
the French revolution and Napoleon Quiz: Question: How did the French Revolution end? (a) Restoration of the monarchy (b) Execution of King Louis XVI (c) Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte (d) Forma… Read More
2023-06-21 14:57
Questions about Boxing Sport: Question: What is the name of the professional boxing tournament that was first held in 1908 and features the best fighters from the United Kingdom? (a) British… Read More
2023-06-19 16:41
Martin Luther Quiz: Question: In what century did Martin Luther live? (a) 15th century (b) 16th century (c) 17th century (d) 18th century Question: Who is credited with translating the Bible… Read More
2023-06-17 15:23
Facts about Japan Quiz: Question: What is the capital of Japan? (a) Osaka (b) Tokyo (c) Kyoto (d) Hiroshima Question: What is the purpose of the “yui-no” ritual during a Japanese… Read More
2023-06-15 15:30
Trivia quiz on Frigate: Question: What is the origin of the word “frigate”? (a) French (b) Spanish (c) German (d) Italian Question: How many guns did a typical frigate carry duri… Read More
2023-06-13 11:17
Artificial Intelligence Quiz for Beginners: Question: What is artificial intelligence (AI)? (a) The study of human intelligence (b) The simulation of human intelligence in machines (c) The p… Read More
2023-06-11 16:17
Cat Breeds Quiz and answers: Question: Which breed of cat is known for its black coat and copper-colored eyes? (a) Siamese (b) Persian (c) Bombay (d) Himalayan Question: What is the term for… Read More
2023-06-09 16:35
Bible Trivia quiz: Question: What did Simon of Cyrene do in The Bible? (a) Carry Christ’s cross (b) Prist (c) Hunter (d) Built Church Question: In the Bible, what is the first book of… Read More
2023-06-07 16:40
Questions about the Netherlands country: Question: What is the capital city of the Netherlands? (a) Amsterdam (b) Rotterdam (c) The Hague (d) Utrecht Question: What is the name of the Dutch… Read More
2023-06-03 15:43
The Ultimate Eggs Quiz: Question: What is the main nutrient found in eggs? (a) Protein (b) Carbohydrates (c) Fat (d) Vitamins Question: What is an egg wash? (a) A mixture of water and vinega… Read More
2023-06-01 09:23
The Everything you need to know about US Debt Ceiling (Quiz): Question: What is the debt ceiling? (a) The maximum amount of money a country can borrow from other nations (b) The total outsta… Read More
2023-05-31 15:33
Athletics MCQ Questions and Answers: Question: In Athletics, what is the shortest distance for a track event in the Olympics? (a) 100 meters (b) 200 meters (c) 400 meters (d) 800 meters Ques… Read More
2023-05-30 15:48
Facts, History, and all Trivia about Submarines: Question: What material is commonly used for the lenses of submarine periscopes? (a) Glass (b) Plastic (c) Acrylic (d) Polycarbonate Question… Read More
2023-05-28 15:10
Trivia Quiz Questions about Belgium: Question: What is the capital city of Belgium? (a) Amsterdam (b) Brussels (c) Paris (d) Berlin Question: What is the highest point in Belgium? (a) Mont B… Read More
2023-05-26 16:11
Christmas Traditions Quiz Questions: Question: In which country do children hang stockings by the fireplace for Father Christmas to fill with gifts? (a) Canada (b) Australia (c) United State… Read More
2023-05-25 16:50
Quiz on history, geography, events, crisis, construction, trivia and importance on the Suez Canal: Question: In which country is the Suez Canal located? (a) Egypt (b) Saudi Arabia (c) Turkey… Read More
2023-05-25 04:10
Basic History USA Quiz: Question: Which document declared the 13 American colonies’ independence from Great Britain? (a) The Mayflower Compact (b) The Declaration of Independence (c) T… Read More
2023-05-22 13:03
African Cuisine Recipes & Trivia Questions: Question: Which of these is a popular West African soup made with peanut paste? (a) Egusi soup (b) Okro soup (c) Pepper soup (d) Groundnut sou… Read More
2023-05-20 15:02
Microsoft Trivia Questions and Answers: Question: Who is the current CEO of Microsoft? (a) Sunder Pichai (b) Satya Nadella (c) Parag Aggarwal (d) Narayan Murti Question: Which was the first… Read More
2023-05-18 17:04
Theater arts, design, terms, history, components, acts, performance and musical theater, and theater around the World trivia Quiz Is it theatre or theater? In UK English live stage performin… Read More
2023-05-16 17:19
Bacteria and Bacteria Disease quiz: Question: A substance that causes the disintegration of bacteria is (a) Bacteriocin (b) Bacterin (c) Barophile (d) Bacteriolysin Question: Which of the fo… Read More
2023-05-14 14:45
things to know about Austria Quiz: Question: Which of the following mountain ranges runs through Austria? (a) The Alps (b) The Andes (c) The Himalayas (d) The Rockies Question: Which Austria… Read More
2023-05-12 17:48
Trivia questions about wedding traditions from around the world: Question: What is the traditional Finnish wedding ritual? (a) Jumping over a broomstick (b) Exchanging rings (c) Planting a t… Read More
2023-05-10 15:48
Foreign Exchange Market Quiz Question: ___ is not a bank characteristic important to customers in need of foreign exchange. (a) Quote competitiveness (b) Speed of execution (c) Forecasting a… Read More
2023-05-08 15:07
The ultimate quiz on wedding cakes, cake decoration, cake baking and different types of cakes: Question: What is the purpose of adding baking soda to cake batter? (a) To add flavor (b) To ma… Read More
2023-05-06 16:35
CRM quiz questions: Question: In CRM, customer teams are tailored to meet the needs of key accounts and segments of other customers. (a) Product and Service Agreements (b) Plan Service Agree… Read More
2023-05-04 08:25
Quiz about Abraham Lincoln: Question: In what year was Abraham Lincoln born? (a) 1809 (b) 1819 (c) 1829 (d) 1839 Question: Who among the following defined democracy as the government of the… Read More
2023-05-02 15:32
Heart Biology Questions: Question: Which chamber of the heart pumps oxygenated blood to the rest of the body? (a) Right atrium (b) Left atrium (c) Right ventricle (d) Left ventricle Question… Read More
2023-04-30 15:54
Quiz about Magic and Witchcraft: Question: The term magic has been derived from the __ word (a) Greek (b) Latin (c) French (d) Polynesian Question: What is the name for a type of witchcraft… Read More
2023-04-28 18:20
European History Trivia Questions and Answers: Question: Which event sparked the beginning of the Seven Years’ War in Europe? (a) The French and Indian War in North America (b) The War… Read More
2023-04-26 17:08
Quantitative Methods for the Economic Analysis practice question paper: Question: A good index number is one which satisfies (1) Unit test (2) Time reversal test (3) Factor reversal test Whi… Read More
2023-04-24 16:24
Host and Parasite Quiz: Question: The organism which lives in other organism is called (a) Ectoparasite (b) Endoparasite (c) Parasite (d) Saprophyte Question: Which of the following is a met… Read More
2023-04-22 16:12
Quiz on studying different fields: Ques. Numismatics is the study of (a) Coins (b) Numbers (c) Stamps (d) Space Ques. Study of mountains is called? (a) Nanotechnology (b) Orology (c) Autecol… Read More
2023-04-20 11:00
Train Trivia Questions: Question: Which of the following is the world’s oldest railway network? (a) The England Railways (b) The American railways (c) The Indian Railways (d) The Japan… Read More
2023-04-18 11:38
Golf Quiz Questions and Answers: Question: Who is considered the greatest golfer of all time? (a) Arnold Palmer (b) Tiger Woods (c) Lee Trevino (d) Jack Nicklaus Question: In what year was t… Read More
2023-04-16 14:41
Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Quiz: Question: An organization posts an advertisement in the newspaper as: “Approximate Gross salary is $3000/ per month. In addition to above salar… Read More
2023-04-14 09:41
Norse Mythology Gods Quiz: Question: Which god is known as the “Allfather” in Norse mythology? (a) Thor (b) Odin (c) Loki (d) Freyr Question: What is Odin’s most famous wea… Read More
2023-04-12 07:44
Civil War trivia questions and answers: Question: When did the American Civil War begin? (a) 1867 (b) 1865 (c) 1863 (d) 1861 Question: What was the official name of the African American troo… Read More
2023-04-10 17:52
Ice Cream Questions and Answers: Question: What is the name of the dessert that is made by placing a scoop of ice cream between two cookies? (a) Ice cream sandwich (b) Ice cream cake (c) Ice… Read More
2023-04-08 14:58
DNA and RNA practice quiz: Question: Which nitrogenous base is not present in DNA? (a) Uracil (b) Adenine (c) Thymine (d) Cytosine Question: DNA synthesis occurs in (a) G1 Phase (b) G2 Phase… Read More
2023-04-06 08:43
Organizational Structure and change quiz online: Question: Who is responsible to take corrective actions in response to unforeseen problems? (a) Liaison (b) Disturbance-handler (c) Figurehea… Read More
2023-04-03 16:39
Direction: Find the sum of numbers which are placed on even positions in the following number series. Question: 3 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 2 8 4 3 2 5 6 7 8 3 8 8 7 8 8 3 2 1 1 (a) 70 (b) 65 (c)… Read More
2023-03-31 17:21
Fundamental multiple choice quiz for Political Science: Question: What is the meaning of the word ‘Polls’? (a) Government (b) Nation state (c) City state (d) House of the people… Read More
2023-03-28 14:54
Organizational Behavior Analysis Quiz: Question: The modulation of employee behavior to produce desired performance is called (a) Grievance (b) Discipline (c) Punishment (d) none of these Qu… Read More
2023-03-25 16:28
Law of Exponents Multiple Choice Questions: Question: (32)2 x (32)4 / (27)4 ? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 Question: 2525 is divided by 24, the remainder is (a) 23 (b) 22 (c) 1 (d) 2 Question: Th… Read More
2023-03-22 16:39
Social Psychology multiple choice questions: Ques. Social psychology is the scientific study of how people _____, ____, and ___ one another. (a) understand, feel about, act toward (b) percei… Read More
2023-03-19 14:08
Production Manager interview questions: Question: __ analysis presents the picture of profit at different levels of production. (a) Break-even (b) sensitivity (c) risk (d) ratio Question: In… Read More
2023-03-15 14:37
Polarization of Light questions and answers: Ques: Plane polarized light is passed through a polaroid. On viewing through the polaroid, we find that when the polaroid is given one complete r… Read More
2023-03-11 09:47
Marketing Channels Questions: Question: In marketing terms, we say that the number of intermediary levels indicates the __ of a channel. (a) complexity (b) length (c) involvement (d) width Q… Read More

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