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2022-05-15 03:39
Mountain Quiz Questions Ques. The highest Mountain range in the world is the – (a) Alps (b) Himalayas (c) Ural Mountains (d) Hindu Kush Ans. (b) Ques. What divides Antarctica into two… Read More
2022-05-13 10:53
Fish quiz on test your knowledge about different Fishes and catching fishes with our Fish Trivia Quiz. Ques. What is unusual about the type of fishing called “noodling”? (a) Fish… Read More
2022-05-11 17:24
Middle Ages Quiz: Ques. What change in education developed in the middle Ages? (a) The first universities evolved (b) Large universities with permanent buildings came into being (c) Students… Read More
2022-05-09 16:52
Alkene Reactions practice quiz Ques. Addition of bromine to 1, 3-butadiene gives (a) 1, 2 addition product only (b) 1, 4 addition product only (c) Both 1, 2 and 1, 4 addition products (d) No… Read More
2022-05-09 16:31
Interpersonal Communication Quiz Answers: Ques. ___ refers to the ability or competence to express one’s feelings, needs or desires openly and directly but in a respectful manner or wi… Read More
2022-05-07 14:11
Quiz on Child psychology, child development and parenting: Ques. Emotional intelligence involves __ (a) Mood management (b) Managing relationships (c) Emotional self-awareness (d) All of the… Read More
2022-05-03 06:40
Finance MCQ for SEBI: Question: The minimum application money should be ________ of nominal value as per SEBI guidelines (a) 25% (b) 30% (c) 40% (d) None of these Ans. (a) Question: As per S… Read More
2022-05-02 05:04
Renaissance history and facts Online Questions: Ques. Name the home of Renaissance (a) Germany (b) France (c) Italy (d) India Ans. (c) Ques. Father of Indian Renaissance is __ (a) Dr. Rajend… Read More
2022-04-29 15:15
Food chain quiz multiple choice questions answers: Ques. Food chains are met with only in the (a) Sea (b) Cities (c) Forests (d) In all the places Ans. (d) Ques. The herbivores are also call… Read More
2022-04-27 16:11
Leadership assessment quiz for students, managers and entrepreneurs Ques. Self-awareness skills does not include the ability to: (a) Recognize the weak and strong sides of one’s own be… Read More

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