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Dissertation Help: Writing Service to help with Literature Review Chapter

Dissertation help: how to organize a literature review chapter

When looking for the best ways in which to organize the Literature Review, you need to take into account different ways that will give you the assistance. It is not an easy process when you want to get overall assistance with writing literature review since there are different guidelines that one needs to follow. Writing the review is one of the biggest hurdles since it has different bibliographical details that one needs to consider and this will enable them to settle with the right results in the citing, and presentation styles. With the framework and theoretical study as well as dissertation help, the process starts by understanding the guides, and procures to indicate different areas to make an interesting read.

Some of the important areas to consider include:

Grammar - just like any other paper, the writer needs to ensure that the literature review has the correct grammar flow and this includes spellings and punctuation.

Literature sources - the reader needs to make sure they have used the correct books, internet sources and other areas for researching. The information should be relevant to the topic at hand

Citing and punctuation - you need to be fair with different formatting and punctuation styles that are used in the literature review. In many cases, you will need to understand more about APA style guiding. This means you should list all the sources and other bibliographical details according to the stated way.

Dissertation Help

Dissertation help with organizing literature includes choosing style

Dissertation help calls for different steps that will allow you to have an easier solution to the literature review setting. Some of the guides you need to follow are:

Step 1: understand literature

In the literature review, you do not start writing instantly. You need to know the topic, area of interest and find relevant sources. Literature review calls for a comprehensive look into the matter, research, and reasons for writing on the chosen topic. With a myriad of subject options to choose from, writers need to draft why they should write on that topic, and understand instructions given. It forces them to start researching in order to understand, and invest their time in formulating a well-written literature review.

Step 2: organize literature

Organizing literature includes choosing style, presentation of ideas and citation. Focusing on these areas makes it easier for readers to comprehend. The overview sheds light to the kind of literature you are writing. The body carries the entire weight hence the need to organize in different paragraphs, each stating a unique point and elaboration. In the conclusion section, it is important to summarize the entire text, by highlighting main points. Organization allows the reader to follow the entire review easily without mixing up different ideas or getting an urgent dissertation help.

Step 3: analyze literature

The first rule in the analysis process includes reviewing the articles. This is the process of presenting correct details as required in the introduction, paragraphs, conclusion, and format details as required. You will later group these articles into different categories form topics, to sub topics and ensure you have the relevant ideas grouped together. This mostly comes when dealing with paragraphs, and you need to ensure every paragraph represents a different point/source. You later need to take notes and determine the kind of format you will use in the presentation of the document. This includes defining the key notes, and quotes that will stand out on your literature. This makes it easier and applicable to gain reputable results.

Step 4: summarize your literature sources

You have the opportunity to start summarizing different areas of the literature review. When one is searching for dissertation help, they need to keep in focus areas that will enable them to give a fulfilling summary. You need to create different tables that will give the main points or use point form notes to make an easy reading. This is one of the integral parts, which attract loads of attention to different readers.

With dissertation help for your literature review you will find that most people have found it easier and appealing to organize their sources and improve their presentation styles.

Best dissertation help: choose your topic from the list

1. The rise of 24-New television: Individual perspectives

What is the role of the media in modern times? It would seem an odd question if posed a few decades ago, since the answer would have been obvious to all. The role of reporters and journalists is to report the news and keep the public informed. But things have changed. In this brave new world we now inhabit, more and more reputable news stations have converted to the 24-hour format. Stations like CNN and BBC News customarily air the same news segments, interviews, and a healthy portion of filler stories simply to make it through the day. Is this a good thing? For the first half of this Dissertation, the author will analyze the percentage of airtime that is devoted to real news stories and contrast that with how much time is given to repeated segments, interviews, and other programs that are not news related. After which, the writer must assess public reactions to the continuous news cycle by interviewing ten or more participants. The group should not be given any explicit instructions; they need only observe the same 24-hour news network for a certain period of time. Then they can be interviewed by the author. They should be asked about the content of the news, the repetition of stories, and finally about the effectiveness of the never-ending new cycle. Did it add to their understanding of the main news stories of the day, or simply make them feel apathetic and unengaged? The hypothesis of this dissertation is that 24-hour news stations do not enrich our lives or make the public better informed, but rather repel us with constant repetition, fluff, filler, and pseudo events that aren't really news at all.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility: An investigation into the issues of sustainability in the business community

Whether a small mom-and-pop store or a multinational corporation, all business care about their public image. So whether they want to or not, they much pay attention to the zeitgeist and make the necessary changes as needed. At present, there is no single issue that is more pressing or contested than sustainability. Companies are encouraged by both politicians and the public to become more eco-friendly. Focusing on a small group of fast food giants-McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's-this dissertation not only discusses the initiatives taken by each corporation, but also examines the effects they have had on the buying public. The author should determine whether or not these changes improved the reputation of the company and provide evidence to support his/her claims. He/she should also devise a number of financially feasible recommendations for the future that will help each corporation improve their eco-friendly reputation.

3. The Model Obsession: Body image and how it is adversely affecting the health of the nation

According to a recent study, as many as 24 million Americans struggle with an eating disorder. Worse yet, only about ten percent of them receive professional treatment for anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. One of the reasons these mostly young men and women forego treatment is that they regard their conditions as normal, even desirable. After all, most of the fashion models that strut down the catwalks and bring in millions of dollars got there by starving themselves, didn't they? The simple fact is that the body beautiful image that is promoted by the fashion industry is an unhealthy one that has led to a dramatic increase in the number of eating disorders, especially in teenage girls. Rather than seeing them as genetic anomalies or cultural cash cows, this dissertation focuses on the negative influence runway models have had on the health of young people. But how exactly can we combat the model fantasy in an image-obsessed culture? Using specific examples, offer a few solutions to this growing problem.

4. Promotion or fake approbation - The use of new job titles as rewards during trying financial times

On average, Americans hold eight different jobs before the age of 30. In other words, there isn't much job security in the good ole' US of A. But one recent stratagem employers have been utilizing with increasing frequency is title-inflation. How does it work? Instead of offering workers higher salaries, more benefits, or stock options, they simply give them a new title in lieu of a promotion. Because this has become a common practice in the U.S., this dissertation will focus on three national chain retailers. The purpose is to discover just how many transferrable titles each major retailer has created out of thin air since the Great Recession started in 2007. The author should also define exactly what the titles mean, if anything, across competing chains. To accomplish this, interviews with staff, HR, and the customers must be completed to determine how each group regards these new titles and if they add any value or authority at all.

5. Maternal nutrition and the programming of obesity in the poor

It might seem counterintuitive, but numerous studies have found that low-income adults and their kids are far more likely to be overweight or obese than those of greater means. This dissertation focuses on two disparate socio-economic groups-those that live below the poverty line, i.e., the poor, and those that are wealthy, according to the current definitions of both terms. The author should pay close attention to the diets of the participants and how they vary during periods of pregnancy. The hypothesis of this dissertation is that poorer women simply do not have the financial resources to alter their diets to include healthier foods when they get pregnant, while wealthier women obviously can. As a result, their unborn children receive a steady diet of cheap foods that are high in calories, sugars, and fats, but low in nutritional content. This may instill in these children a predilection for the same types of foods they enjoyed in the womb after they are born and throughout their lives, leading to increased risk of obesity.

6. Image is everything-how beauty has supplanted talent within popular music

Music videos were introduced for one simple reason-to sell a particular song. But in the information age, videos are produced to sell the performer, often based on image and looks. The tune itself is almost inconsequential. Hence the increasingly familiar practice of attractive performers to lip sync songs, even when they are supposed to be singing live. The same option is rarely afforded to older or less attractive performers, who are expected to bring their A games to every event. In this dissertation, the author will focus on the interplay between image and music and its effect on consumers and the music charts. The natural conclusion the writer will then reach is that aesthetics, eroticism, and image are far more important than musical talent in the modern music industry. To prove this viewpoint, the dissertation will examine the careers of three admittedly image-conscious artists-Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Finally, the author will determine whether or not beauty and image is destined to become even more important in the future than it presently is.

7. Escaping from the cave: What Plato has to tell us about body image today

In his most famous allegory, Plato told a story of prisoners chained up in a cave. Cut off from the outside world, their only form of entertainment was watching shadows on the wall, which was closest they could get to viewing reality. As a result, they soon begin to ascribe forms and importance to these shadows. Then one day a prisoner escaped and entered the real world. He was amazed by what he saw and by the realization that the shadows on the wall were not real at all. But when he returned to the cave to inform the others of his discovery, they did not believe him, since shadows were the only thing they knew. There are countless interpretations of this legendary parable, and most agree that Plato was trying to tell us that our senses are not always accurate. We cannot always trust the material world that we know through sensation. Rather, we must look inward to unearth our own truth, our own reality. In this dissertation we apply the ancient allegory to modern times. Are contemporary stereotypes about how people should look really any different than the shadows on the wall? Can the viewing audience at home tell the difference between shadows and reality, since the surface of things is really all they ever see?

8. Body dysmorphic disorder in middle-aged men

Although it is true that women are more likely to suffer body-image disturbances, men are not immune, especially as they enter middle age. Guys are spending more money than ever on purely aesthetic procedures, including plastic surgery, hair transplants, tanning, teeth whitening, etc. Using both secondary and primary research, this dissertation examines the way middle-age men feel about their bodies. The author must interview a group of at least 30 participants to determine if they are self-conscious or in any why anxious about their physiques. These responses can then be analyzed to ascertain the role that body image plays in the middle-age male compared to younger people, of which there is a wealth of data on the subject. It might also be instructive to compare the comments of middle-age men with those of middle-age women to find out how individuals of the same age group but different sexes feel about their bodies.

9. Effective nursing strategies to deal with refusal to eat in the elderly

We all know that health care costs are on the rise in America, but few of us can say why. The driving force behind these increases is the aging population and the fact that caring for elderly people is far more expensive than caring for people of other age groups. Another serious problem is that many medical professionals do not have the experience needed to care for elderly patients that are now flooding their facilities at an unprecedented pace. One of the most common disorders doctors and nurses encounter in elderly patients is a refusal to eat. It is by far the most familiar eating disorder for older patients. Because they spend more time with sick people than the doctors do, nurses must find ways to deal with this life-threatening condition. To do so, they must carefully and continually access the social and psychological state of the patient. This dissertation relies on secondary research and firsthand interviews with nurses to determine effective approaches to this deadly disorder.

10. Academic Stress: Are parents pushing their kids too hard?

The rate of suicide among high-school-age girls ranges widely based on culture and country of origin. For example, the rate is more than twice as high in South Korea, where girls between the ages of 15-19 commit suicide at a rate of 4.9 per 100,000. In the United States, the figure is only around 1.8 per 100,000. Why the discrepancy? This dissertation examines the pressure parents in South Korea put on the children to achieve academic excellence and how that increases the risk that they may harm themselves. The author can rely on a wealth of academic research on the subject, but should also complete primary research to add something to the discussion. Interviews should be completed with high-school-age girls of similar socio-economic backgrounds from both South Korea and the United States. It may also be instructive to conduct in-depth interviews with school psychologists from both nations. Finally, the writer should make practical recommendations as to how parents and educators can reduce academic stress in a positive and productive way.

11. Elderly America: An examination of the effects of aging on the welfare state

As the largest generation in the history of the nation (the Baby Boomers) begin to retire en masse in the next decade or so, the demographic shift could have disastrous consequences, both from a social and economic perspective. Since all of the major social programs are bases on proportionality, as the imbalance between the working and the retired continues to grow, benefits must inevitably be cut. Higher health care costs could also affect the level of care Medicaid and Medicare recipients receive. This dissertation not only focuses on the monetary effects of a workforce in decline (for tax purposes), it also considers the ever-increasing demands that are being placed on hospitals and nursing homes across the country. Are there enough medical professionals to care for the 76 million members of the Baby Boomer generation? And if not, will that change the modern American family forever? Must we return to the old format, where several generations of family members resided under one roof?

12. No Longer Up to Snuff - Olympic events that have gone the way of the dodo and why

Athletes the world over were shocked when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games. A popular sport in both the modern and ancient Olympic Games, it is one of many events to be unceremoniously jettisoned in recent years. Both baseball and softball were excluded from the 2012 Summer Olympics, and once gone these events rarely return. Lacrosse, croquet, and rope climbing were once popular sports that were discontinued and deposited into the dustbin of Olympic events. This dissertation seeks to examine and evaluate the reasons behind these sudden dismissals. What prompted the IOC to drop sports that were not only popular but also had a long and impressive Olympic history. The author should concentrate on historic primary sources that relate to the governance of the sport as well as public perceptions regarding the acceptability of individual events that were discontinued. It may also be instructive to examine sports that were only recently introduced, such as golf, sevens rugby, and kitesurfing. Are these sports any more demanding than the event they replaced, or is politics at play?

13. 'Sexting': The social and legal ramifications of this new teenage trend

It might seem like fun and games at first, but youngsters may not appreciate the many dangers of the phenomenon known as sexting. The messages they exchange, which often contain salacious or suggestive photos in text form, can lead to criminal prosecution for the sender if age is an issue. Under the laws of most states, a person may be subject to prosecution if he/she sends a sext to a person who is only a year younger. For example, if a 17-year old boy sends an inappropriate photo of himself to a 16-year-old girl in a state where she is considered a minor, he could be charged with a sex crime. In fact, he could end up on the Sex Offender Registry, which would plague him for the rest of his life. This dissertation examines the trend from a personal perspective by interviewing young people to determine their understanding of the laws in their states.

14. Focus on obesity in America: Health education programs aimed at children

The United States is now the fattest developed nation on Earth. One-third of Her citizens are obese, while two-thirds are merely overweight. Worse yet, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy behaviors have been passed to the next generation, as evidenced by the tripling of the childhood obesity rate over the past thirty years. This paper focuses on the factors that have lead to the increase, such as social-economic background, education, location, and family life. It also investigates the success of current health education programs and projects that seek to decrease the rising rates of obesity in American children. Finally, the author must conduct surveys with the creators of said programs at least three years after implementation to see if they were efficacious, i.e., if the obesity rates in the regions they targeted declined. Investigators are also encouraged to speak with teachers and school health officials to determine how effective these programs really were.

15. Solutions to cyber-bullying in the internet age

There is a price to pay for every technological step forward. Although social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter help people stay in touch, they can also be misused and abused, especially by younger users. Stealing lunch money and giving wedgies is now considered passe by modern bullies. Most of them push and shove on the internet, since it is much harder to detect and to prove. According to school administrators and officials, they are on top of this new form of intimidation. Many of them host face-to-face conflict resolution sessions between victims and perpetrators of cyber-bullying soon after the offense is reported. These sessions often make parents feel better, but there is little, if any evidence to suggest that they are an effective means of diminishing bullying in public or private schools. In this thesis the author will evaluate current conflict resolution programs and make recommendations aimed at improving anti-bullying programs in schools.

16. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

One of the many rights convicted felons give up is the right to vote. After they are cast in the slammer, they are officially disenfranchised. Depriving incarcerated individuals of their right to vote was not a major issue in the past. But as the prison population continues to grow, millions of Americans are unable to cast a ballot. In 2008, one out of every thirty-one adults (7.3 million) was in some phase of the correctional system. Furthermore, most of these convicted criminals no longer reside in state or county prisons. Even so, nearly 6 million American felons are not welcomed at polling places on Election Day. Does this make any intuitive sense? If these people have indeed paid their debt to society, why should they be deprived of their basic rights? This dissertation considers both the moral and legal arguments regarding felony disenfranchisement.

17. Is Facebook kid friendly or kid adverse?

Shortly before the company went public, Facebook announced they had over 1 billion members, making it the most popular social networking site in the history of mankind. In fact, if they formed their own nation, Facebook members would be the third largest country by population on Earth, after China and India. Although most of those users are adults, more than ten million of them are under the age of thirteen, even though Facebook maintains that these users cannot receive accounts under their terms of service. In practice, young children often receive Facebook accounts because their parents help them apply for them, which can and often does grant them access to mature material. Should Facebook be more careful when it comes to screening and approving new accounts, or are the parents of these new account holders the final authority? This thesis focuses on the safeguard standards the social networking site employs and whether or not they are up to snuff.

18. Middle Class Tax Crunch: The danger of alienating the people who pay most of the taxes

Some call it class warfare, while others say it is absolutely necessary. Raising taxes on the wealthy would presumably help the country return to pre-recession levels of productivity. Lost in this discussion is any mention of the net increase in the tax burden on the middle class. Most reporters and political pundits have spend all of their time focusing on two antithetical classes-the rich and the poor. But they have paid little attention to the middle class, which presently pays about 60 percent of federal income taxes and a much larger share of state taxes. These hard-working men and women are not only facing higher cost of living expenses and fewer benefits they must also pay more simply to receive a paycheck. That's right! The payroll tax expired on January 1, 2013, which means that every American will receive two percent less because the Social Security payroll tax was not included in fiscal cliff negotiations. Regardless of political affiliation, this failure to act is tantamount to a slap in the face to middle-class families. How can the federal government avoid further alienating the group that pay their salaries and quite literally keeps the country going? Should the middle class receive special tax breaks and benefits, as both the wealthy and the poor do?

19. Dementia: The costs of care in an aging world

Only about 1 percent of the people aged 60-64 years have dementia, which means it is a rare disease in the recently retired. However, it is quite common in the fastest growing age group in America, i.e., those over the age over 85. As many as 30-50 percent of octogenarians have some degree of dementia; and that proportion will continue to rise as the population ages. If an effective treatment is not found, dementia may be an unavoidable consequence of getting older. This would have a devastating impact on the health care industry in America, as costs would skyrocket and personal care would be almost impossible to procure. The simple fact is that there aren't enough doctors and nurses for the millions of Americans that may be diagnosed with the illness in the coming years. A comprehensive national policy is needed if we hope to provide adequate care while keeping costs under control. Using secondary sources, the author of this dissertation must determine whether or not the framework that is presently in place is acceptable or whether a new one is needed. The writer should examine the policies that have been established in other countries, such as Canada, Great Britain, and Japan, for ideas and possible recommendations.

20. Addressing the dearth of domestic skills in the US construction industry

Because the country has failed to invest in traditional trades such as roofing, drywalling, and stonemasonry, there is a shortage of skilled labor in the United States. As a result, builders must increasingly rely on migrant workers to fill these once general, quotidian construction positions. The obvious question then is why aren't these skills being taught in school? At a time when the youth unemployment rate stands at 11.5 percent, there is absolutely no reason why people aged 14-19 are not being given the opportunity to learn these sought-after trades in school. This dissertation focuses on the abandonment of practical skills-based subjects since the 1970s, when educators and administrators decided that college should be the one and only goal of secondary education. As a result, trade programs and courses fell by the wayside and millions of students who could not afford college were left to twist in the wind, without any marketable skills. A reintroduction of these practical programs within the secondary curriculum would not only erase the shortages in the domestic construction industry, they would also provide students who cannot afford or do not want attend college with real-world skills.

Dissertation Help. Reviewed by Kent Ray on Feb 7. Thank you for the dissertation help. I knew that my methodology and literature review chapters needed proper revision since my dissertation writing skills are rather week, but I did not expect it would become perfect with your service. You helped me with the most important paper in my life. Rating: 5

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