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Research Paper Topics for Marketing Classes

Research Paper Topics for a Marketing Class

Choosing a good topic for a research paper can sometimes be challenging, depending on the scope of the research. Students who are pursuing courses in Marketing are no exception to this as they have to do extensive research on various concepts. Choosing the right topic is very important for them to be able to present the research paper effectively. A thorough brain storming session on your areas of interest might help you narrow down to the topic that you wish to present your research paper on. Below are a few topics that might help you gain an insight to further develop the research paper.

Marketing through social networking

Over the last few years, the use of social media and networking websites has grown multifold, making the social networking a new powerful marketing tool. Marketing through social networking proves to be very effective as the reach on the social media sites is much higher now. You can write as to how it is important for a business to make use of the opportunity to engage to the continuously growing customer base over the social media websites. Looking at how the demographics of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, have grown drastically Companies can no longer ignore the idea of marketing through social networking. The social media marketing allows the companies or organizations to directly get the feedback from the customers. Marketing through social networking also proves to be useful and efficient as the companies can easily get an analysis of the consumer trends and instantly customize the market campaigns to engage large number of consumers.

Brand Management

Brand management is a process to make the brand sustain competition, right from the creation of the brand. Brand Management involves efficiently using the various media to create an identity to the product and also an impact in the target customer base. You can discuss how customers can be loyal to brands once they feel nice about the brand after their first experience with the product. You can talk about things that companies should incorporate while managing their brand in the market. A competent brand management helps the organization to build a great corporate image and hence brand management plays an important role in the marketing of the business.

Mobile Advertising Campaigns: Latest Trend

Advertising lays an important role in reaching the target audience effectively and contributes to the increase in business. This has been proven for various businesses and hence the ever growing demand for advertising campaigns. The latest trend, the Mobile Advertising Campaigns have become very popular with the growth in the use of mobile phones across the globe. One of the reasons for the mobile advertising campaigns to be preferred by the businesses is the wider reach to the target audience. Another advantage is that companies can easily run location specific campaigns. You can discuss about how the use of mobile phones has grown over the years and how it has evolved as a powerful gadget that now enables the user to do many things including shopping, banking, booking tickets, paying bills etc. and hence mobile advertising campaigns prove to effective. You can write about how the use of smart phones and the user's need to access information on the go makes the mobile advertising campaigns so popular. You can also discuss about the various parameters to be considered for the campaign like research, target audience, budget, theme, and execution.

Value Based Marketing

The concept of value-based marketing is not new and is visible across different types of industries. Value based marketing helps the companies build a strong customer relationships. You can discuss about the factors that affect the value based marketing of a product. You can also suggest some improvements to the products that will add more value from a customer's point of view. You can discuss about various analysis that help a company arrive to a proper value based marketing strategy. Also, emphasize on how important it is for the companies to continuously monitor the customer perceived value over certain period of time to understand and make the necessary changes to the value of the product.

Marketing Strategies of Popular Companies

There are so many companies that have set a trend in certain marketing strategies. Companies like Pepsi, Levi's, Coca-Cola, Amazon etc. have innovated new marketing strategies that are followed by large number of other small companies across the globe and are proven to be very effective. You can research about the marketing strategies and activities of one such popular company and express your views on its effectiveness and highlights of the strategy. You can further present your analysis on the research that you carry on the market strategy of the company.

Why Customer opinion is important?

Customer opinion or feedback plays a vital role in any business' success. It is important that companies pay attention to the customer opinion on the products and services to make a constant effort to improve the standards of the services and products to suit the changing needs of the new age customer. Taking the customer opinion from time to time also helps in improving the relations with the customers as they feel that the company cares for their opinion and in the longer run, the company earns more and more loyal customers. You can elaborate on any experience that you might have enjoyed and instances that made you a loyal customer after the company implemented your suggestions or feedback. You can discuss how important it is for a company to give the customer the ultimate power to criticize and learn from the feedback provided by the customer. Customer feedback also sometimes helps the companies in analyzing certain trends among the consumers and the companies might get a hint to change the technology or other aspects to produce better quality products.

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Research Paper Topics for Marketing Classes


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