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Character Analysis Essay: How to Write It?

The students who are pursuing their academic course in English literature discipline often come across assignments related to Character analysis essay. The task of a character analysis essay is often perceived as a headache since they have little idea on how to approach them. The article would provide our readers with good clarity on how to draft a relevant piece of character analysis essay to secure higher marks in the academic evaluation. The student is expected to analyze a particular chosen character by sustaining the relevance to the respective context in these types of academic tasks. A valid comparison is being conducted between the selected character and other characters in the storyline. The student must also provide the individual opinion regarding the character rather than just providing a very generic discussion. The detailed guidelines on how to draft a relevant character analysis essay have been discussed below.

Definition of character analysis essay
The very detailed and unexplored characteristics of a particular character are selected as the theme of analysis in the character analysis essay’s task. It is majorly the well-known literature or other storylines that the character for conducting analysis is done. The character’s real aspect is expected to be revealed before the audience by this task, and the writer has to subdue the personal bias towards it while conducting the presentation. The student is required to retain the critical analysis skills to conduct this task efficiently. It is the attitude and relationship of the selected character with that of the other characteristics which are analyzed in this task which deeply overviews the parameters like behaviour, appearance, and other sorts of mannerisms.

The intent behind assigning character analysis essay
The tutor tries to develop the ability among the students to critically analyze a character and aware them of the present world by the task of a character analysis essay. The anatomy of characters is deeply analyzed in these tasks, which reveals the unexplored dissection of their personality. The student should be able to trace the path through which the personality of the character has developed.

Character analysis essay

One of the most frequent tasks allotted under the task of character analysis essay is the role of Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby”. It is Daisy’s thought process and the impact created by her on Gatsby, which is mentioned in the respective character analysis essay. If the story is already taught in the classroom, a detailed description or introduction regarding the context is not required. However, it would be appropriate if the student takes the approach that the audience knows nothing about the selected theme.

Certain instances in which the character has involved and infuse various contextual twists should be mentioned in the discussion section of the character analysis essay. The reason and justification why the particular instances are mentioned in the discussion section should be provided rather than just making generic discussions. The major intention behind conducting the task should be to provide the character’s purpose and significance in the selected storyline.

Various types of characters
The characters in a storyline could be classified by considering the parameters of significance such as roles, the traits of each one, and behavioural patterns. The major discussion regarding it is provided in the below section of this article on character analysis essay.

The storyline would not progress in the absence of major characters, and in fact, it could be stated that these characters run the whole story. These characteristics could be further classified into two further divisions of antagonist and protagonist.

The role of the antagonist is directly opposite to that of a protagonist. The role is properly known as the villain. In most of the cases, the storyline endows the antagonists with supernatural and evil powers with majestic and abnormal circumstances.

It is based on the perspective, and the actions of the protagonist that the storyline would move on and various twists are introduced.

It is the minor characteristics present in the storyline, which helps in revealing the personalities and basic attributes of the major characteristics. The minor characteristics’ attributes are somehow very static, and not much dynamic behaviour could be expected from them.

Attributes of characters
Foils: Some characters are included in the storyline to deviate the course of progression of main characters to other aspects. The attribute is majorly done to glorify the protagonists and their activities.

Dynamic: It is the unpredictable and deviation from the major context, which is signified by the parameter of dynamism.

Static: The role which sustains its attributes throughout the storyline is termed to be of static nature.

The proper way to analyze a character
The student should go through the storyline multiple times to develop a thorough opinion regarding the selected character. The particular sections where the character is engaged should be analyzed deeply so that the real attributes and perspectives of them could be identified. It is by scrutinizing the approach of the individual towards other characters and dialogues that the content to be written in the character analysis essay is discussed. It should be cleared before the audience by the writer on how the selected character has created an impact on the whole storyline. It would be recommended to our readers that a more innovative approach should be taken to present a character analysis essay rather than just provide a generic discussion. Like in other academic tasks, the basic description should be avoided, and only the unexplored aspects should be considered worth discussing. More value could be infused into the character analysis essay if the writer decides to explore further into the complexities and attributes of the selected character.

The proper way to draft a character analysis essay
The impeccable piece of character analysis essay could only be presented before the audience if the writer himself or herself has indulged deeply into the study of the characters. The storyline section, like the introduction of the character, related events, and climax, should be studied very deeply by the writers.  By conducting a proper study, the writer could get a better insight into the character and hence could see through their attributes. The style in which the author has developed a particular character should be keenly observed. Has the writer done justice to the character? Has the character much significance in the storyline? To answer these queries, you should critically analyze the behavioural patterns and moral setup of the character. You could also relate the selected characters with other relevant characters.

Initiating the character analysis essay
Of course, the student has to select a favourite character from the storyline before hopping into the character analysis essay’s drafting process. We recommend you select a particular character with a very dynamic and significant role in the storyline. It would help the writer to conduct a very interesting and unique character analysis. The high availability of the data regarding the character would help the student present the essay that would easily captivate the audience’s attention.

Go through the storyline multiple times.
The students often develop the misconception that it is quite enough to read the storyline once to conduct a valid and detailed study. However, our readers should understand that the hidden and unexplored attributes of the audience could only be revealed when the author has gone through the character multiple times. The element of preciseness and accuracy hence could be introduced in the drafted character analysis essay. The student is required to read between the lines when the character is introduced into the context.

The below-provided aspects should be considered while addressing this aspect.

  • The quality of description provided by the author while introducing them in the literature.
  • The type of relationship and behaviour maintained by the selected character to that of other characters in the story.
  • The significance of the activities done by the characters in twisting the whole plot.

Selecting a very vibrant and dynamic character
It is very crucial that a very dynamic character is selected for conducting the character analysis. However, it does not imply that you have to strictly select the protagonist or the antagonist. The major reason for selecting a vibrant character is to avoid static and boring discussion before the audience. The ever-changing nature of the character would retain the attention of the audience throughout the essay. The essay’s content should be very engaging and entertaining for the audience while the discussion regarding the attributes of the character is done. The possibility of the content being turning into a monotonous one would increase when the character with static attributes is selected for analysis. It would bring limitations in drafting a good piece of literature.

Make the maximum use of the notes.
The reading’s effectiveness could be further increased if the student would take relevant notes at the same time. It would also help in tracking down the critical elements of the storyline. The audience could easily identify the depth in the character analysis if you adopt this approach. The writer should have the skill and ability to make the character live again before the audience. By interlinking the particular points in the notes, a very relevant and interesting discussion should be drafted.

It would be very appropriate to write a rough draft before drafting the final copy. You could bring many more alterations to the paper by referring to the tutor and your colleagues’ feedback.

Select a major theme
While selecting the essay’s major theme, you should primarily refer to the notes prepared while reading the literature. By referring to them, a particular pattern in character could be traced. The major theme could be stated as the thesis statement in the essay. The theme should be further supported in the paper by providing appropriate examples and instances of the character in the storyline.

Format of character analysis essay
Since the character analysis essay is classified under the category of academic tasks, a particular format should be followed while arranging information in it. The audience could get well connected to the content which is well organized by following a proper format. The normal format of a generic essay (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion) is also followed in the character analysis essay’s task.

In the initial section of the essay, the audience should be introduced to the major theme and the selected individual for conducting the character analysis. The essay’s introduction should be drafted in a very engaging manner and should be enough to attract a large audience towards the presented piece of paper. The audience would expect a valid but brief description of the selected character in this section.

It is in the essay’s body section, where the major analysis and the description of the character are included. The whole body section should be prepared by strictly following the tutor’s marking rubric and other customized guidelines. There are certain parameters and questions that should be addressed while drafting the body section of the character analysis essay. They are: –

  • The background in which the character was developed, the personality and physical appearance of the selected character.
  • The major challenges faced by the particular characters and the method in which they were tackled.
  • The quality endorsed by the character to the story and the lesson it conveys to the audience.
  • The significance and the reason behind the particular actions of the selected character. The real motive of the character should be revealed before the audience.
  • How are other characters treated by this individual and whether it is fair or unfair?
  • The mental thought process of the character and the vocabulary used by them to portray their feelings. Does the vocabulary used by them is of quality or not?
  • The personal outlook of the character towards himself or herself. The approach of the person in describing themselves.
  • What is the adjective that is most appropriate to describe the characteristics of the selected person?

Till this session, you would have conducted a detailed character analysis in the essay. The conclusive observation after the character analysis should be provided to the audience. The section should be very precise, and the tone of language should be very authoritative. It is the final analysis statement of the conclusion which states that the final observation is conveyed. Our readers should not be updated with any new information which was not discussed in the earlier section of the character analysis essay. The student should mention how the struggle of the character could be witnessed in real life and how would a normal person tackle it.

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Character analysis essay

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Character Analysis Essay: How to Write It?


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