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203 Best Satire Essay Topics

Selecting appropriate Satire Essay Topics holds a great significance when preparing for the essay. The tools of satire have been used by writers in English literature for ages. In the genre of satire, a particular context is presented mockingly before the audience in a subtle tone of humour or sarcasm. The satirical approach is widely implied in artforms like playbacks, radio programs, novels, analytic papers, etc. It is the element of laughter that makes the satirical literature an extremely engaging and interesting one for the audience. The author is expected to be humorous in approach and should avoid the attitude of malice or defamation towards the selected issue. The approach of satire is majorly used to generate a rational assessment over a controversial topic.

If discussed in a technical manner satire is not a genre but a particular approach towards drafting an artform. It could be used widely in any type of literature, which would ensure the active engagement from behalf of the audience. If the student is assigned with a task of Satire Essay, then the tutor is looking forward to analyzing the ability of the student in engaging with the audience.

Writing a satire essay requires advanced writing skills. It will be a disaster if the author tries to implement the approach of satire with limited vocabulary skills.

How to select appropriate satire essay topics?
We have listed down below some effective steps to be taken while selecting appropriate satire Essay Topics.

Satire Essay Topics

  • Arrive at a brief list of Satire essay topics that intrigue you the most.
  • Go through each topic and determine whether they are relevant to your field of study.
  • Seek the help of your colleagues to eliminate irrelevant topics.
  • From the filtered set of satire essay topics select ones that are current relevance and are a bit ironic in nature.
  • Try to write a rough note on the remaining two or three topics that you have selected.
  • Select the final topic in which your most comfortable to draft the essay.

How to write a satire essay?
In a satire essay, the author is required to generate curiosity among the audience by presenting a tempting discussion over an ironic topic. The initial section (introduction) of the satire essay should be attractive and engaging in a manner so that the audience should stick to the whole piece of literature. A fair introduction to the context would generate more curiosity among the audience. Hence some hints of the major arguments made in the body section should be included in the introduction.

Though you are required to take a sarcastic approach, we recommend you to not surpass the limit by displaying hatred towards a person or an instance.

  • The author is allowed to take a personal and subjective approach in the initial section of the satire essay. It would help the author to conduct a personal communication with the audience. Personal connection with the audience would help the author in presenting the subjective point of view in a very instinctive manner.
  • Each paragraph of the essay should be started with an introductory statement. The sentence should be satirical and ice-breaking in nature. It would trigger the interest of the reader consequentially ensuring the active participation from their behalf.
  • Before drafting the body section of the satire essay, we recommend our readers to make a mind map of funny arguments to be constructed in the section. It will be a better approach from the writer if a certain level of absurdness regarding the topic is pointed out in the initial sections. It would be very helpful in adding the element of sarcasm in the content.
  • Never allow the content in your satire essay to be monotonous and constantly keep on personally interacting with the audience. You should not jump from one context to another suddenly. Always provide a transition section when you are moving from one context to another one.
  • Take into account the preference of your audience. If the arguments presented in the satire essay are hurtful or are in contradiction with the preferences of the audience, it would be abjectly rejected by them. The tone of the essay would solely depend on the type of audience. The tone used in the literature intended for an academic audience would not be the same as in a friendly audience. However, the quality of the literature should be maintained the same in every instance.
  • The audience would be expecting fun from the satire essay, and hence the element of entertainment should be included in it. Don’t make the mistake of just drafting the essay with generic and uninteresting content.
  • The effective use of figurative language would help in bringing humour to the essay.

The tone of satire essay topics is a little bit persuasive in nature. It is only if the audience is persuaded towards the author’s opinion; the satire essay would be considered an effective one.

Innovative satire essay topics
Fiscal satire essay topics

  • Is being poor the worst thing in the world?
  • The significance of earning money in personal life.
  • Perfect bliss can’t be attained by earning money. But you would rather cry in a Ferrari.
  • Should we work hard to earn money?
  • Money is irrelevant as just a piece of paper.
  • Effective ways to earn money.
  • The reason why an abundance of money doesn’t bring happiness.
  • The effectiveness of retail therapy.
  • Achieving monetary targets to buy your dream home.

History satire essay topics

  • The milestones in history that formulate the present world.
  • The relevance of learning history in building up a sophisticated society.
  • The variation in the influential power of royal families in the medieval period and the modern period.
  • What if world war II results were different?
  • The smartest American presidents and the impact of them all over the world.
  • What would have been the modern world if the system of slavery would not have been abolished?
  • Evolution of Hitler as an influential leader.
  • The lesson could be learned from the history of the berlin wall.
  • History of the German Holocaust.
  • Could Alexander the Great be considered great?

Media satire essay topics

  • The impact that social media creates on the lifestyle of teenagers.
  • Evaluate the existence of freedom of existence by referring to the modern world scenario.
  • Compare between social media and television. Which has the greatest impact on the modern world?
  • Celebrities and breaches in their privacy.
  • Prevalence of newspapers in the modern-day.
  • Should censorship on the internet be allowed?
  • Could any news be tagged as fake news?
  • Analyze the independence of media in the current world.
  • The role played by media in influencing the thought process of the public.
  • Does the concept of privacy exist in the modern world?

Politics satire essay topics

  • Significance of lowering the voting age.
  • The major reasons behind Brexit.
  • The contribution of Obamacare in the healthcare sector of the US.
  • Is the public gullible to the statements of politicians?
  • Decreasing the frequency of capital punishment all over the world.
  • How to tackle illegal immigration from third world countries?
  • The issue of concealed handguns in US society.
  • The practicality of building a wall against Mexico and financial hindrance rising in it.
  • Ethical background of legalizing abortion.
  • The similarities between the political systems of Russia and the USA.
  • The constructive and destructive aspect of media freedom.
  • Gun Control Act and the message conveyed by it to the world.
  • The changes in the foreign policy of the USA while Trump’s presidency.
  • Curbing terrorism through active public participation.
  • Challenges to the effective practice of voting rights.
  • The major reason behind the resignation of Jacob Zuma from the post of South African President.
  • Simple methods to find the solution for the immigration problem of the USA.
  • Influence over trade in Eurasia by the decision of Brexit.
  • The current political relevance of the South African national congress.

School satire essay topics

  • Effective measures to formulate social hierarchy in the educational institutes.
  • The necessity to complete elementary education.
  • Best approaches to be taken by students to succeed in an academic career.
  • The significance of academic grades in the practical world.
  • Are chalkboards getting obsolete?
  • Could school time be used for other better options?
  • Significance of uniforms in education institutes.
  • Why do students fail in their exams?
  • The lessons which can’t be studied in schools.
  • Could drop out of school be considered a better option?

Sports satire essay topics

  • Any chance that soccer would get popular in the US in the near future?
  • Rugby players are tougher than football players. Is it true?
  • High payroll that football players get.
  • Could the football world cup be defined as the biggest sports event on Earth?
  • Mental soundness behind considering athletes as their life models.
  • Place where the next Olympics would be conducted.
  • High prevalence of steroid use among athletes.
  • Why most people find it hard to understand the offside rule in football?
  • Which is more violent, Boxing, or MMA?
  • Should the sport jerseys be included with ads?
  • The new updates in PlayStation that would enhance the experience for e-gaming.
  • Is there even a small probability that Tige Woods would win another major in his career?
  • Was the retirement declaration from Usain Bolt was an immature decision?
  • Is football currently the most famous sorts in the world?
  • Compare the basketball career of Kobe and Lebron.
  • Very loose disciplinary conventions in NFL tournaments.
  • The impact was created in the field of football by the inclusion of visual assistant referees.
  • The sports records that could never be broken.
  • The reason why Real Madrid has ever been the most famous football club in the world.

Amusing satire essay topics

  • Is hotdog technically a sandwich?
  • What are the frequent challenges faced by developed nations?
  • Should pineapple be allowed to include in a pizza?
  • Various phrases that ladies use while entering into an argument.
  • Is following the latest trend is just a myth?
  • Ethical responsibility while breaking up with the partner over a text message.
  • You would become what you eat.
  • Why the earphone wires always get entangled?
  • The reason why women take so much time to get ready.
  • The evolution from a normal person to a responsible parent.

Social Issues satire essay topics

  • Is the issue of poverty just limited to third world countries?
  • Should possession of guns be banned in every country?
  • Need to prevent big brands from conducting animal tests.
  • Increasing conflict between meat-eating people and vegans.
  • Why is there an emerging confusion in the theme of gender identity?
  • Should the issue of obesity be treated as an epidemic?
  • The legal aspect of implementing Euthanasia.
  • Why should the healthcare facility be free of cost to everyone?
  • The legal aspect of using marijuana for medical treatment.
  • Need to spread awareness regarding cyberbullying.

Information Technology satire essay topics

  • The mobile apps that are leaking your data.
  • The probability that the robots would replace all the vacancies for technological jobs in the future.
  • The dependence of people over modern technology for day to day life.
  • The emerging trends and researches in the field of information technology.
  • The technological aspect behind saving personal data in the cloud.
  • Should we avoid technological gadgets from our daily life?
  • How to ensure that the technology we are using is secure?
  • The evolution of Information Technology throughout its genesis.
  • Is connecting to the public Wi-Fi secure?
  • The graveness of havoc created by hackers.

Love satire essay topics

  • Could a person truly love more than one person?
  • Is love a reality?
  • Is there some age limit for love as the societal conventions mention?
  • How could a person determine whether the person is in love or not?
  • Consider a world without love. What would it be like?
  • How to remain calm on the first date?
  • Is everything fair in war and love?
  • How to break the ice in your first date conversation?
  • Why do people care about it very much if love is blind?
  • Do pick-up lines work?

Business satire essay topics

  • What would you prefer, hardly working or working hard?
  • How to find potential and appropriate partners for your business?
  • Steps to core an effortless success in business.
  • Is it very easy to run a business?
  • How should the entrepreneurs select appropriate employees for their organizations?
  • Is a virtual assistant necessary in an official environment?
  • Best role models in the field of business.
  • The reason that business is the most reasonable field.
  • The risks and challenges that an entrepreneur faces in his daily life.
  • The power that the customers hold in the market.

Marriage satire essay topics

  • Is marriage necessary to attain completeness in human life?
  • Is the convention of marriage an overrated process?
  • Why won’t everybody get the chance of marrying on Earth?
  • The way in which the process of marriage changes a person.
  • Why young generation tags marriage as an outdated form of the institution?
  • The legality of marrying the same gender in various countries.
  • The lesson you should understand before saying yes for marriage.
  • Is it alright that men wear a wedding ring?
  • The reason behind most marriages ending in divorce.
  • What average cost a person goes through while his marriage?

Environment satire essay topics

  • Constructing awareness among patients to contribute less to pollution.
  • Discuss on the grave impacts created by the occurrence of global warming.
  • Is the hype created for climate change is just a hoax?
  • The existence of life on Earth because of the ozone layer.
  • The recent impact on fishes and marine lives because of water pollution.
  • Could banning automobiles would reduce the rate of pollution?
  • The loss in biodiversity because of human interference in nature.
  • The impact created by recycling on environment conservation.
  • The inefficiency of current waste disposal technologies.
  • Fossil Fuels vs Alternative Energy.
  • Ozone depletion and the contribution of deforestation in it.
  • The influence created by the United Nations environment program in the process of conserving nature.
  • Effective measures to prevent soil erosion.
  • Has oil become more valuable than water in the current scenario?
  • What are the agriculture techniques used in middle eastern countries?
  • The endangered species are on the verge of extinction.
  • Should we ignore environmental policies while building a dream house for ourselves?
  • The effect of polythene bags in destructing the ecology.

Lifestyle satire essay topics

  • Benefits of punctually sticking to the appointments.
  • The reason why women should always keep them fit.
  • How to abstain yourselves from making derogatory comments against your seniors?
  • Why should animals be treated with kindness?
  • How to avoid anxiety on your first date?
  • Is it more important for men to stay fit than women?
  • The daily activity that makes you happy.
  • The increasing density of burial grounds and remedy for it.
  • The challenges faced by entrepreneurs while dealing with the working class.
  • The approaches to be made to maintain a healthy relationship with the family members.

Trending satire essay topics

  • The best approaches to be taken by high school students to implement best time management policies.
  • The strong link between Social Media and the US.
  • How to avoid failing in school examinations?
  • Could office harassment and school bullying be considered the same?
  • The major factor which leads to the occurrence of stress and anxiety among the students.
  • The reason why the topic of college pregnancies is still widely debated.
  • Clarify whether scoring high marks in the academic examination would ensure a bright future.
  • The practice of using Facebook as the stage of finding colleagues from University.
  • Would Artificially intelligent computers would replace the professors of college in the near future?
  • The emergence of Skype as the best platform among students for communication.

Modern machinery satire essay topics

  • The use of modern technology has made the process of communication very easy.
  • Would robots conquer the human race in the future?
  • The way Google has changed the world.
  • Have computers increased the pace of learning for the students?
  • Could the use of drones affect the security of the nation in any way?
  • The probability that modern machinery would replace the whole labour class in the future.
  • The technologies which have made the process of plastic surgery much easier than before.
  • Are electric cars more efficient than that of petrol cars?
  • Current advancements in medical machinery technology that has increased new scopes in cancer treatment.

Literature satire essay topics

  • The pieces of literature which have contributed to ending racism.
  • The distinctive features that set apart the Greek and Roman literature.
  • Why is it hard to follow the language used in Things fall apart written by Chinua Achebe?
  • The major message conveyed by the story of Romeo and Juliet.
  • The contribution made by the social media platforms to the English language.
  • The changes that pop culture has brought to modern literature.
  • Change in literature with respect to religions.
  • Rate the works of Shakespeare by considering the parameter of literary brilliance.
  • The propagation of culture by the means of literature.

Films and Music satire essay topics

  • Provide a review of the latest Hollywood movie Jurassic world.
  • The factors which make Games of Thrones famous all over the world.
  • The course of the global music industries towards the trend of Naija beats and tunes.
  • Use of visual media as a child sitting tool and its aftereffects.
  • The success of Marvel and the contribution of superhero characters in it.
  • Was Kanye and Kim marriage just a publicity stunt?
  • The best Hollywood actor in 2017 and your stance on it.
  • Ed Sheeran or Passenger, whom would you prefer performing in your wedding reception?
  • Use of Music for treating patients.
  • The best rocket band in the modern world.

You could select appropriate satire essay topics from the above-provided list in this article. We recommend our readers to conduct detailed research through each selected satire essay topics before selecting an appropriate one. Whichever topic that generates the feeling of sarcasm and irony in you should be selected for drafting the essay.

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Satire Essay Topics

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203 Best Satire Essay Topics


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