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How To Give A Good Presentation Under Pressure Blog
Do you get under pressure while facing the audience? Do you have a stage fright while presenting your thesis? Currently, the majority of the people face problems while presenting, they start to stutter or their hands get sweaty and if it’s visible to the audience you might not get good feedback. For instance, you have researched your topic and have made the slides for your presentation but the only thing that haunts you is FACING THE AUDIENCE. In every semester of your university you have to present in majority of the courses and I have seen that some students who are good in their studies but couldn’t present as good as their research while, there are some students who are not good in their studies but are good in presentations and score highest marks in that assignment. If you want help with your presentation students can visit our website Many researchers have stated that the audience will observe you within seconds through your body language, they also added that people decide if the person presenting is trustworthy or not on the bases of the way a person presents. You will be happy to hear that there are numerous ways by which you can look and sound confident while presenting even when you are nervous and a bit fearful. Tips to Sound Confident: Eradicate filler words: the speaker should, in any case, steer clear of words that are of no use in their speech or presentation. These words include um, like, ah and you know. Additional use of these words can be annoying to the audience and they might leave during your speech or presentation. To keep your audience to listen to you eradicate these words. Students in their final year have to present their thesis and all of them dread the presentation as most of the time there is an external panel judging them. To impress them they utter these filler words to keep the momentum from interrupting but little do they know that these might become a hindrance for their good grades. To avoid these filler words, you should listen to the commentators in any sports game as they use the least amount of filler words and deliver their views briefly. To present as good as the commentators you should start recording yourself and replay it to listen to your speech so that you know where do you lack in this area. By performing this method, you can include fewer filler words and can easily deliver what you want your audience to listen to. Take a pause: As discussed above, the main reason for the students to use filler words is that they fear silence. They think if they take a break for a second or two it might put a bad impression on the panel but that is not the case. Pausing for a second or two gives the audience to think about what you said in your speech. Taking breaks for a second are understood as fluency in public speaking. The simplest method to learn this technique is to select sentences that you want your listeners to pay attention to them. For instance, ‘the most essential part of this speech that I want you to listen carefully is this…’ pause for two seconds and then continue. By doing this the audience will now listen to you carefully and won’t get annoyed or irritated. Get help from our expert academic writers for your thesis or dissertation by just visiting our website at Tips to Look Confident: Making eye contact: First and foremost, the important step to make yourself look confident in front of the audience is to keep making eye contact with them. As mentioned above, a good eye contact audience will trust the presenter easily as he is interacting with the listeners. If you are presenting your assignment through a PowerPoint, however, you only read the slides and don’t interact with the class then they won’t get the slightest idea what you want to say to them and in turn will lose marks. An individual doesn’t learn the habit of making eye contact overnight but this needs practice. You can learn this by recording a video of yourself while giving your presentation to your friends or family and then replay it see where you are losing your focus. Practice until you achieve your target. Using Gestures: There are several gestures through which you can look confident, research by Wezowski reported several gestures by famous individuals who use gesticulations to convey their message to their public. Some of them are: The Box: At the beginning of Bill Clinton’s presidential era he would use vast and wide gestures due to which people remarked him as unreliable. His team advised him to visualize a box in front of this upper body and stomach and use his gesture inside of that box. Holding a ball: this gesture is an indication of self-confidence and control; this gesture is visualized as holding a ball in your hands that indicates that the person has important data in his grasp. This was often used by Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple Company. Palms up: This gesture signals sincerity and trustworthiness. This is used by Oprah Whitney; she is a prevailing, persuasive person nevertheless, she seems honest and sincere to the individuals she is directed to. Broad posture: This gesture signals a person to be stable and in control, an individual standing with his feet wide apart indicates that he is in control. Want to get advice from our education consultant to study abroad just click on to view our services. After reading this blog you will get an insight on how to look and sound confident during a presentation. Several presenters do not know all of the mentioned above, all you need to do now is rehearse these tips and apply in your presentation and you will see the difference in your presentation skills. You will achieve what you aim for just go easy on yourself and will get what you wish for. Good luck!!!!!
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How to give a good presentation under pressure


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