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PHP is a server side scripting language,and can be used to create web pages written in HTML.which is used to develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications. It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, that earlier stood for Personal Home Pages. PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed.The goal of the language is to allow Web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly and easily. It is one of the most popular programming languages using which one can develop database driven dynamic applications.You will learn from PHP basics to object oriented PHP in an easy manner. HTML is a language used to describe to a browser how to display text and other objects in a browser window. It is not a programming language. HTML works on a client computer (the system on which the page is being viewed). PHP taken off as a little open supply project that evolved as additional and additional folks found out however helpful it had been. Rasmus Lerdorf unleashed the primary version of PHP means back in 1994. PHP may be a algorithmic signifier for "PHP: machine-readable text Preprocessor". It's a scripting language that's embedded in markup language. it's integrated with variety of common databases, together with MySQL,PostgreSQL,Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server. PHP is pleasingly zippy in its execution, particularly once compiled as Associate in Nursing Apache module on the OS facet. The MySQL server, once started, executes even terribly advanced queries with vast result sets in record-setting time. PHP supports an outsized variety of major protocols like POP3, IMAP, and LDAP. PHP4 added support for Java and distributed object architectures (COM and CORBA), making n-tier development a clear stage for the primary time PHP is forgiving:PHP language tries to be as forgiving as doable. PHP Syntax is C-Like. Common uses of PHP: PHP performs system functions,from the files on the system it can create,read,write,open and close them. You can restrict audience to access some pages of your website by using PHP Access cookies variables and set cookies Characteristics of PHP: There are five important characteristics for php.They are, Simplicity Efficiency Security Flexibility Familiar Here is an example: sample hello world php program  24 Cool PHP Libraries You Should Know About: There are lots of useful libraries released every day and here are the 24 among them, 1. Dispatch - Micro Framework Dispatch is a minimal PHP framework. It doesn't give you the full MVC setup, but you can define URL rules and methods to better organize your application. 2. Klein – Lightning fast router for PHP Klein is another light weight routing library for PHP 5.3+. It has a bit more verbose syntax than Dispatch, but is quite fast 3. Ham - Routing Library with Caching Ham is also a lightweight routing framework but it utilizes caching for even more speed gains. 4. Assetic - Asset Management Assetic is am asset management framework for PHP. It combines and minifies your CSS/JS assets. 5. ImageWorkshop - Image Manipulation with Layers ImageWorkshop is an Open Source library that lets you manipulate images with layers. With it you can resize, crop, make thumbnails, add watermarks and more. 6. Snappy - Snapshot/PDF Library Snappy is a PHP5 library that allows you to take snapshots or PDFs of URLs or HTML documents 7. Idiorm - Lightweight ORM Library Idiorm is a personal favorite that I have used in tutorials in this site before. It is a lightweight ORM library and a fluent query builder for PHP5 that is built on top of PDO. 8. Underscore - PHP's Utility Belt Underscore is a port of the original Underscore.js – the utility belt for JavaScript applications. 9. Requests - Easy HTTP Requests Requests is a library that makes it easy to issue HTTP requests. 10. Buzz - Simple HTTP Request Library Buzz is another PHP library for issuing HTTP requests. 11. Goutte - Web Scraping Library Goutte is a library for scraping websites and extracting data. It provides a nice API that makes it easy to select specific elements from the remote pages. 12. Carbon - DateTime Library Carbon is a simple API extension for the DateTime. It enhances the class with some useful methods for working with dates and time. 13. Ubench - Micro Benchmarking Library Ubench is a micro library for benchmarking your PHP code. It monitors execution time and memory usage. 14. Validation - Input Validation Engine Validation claims to be the most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP. 15. Filterus - Filtering Library Filterus is another filtering library, but it can not only validate, but also filter input to match a preset pattern. 16. Faker - Fake Data Generator Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you. It can come handy when you need to populate a test database or generate sample data for your web application. It is also very easy to use. 17. Mustache.php - Elegant Templating Library Mustache is a popular templating language that has implementations in practically every programming languages. This gives you the benefit that you can reuse your templates in both client and server side. 18. Gaufrette - File System Abstraction Layer Gaufrette is a PHP5 library that provides a filesystem abstraction layer. It makes it possible to work with local files, FTP servers, Amazon S3 and more in the same way. 19. Omnipay - Payment Processing Library Omnipay is a payment processing library for PHP. It has a clear and consistent API and supports dozens of gateways. With this library, you only need to learn one API and work with a variety of payment processors. 20. Upload - For Handling File Uploads Upload is a library that simplifies file uploading and validation. When a form is submitted, the library can check the type of file and size. 21. HTMLPurifier - HTML XSS Protection HTMLPurifier (on github) is an HTML filtering library that protects your code from XSS attacks by using a combination of robust whitelists and agressive parsing. 22. ColorJizz-PHP - Color Manipulation Library ColorJizz is a tiny library that can convert between different color formats and do simple color arithmetic 23. PHP Geo - Geo Location Library phpgeo is a simple library for calculating distances between geographic coordinates with high precision. 24. ShellWrap - Beautiful Shell Wrapper ShellWrap is library that allows you to work with the powerful Linux/Unix command line tools in PHP through a beautiful synta.

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