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7 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur in India 2020

Living a boss free life is a dream for many people around the globe! But there are only a few people out of them who are actually living this dream.

If you really want to become your own boss and want to become an entrepreneur in India so keep reading. Here you will learn 7 steps to becoming an entrepreneur in India 2020. This will motivate you to start your own venture within the next few minutes.

So without any further delay,

Let’s quickly learn how to become an entrepreneur and start your own Business in India 2020.

Identify & Evaluate Your True Potential

Before you take any quick decision its very important to first identify and evaluate your true potential. You might have the potential to run a million-dollar business but without identifying yourself you may not have that confidence.

If you have a look at startup stories of the biggest companies in the world like Apple, Microsoft or Amazon. They were not that big when they first started! It took a lot of time, investment, innovation, and market research to expand their business worldwide.

You might have a strong business idea in your head! Putting your ideas into practice is the only way to see if they can actually work best for you. So I would strongly recommend you identify your interest area and create milestones that you want to achieve.

Initially, think of a business plan where you could start with a minimum investment and achieve higher returns. You can follow my guide which will give you the best ways to generate passive income without investment.

If you want to start your online business so here is a simple guide which will help you choose the best web hosting for entrepreneurs in India.

Think & List Down the Right Business Ideas.

The ways of doing business are completely changed in the year 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Entrepreneurs have to start thinking from a whole new perspective and design a Business Model which suits the current needs.

We may get so many business ideas that we want to incorporate into our business plan. As per my experience, you should not think of too many ideas at once as this will only make you confuse.

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There should be a single core idea around which you can think of more ideas to further improve your service. The best way is to take a notepad and a pen and list down all ideas that you can think.

I have prepared a guide that will help you learn how to make a living online by working from home.

After looking at all the possibilities its time to filter out ideas that you think are perfect for your business. If you think this idea can grow your business to the next level so keep it otherwise reject it.

It might take you some time to do it but once you are ready so its time to create your business model.

Perform Market Research

You need to understand the fact that anyone can start a business but not everyone can start a successful business. Managing any business requires a special skill set whether you acquire it through experience or education.

Market Research is one of the biggest skill that can take your business to the next level. If you want to become an entrepreneur in India so you have to invest your time to perform market research.

This will help you acquire the data around what is the current demand for the products or services. In practical terms, even if your services are perfect but if there is no demand in the market so no one will purchase it.

Only Market Research will help you figure out what you should actually do that could benefit you at present and even in the future.

Identify Your Customers Needs

One of the most crucial thing to consider if you want to become successful as a business is to provide products or services which fulfills all the three criterion as mentioned;

  • Requirement or Demand
  • Timing
  • Affordability

If you choose any random product to sell which does not fulfill the above basic criteria so you might not be able to achieve high number of sales and revenue.

Suppose Air-Conditioners are the primary requirement of residents and offices in summers but if you try to sell them in winters so you might not observe many sales as it is not a requirement in winters season and it is also expensive.

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But once a product becomes a primary requirement so affordability can be compromised. Therefore, You should focus and identify the needs of your customers and should try to deliver goods and services which is a prime requirement of the customer at the most affordable price.

The time of delivery of the product or service is also a very important factor for the success of any business. In addition, there are certain limitations of online sales as it takes some time for getting products delivered to your home but if you need any product on an urgent basis so usually people prefer to buy it directly from the shop.

Kindly follow my guide on “Great Tips to Reduce Customer Attrition!” which will help you to perform best practices to retain your customers.

Create a Perfect Business Model

No Business in the world can run without a business model. Consider a Business Model like an architectural design of your house before its actually constructed.

This allows you to carefully plan your business and list down your requirements, investment, marketing plan, revenue, milestones, profit, and more.

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If you want more and more customers and clients to provide you more business so at first, you have to make a core requirement to delight them with your services.

To achieve this goal you really have to work on your business model and design it in such a way so that your business operations run smoothly and you achieve higher recurring revenue.

If you need any assistance from us to help you create your business model so please feel free to get in touch with us.

Create an Investment Plan & Gather Your Assets

In a job, you might just want to invest your time, experience, and efforts to earn money but to grow your business you might have to take certain risks, invest capital, work more than usual to see a sequential growth.

Becoming an Entrepreneur in India is not that difficult if you follow the correct guidelines and have a strong knowledge of what action to take at what time.

Therefore, it becomes really very important to create an investment plan, because for a startup business one of the biggest challenge that comes into play is the lack of financial investment capital.

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If you carefully plan your investment strategy and calculate your ROI’s (i,e Returns on Investment) only then you will be able to achieve profits from your business.

You will need a liquid cash and savings to invest in your business to fulfill current needs like

  • Purchasing Hardware Resources
  • Paying Salaries to your Employees
  • Paying to Vendors and many more

This is a prime requirement of any business, only after which you could expect the returns from what you sell to your clients or customers.

If you have a restricted budget in which you want to start your business so have to carefully create an investment plan and act accordingly.

Improve Your Quality & Work On Customer FeedBacks

The most important step to becoming an entrepreneur in India is to understand the fact that that there is always a scope for improvement in any business. Even if you are a multi-million dollar business but still that can be improved.

So once you start getting success on what you are doing so just don’t stop. You still have to find more ways that could improve the quality of your services and the best way to know is through the feed back of your customers.

You have to carefully analyze the feedback of your customers and if you find common things reported by many customers so finally its time to improve.

Keep innovating and keep improving the quality of your business and that will finally make your business grow in the market.

These are some of the simple steps to becoming an entrepreneur in India in 2020 and further.

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7 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur in India 2020


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